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Mar 17

10 Things – Weekly To Do


Wow, Monday already, and a new week. Our weather has been very “spring-like” lately.  We’ll have a sunny, although fairly cool, day, and then a cold and windy day, and then a rainy day.  The cycle has been consistent, which is to be expected and is probably a good thing!  Last Friday it was a …

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Mar 09

10 Things Week of March 9

How did everyone do on their goals last week? Over here, I did fairly well, but I definitely didn’t get everything done.  We had a rainy week , which I have mixed feelings about.  It made walking to work tough, but I’m definitely grateful for the moisture and the fact that it’s warm enough to …

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Jun 23

5 Things 6/24

Whew, what a week!   Munchkin is already out of school for the summer.  Buddy Boy is not.  He’ll be starting his last week of school tomorrow!  I’ve been so looking forward to it, but I confess that after this last week, I’m dreading having him home all day.  He’s been having high anxiety issues …

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