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Friday Freebies

Ahhh…is the weekend really already over???  I never took my weekend nap!  That’s what happens when you procrastinate, I suppose.  (Can you “procrastinate” something like relaxing/napping?  Yes you can.  I’m the master of procrastination, if you don’t believe me, read my 5 things challenge from last week!) Oh well, nothing to do but get on with it!  Let’s start it off right and request ourselves some goodies: Get a free one-week pass to Curves Fitness. Go HERE to request a […]

Monday’s Freebies

I just discovered that I’m very close to my internet 5GB limit until next Tuesday when it resets, so I’m gonna be scarce this weekend.  In the meantime, have fun requesting these many freebies!  Those of you who follow me on facebook may have already seen some of these…yet another good reason to like me over there! Go HERE and like the Get Organized Wizard on facebook for a free downloadable 2011 Goals and Priorities Diary. Costco members can go […]

Friday Freebies