Thursday’s Philanthropy Idea – SAFE 2 comments

As we bring April to a close, I want to share one last philanthropy idea that you can use as you work on your spring cleaning.  This may just be the very favorite one I’ve shared this month:


Stuffed Animals For Emergencies Only – SAFE


Stuffed Animals For Emergencies (SAFE) is a 14-year-old non-profit organization run completely by volunteers (chapter members).  They collect items such as stuffed animals, toys, books and baby blankets to benefit children during emergencies such as illness, accidents, neglect, abuse, homelessness and tornadoes.  They also donate the items we receive to other childrens organizations, military organizations, libraries and even nursing homes.


They accept new and gently used items.  Tell me you don’t love this idea!  What a fantastic, amazing, beautiful way to help another while cleaning out your kids’ playrooms and closets.


I would suggest including your children in this spring cleaning project.  What a wonderful way to teach them the importance of helping others, and of cleaning!  It’s really a win-win, and lives are enriched far beyond your own.

How To Donate:

To donate, check to find a chapter near you. You can also donate directly to the organization instead of through a local chapter if there isn’t one near you.