Workout Equipment to Keep At Home   Recently updated !

I don’t own a gym membership, and I doubt I ever will.  I feel like there is no need to spend the money when I can work out at home.  I do understand, however, the pull to go to a gym where there is nice equipment, a “workout” atmosphere, and like-minded people around you.  That is one reason why I still like to have workout equipment to keep at home.  It’s nice to have a variety, but at home there isn’t […]


This strawberry coconut smoothie is SO simple - you can taste the pure flavor, and it's awesome!!

Strawberry Coconut Smoothie   Recently updated !

Here’s another simple smoothie recipe that I’ve tried and love…I’m telling you, these smoothies are my new favorite thing for lunch!  This strawberry coconut smoothie is among my favorites.   I found strawberries on sale at my local Sprouts for $0.99/lb, and so I bought 7 lbs and froze the majority of them:     Affiliate links support Better on a Budget.  Thank you! To make this, throw a good handful of those red beauties into your blender, along with some […]

Buy Discounted Meat to Save Money 4 comments   Recently updated !

I have a rule that I almost never break when it comes to meat:  Don’t spend more than $2/lb on meat.  The only exceptions are that I allow myself to buy salmon and beef once or twice a year.  I wish I could afford the more expensive cuts, but it’s just not reality for me.  This is why I buy discounted meat.   So…how do I find a deal?   Finding these meats isn’t always easy!  You can do it, however: […]

This ONE tip when purchasing meat can save you hundreds!!

Down with Debt – January 2016 Income Report

Part of me thinks, “I can’t believe it’s already February”, and another part of me is saying, “It’s about dang time!  Good riddance to January!”   Don’t get me wrong, January wasn’t terrible, but this winter is more than making up for the mild winter we had last year, and I’m sick of driving everywhere in snow!  It stresses me out, dang it.  Although to be truthful, we need the snow pack in the mountains if we are to avoid […]



Lower Your Food Budget and Save Money 1 comment

I think one of the easiest ways for us to lower our household/family expenses is through food.  I may not be able to change the monthly cost of my mortgage, but I can actively make changes to my lifestyle to save money on food.     If you are looking to cut costs in your life, I’d suggest starting with food.  It’s one of the easiest things to adjust.  Of course, I’m not a financial adviser…just a mom on a […]

Menu Monday – Weekly Meal Plan and Goals Feb 1   Recently updated !

I don’t know about you, but I for one am SO GLAD that January is over.   I don’t have anything against January, necessarily, but this year I’ve struggled with a lot of sickness and coldness and blah.  Therefore, I’m happy that the month is over.  Have you seen the meme that talks about how January was just a practice month for New Year’s goals?  Well, I can’t say I agree completely, because I’ve been consistent on working towards my […]

Menu Monday FB


Cheap Essential Oil – When is it Okay To Use?   Recently updated !

Y’all know how I love my essential oils and natural living products. I’m a big believer in saving money, but I’m also a big believer in getting quality products.  Buying a cheap essential oil isn’t going to be worth the money that buying pharmaceutical-grade is, in some cases.  I try to buy high quality essential oils from trusted resources.  If I’m going to spend money, I want to know it’s going toward something worth the money!!   That being said, […]