waterproof matches

72-Hour Kits – Matches…Waterproof Matches

Welcome to another edition of our “72-Hour Kit” Series.  Each week I will share ideas for items to add to your emergency/72-hour kit(s).  The hope is that by taking small steps every week, we will become better prepared without spending a fortune.


This week we are focusing on matches…waterproof matches, that is.  Now we all know that waterproof matches are more expensive than the regular ones, but it’s not tough at all to make your regular matches waterproof!

  • The easiest method is probably using turpentine. Turpentine is NOT my preferred way, although it is the simplest.  The only reasons I don’t like it are because I don’t typically have it on hand, and because it can be an irritant to eyes, skin, etc. However, if you happen to have it on hand, you may want to try it out!  It involves simply dipping your matches into the turpentine for awhile, and then letting them dry.  Head on over HERE for complete instructions!


  • Another method (not as quick, but just as simple and my preferred method) is to dip your match heads into melted wax.  Coat them completely and allow them to dry.  I just light a plain candle and use the melted wax from that.  Boom, done!  Some don’t like this method because there is a risk of getting burned by the hot melted wax.  *If you’d like, you can dip the entire match into the wax, which will prevent moisture from migrating up the stick in the future.
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  • You can also dip your match heads into clear nail polish.  This method is quick and easy, but if you are like me and have no clear nail polish on hand, one of the others may be easier.  This is also a little more expensive than the other methods, if you are making a big batch of waterproof matches.


Okay, so now there are no excuses! Let’s get waterproofing!!  And remember, if your matches are not the “Strike Anywhere” kind, be sure to keep a striking surface with the matches you waterproof.