Collin Street Bakery Review and Giveaway

 A friend of mine recently reviewed the Collin Street Bakery in Texas.  I’ve never been there, but my goodness, it sounds amazing…which is why I’m teaming up with her to bring you this giveaway. 🙂  But first, look at that cake:  I was born and raised in Texas, so I am very familiar with Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana Texas.  The bakery has five locations, two in Corsciana, one in Waco, Greenville and Lindale.  The Waco bakery is just a […]


Budget Friendly Fall Cleaning Tips 5 comments

Fall is here, whether I want to face it or not.  So, I guess it’s time to share some budget friendly Fall cleaning tips!  After hurting my back a few weeks ago, I’ve been unable to do much cleaning, and it shows.  I’m excited to try these tips and I hope they are useful to you as well!   If you want to clean your home thoroughly and well providing quick and efficient autumn cleaning, use the methods offered here. […]

$ 300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! 9 comments   Recently updated !

Hey friends! You know the holidays are fast approaching…man, the year just keeps speeding by.  I’m still not used to it being 2016, ha ha!  I know that this time of year, life can get expensive, and so I decided to co-host this new awesome giveaway for you.  What’re we playing for?  Get this:  a $ 300 Amazon gift card! Why Amazon?  Honestly, because it seems that just about everyone is using Amazon these days…plus, I recently invested in Amazon stock, […]

finding joy amidst the struggle

Finding Joy Amidst the Struggle 16 comments   Recently updated !

I love this picture I took yesterday.  I like it so much that I made it my Facebook profile picture.  Why?  Because it’s real.  I don’t look fantastic; I know that.  I have no makeup on and my hair is all over the place.  The sunglasses were on to cover up my puffy-from-crying eyes.  But it’s me, living my real life. Because it’s a photo of finding joy amidst the struggle.       I’ve gotta be honest.  I’ve really […]

September’s Monthly Meal Plan 9 comments

Hey everyone!  Time for the September monthly meal plan!   I’m having a hard time accepting that it’s September.  I am NOT ready for summer to end.  Sending the kids back to school was super depressing, especially with my son, who has a hard time in school.  He’s been pretty miserable and his anxiety has sky rocketed.   With the kids back in school, I’m also back at work as a substitute educator!  That means less time to plan and […]

monthly meal plan