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Mar 07

K5 Learning Program Review – and a FREE 14-day Trial for You!

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If you have children in your home from Kindergarten to 5th grade age, you may be interested in this…       K5 Learning is an online study program for kids in kindergarten to grade 5.  They promote learning and build reading, math and study skills for children…skills that can last a lifetime.  You input …

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Oct 25

Thoughtful Thursday – Children (again)


Oct 18

Thoughtful Thursday – Children

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“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” -Henry Ward Beecher

Mar 16

GOAL – Parenting with Purpose, Family Meetings


Are you following Joanna’s Parenting with Purpose series? If not, you’re missing out.  If so, you know that I skipped this one. My apologies.  It had nothing to do with the post, and everything to do with me not sharing sooner. Either way, head on over and read all about it.  It’s a good one! …

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Mar 10

Philanthropy Thursday – Click to Give


Have you ever heard of Click To Give? If you’re anything like me, you’re gonna love it.  It’s an easy way to help others, AND yourself.  Seriously.  (Although we’re gonna focus on the helping others today.) So, how does it work?  Basically, there are six categories of charitable causes on the site:  Animal Care, Feed …

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Mar 09

GOAL – Parenting with Purpose


Have you been to Joanna’s blog, Creating Better Habits, lately? If not, you need to head on over there.  She’s written an extremely heartfelt post about parenting with purpose, and about doing right by our children, and by ourselves…and doing it without drowning in guilt. Please head on over when you get the time.  You’ll …

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Dec 21

Review and Giveaway – Progress Cards!


All right parents, teachers…I have a question for you. What things would you like to help your child or student achieve? What goals would you like to see them setting? What challenges would you like to see them overcome? And most importantly, HOW to you plan to help them to accomplish these things? I have …

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Dec 15

Help Donate a Vita-Meal…It’s EASY!


I’ve found an extremely easy way to help a cause that is terribly close to my heart.  It’s easy and free, and it will take you all of two seconds (maybe five if your internet connection is slow).  Please, will you take those 2 seconds and help? If you head on over here and “Like” …

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