Printable Date Ideas from Personal Creations 2 comments

Did you know August is National Romance Month? Me neither, but this is a prime opportunity to spend a little extra quality time with your sweetheart! To help you celebrate, I am sharing these printable date ideas from Personal Creations! You can print them for a date jar or just use it for some fun inspiration.     If you are looking for one perfect date, then check out the full blog post and try the interactive they made. You can […]


Groupon Vacation Deal

Groupon Goods – It’s Not Just for Activities! 3 comments

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100%  mine.   I’ve always been a fan of Groupon for the “experiences” you can buy.  In fact, we built our family vacation around a couple of deals I found for Jackson Hole, WY this summer.  As awesome as the activities are, I’m also a HUGE fan of the Groupon goods that are always available as well!  I’ve enjoyed including these discounts in my Christmas shopping in years past, and will do […]

Back to School Giveaway – Enter August 8!

    Here’s a fun back to school giveaway for you!  Back to school??  Already?  I’m so completely NOT ready.  I love the summers with my kids at home, and I miss them dreadfully when they’re gone.  With my oldest going into 8th grade you think I’d be used to it by now…but I still struggle every fall missing my kiddos. 🙂   This post contains affiliate links and if clicked and a purchase made I may receive a small […]

August meal plan

August Monthly Meal Plan – 1 comment

Dang, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  More busyness, more health surprises, more life happening!  (Which is one reason why I NEED a monthly meal plan.)   One of the things I’ve been busy with is my new Amazon FBA business.  It’s coming along, slowly but surely.  I didn’t have a lot of capital to start with, but I’ve begun seeing my first successes.  I ended July with $1,800+ in sales!  That, of course, is not profit – probably a […]

Date Ideas Flowchart

With wedding season in full swing, you might be thinking of your special someone. Watching someone walk down the aisle is likely to bring up some of your own beautiful memories. Since love is in the air, check out this anniversary date idea flowchart from ProFlowers that will lead you to your perfect date! All of the different ways to celebrate are sure to give you some romantic inspiration. It also has 52 date ideas listed below with options for everyone […]