Date Ideas Flowchart

With wedding season in full swing, you might be thinking of your special someone. Watching someone walk down the aisle is likely to bring up some of your own beautiful memories. Since love is in the air, check out this anniversary date idea flowchart from ProFlowers that will lead you to your perfect date! All of the different ways to celebrate are sure to give you some romantic inspiration. It also has 52 date ideas listed below with options for everyone […]



Make Deal Finding Easier with Rout!

This post brought to you by Rout. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Better on a Budget.     I know I’ve sung the praises of online shopping before.  I love to shop online; I LOVE IT!  Leading a busy life makes things like this so convenient, and I’m grateful for anything that saves me time.     Of course, seeing how I like to live frugally, it can’t all be about convenience, now can it?  I […]

Monetize Your Blog on a Budget With These 3 Simple Tips 10 comments

Yikes. Whenever I think about the different ways that you can monetize your blog, my head spins… mainly because the ones that you can do on a budget (at first glance), well, are kinda yuck and feel very spammy.   So for me, it’s about finding a happy medium between being budget-conscious and not putting of readers through my monetization strategy.   What to do then?   This was something I was faced with about 12 months into starting my […]


Low on Funds? You can still start a side business with little or NO funds!

How to Start a Side Business When You Have Zero Funds 28 comments

Has your credit card bill arrived from all your Christmas shopping? Mine too… and it’s enough to make me hang my head in shame at the amount I’ve spent!   I remember a time—not that long ago—when receiving my credit card bill would make me shudder and avoid opening it for a good week… if this is you and you’re sitting there, wondering how on earth you’ve even going to make the minimum repayments, then you need to keep reading… […]

Room to Room Green Spring Cleaning Guide 23 comments

Well friends, it’s that time of year again; the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the smell of Clorox is in the air.   CLOROX, yuck!  Spring is the perfect time for a good deep cleaning session, but man, who wants to clean with chemicals?  Not me, that’s who.  Luckily, there are a ton of great ways to do some green Spring cleaning.   As you know, I’m a big fan of homemade cleaners.  Not only are they “green” […]