Are you following Joanna’s Parenting with Purpose series? If not, you’re missing out.  If so, you know that I skipped this one. My apologies.  It had nothing to do with the post, and everything to do with me not sharing sooner. Either way, head on over and read all about it.  It’s a good one! Just try and tell me your Munchkins aren’t worth it…I dare ya.:-)

GOAL – Parenting with Purpose, Family Meetings

Have you been to Joanna’s blog, Creating Better Habits, lately? If not, you need to head on over there.  She’s written an extremely heartfelt post about parenting with purpose, and about doing right by our children, and by ourselves…and doing it without drowning in guilt. Please head on over when you get the time.  You’ll be glad you did.:-)

GOAL – Parenting with Purpose

I’ve been trying to think of an eloquent way to lead into this, but let’s be honest, I’m not a very eloquent gal…so I’m just gonna barge right on in: Joanna has continued her Parenting with Purpose series, and I’ve been amazed at her grace and inspired by the simple and easy ways that I can change the lives of my children for the better. My fave blogger Mandi guest posted of Things That Matter Most.  Worth your time to […]

GOAL – Parenting With a Purpose – #2 and ...

And here we come to a very personal goal I’ve set for myself, and that I’m sure many of you have set:  Being a better parent.  Being more patient with our kids.  Parenting with purpose. I’m so very fortunate to have a wonderful guide to help me through this maze of self improvement.  Joanna is hosting a series titled Parenting With Purpose.  Joanna is an extremely gifted writer, and has a way of motivating and inspiring.  And so, I’ll be […]

GOAL – Parenting With Purpose – #1