5 things challenge

5 Things 5/27

Happy Sunday!!  Each week I make a list of goals…things I want to accomplish above and beyond the every day stuff that I do.  I shoot for 5 things weekly.  Need some extra motivation?  Join me!


Last week feels like a blur to me…not sure why!  Maybe it’s me being tired right now, but I honestly can’t think of anything particular that my family did, ha ha!  Thank goodness I have the to-do list to refer to, eh?


  1. Try a new gluten free recipe.YES.  I made a Tuna Bean Salad and a Broccoli Bacon Salad, so I tried 2 new recipes, and I really like them both!
  2. Research and write down more info on kid-friendly hikes.YES
  3. Try my hand at homemade deodorant.YES.  Except, oh dear.  I used some essential oil for it, and you know how the little essential oil bottles have droppers on them, right?  Well, this particular bottle didn’t.  So yes, my friends, I dumped the ENTIRE bottle into my little teeny tiny batch of deodorant.  So I cannot use it because it’s just too dang overpowering!  I’ll be making a trip to the store this week to buy a TON of cornstarch, and my small experimental batch will become my lifetime supply of homemade deodorant!!  I sure hope it’s a good recipe, cause I’ll have this stuff for years. ha ha!
  4. Mow my mom’s lawn. – YES
  5. Write up a June calendar with all the stuff we’ll have going on, meal plan ideas, etc. – Oops, NOPE
My plan for this week:
  1. Write up a June calendar with all the stuff we’ll have going on:  meal plan ideas, family hikes, 5K training runs, etc.
  2. Plan for and celebrate my mom’s birthday.
  3. Make a few freezer meals.
  4. Finish birthday plans for my husband’s birthday!
  5. Declutter bookshelf…go through books, donate what I no longer need, reorganize, etc.

5 Things 4/22

Yikes…it’s one of those days that I don’t want to post the 5 Things, because I didn’t get a thing on my list done.  I blame it on the rain…cause I’m Milli Vanilli like that:


  • Finish making menu plans for April. – NO
  • Rearrange food storage room– NO, but I started
  • Go over the new budget– YES
  • Walk to work every day. – NO…and this one I really am blaming on the rain.
  • Plant another batch of spinach and peas. – NO


My family did have a good weekend, though.  I got invited to be a part of a photo shoot for a Deseret Industries promo, and that was fun.  My husband took the kids on a cool hike while I was gone, and later that night my daughter went to a sleepover.  Saturday we went to the school playground for some basketball and swings, we mowed my mom’s and our lawn, we hung with cousins, Munchkin had a b-day party to attend, and we did some “shopping” at the library and elsewhere.  This morning I went on my first run in who knows how long…years.  Yay for sunny weekends!


Anyway, the plan for this week is basically to redeem myself from last week:


  1. Plant another batch of peas.  I don’t think I need to plant another batch of spinach anymore, since I’m the only one in the family who eats it, and we’ve had a lot of plants sprout up this last weeek.
  2. Finish rearranging the food storage room.
  3. Make another batch of homemade beef jerky.  I made my very first batch of the stuff 10 days ago, and it was really good!!  I’ll have to post about it.
  4. Walk to work every day.  The weather should cooperate and everything!
  5. Clean out/Declutter the filing cabinet and computer desk.

5 Things Challenge 11/13/11 1 comment



My week was not productive, at least not in terms of accomplishing things on my list.


Do you wanna hear my excuses?  Do ya?


I’ll tell you anyway:


  • Monday I got an offer to transfer to my daughter’s school.  I work as a paraprofessional educator at another school in the district, but the commute has doubled my car gas usage, and so I was hoping to be able to transfer someday.  I certainly didn’t expect it to happen this quickly!  My new commute will be about 8 minutes shorter, and I’ll be walking now! I had a lot of finalizing to do at the school I’m currently at, and I had a lot of kids mad at me for leaving. :-(  The commute won’t be missed.  The
    kids will be.
  • Wednesday was my last day at the school.  Thank goodness, because Thursday I got a call from Buddy Boy’s school.  They NEVER call.  (Even last year when an aide dropped him out of a therapy swing and gave him a huge goose egg, they didn’t call me!!)  He was very emotional, refused to eat, and complained of a tummy ache.  I took him home early and after a night of no sleep and all cry, we took him to the doctor, who advised us to take him to the ER.  That poor kid spent the whole day in the ER.  The doctors (and I) all thought he had appendicitis.  The symptoms were all spot-on, and his white blood cell count and inflammation count were both really high.  The ultrasound, however, couldn’t find his appendix, meaning it was likely NOT what was inflamed.  Then began a series of other tests to try and figure it out.

Silly little dude was crying when I took this, but in his mind, if you point a camera at him, he MUST SMILE. :-)  (Look how splotchy and red his face is…he broke out in hives in like, 5 minutes!  Broke my heart)


Anywho, 8 hours and a bazillion tests later, they decided he likely has the “anthro-virus” (the spelling is probably wrong). They wanted to either keep him overnight for observation, or to let me take him home on the promise that I would observe him very closely.  I chose home, baby.  He’s still under the weather, but this morning his fever finally broke, and his hives, fever,and dehydration are mostly gone.  The stomach ache is very persistently hanging on, but he’s doing SO much better now!

HUGE thanks to Primary Children’s hospital, who is the best of the best.  The staff is incredible, and the nurses gave Buddy Boy a puppet and a blanket to keep.  Those two gifts gave him such needed comfort!  It’s so hard to have a child who is sick, and in Buddy’s case, with autism, and so explaining what is going on is extremely difficult.  He was so scared the entire time, and those two gifts really truly made all the difference.  Munchkin’s school actually donated similar blankets to the hospital, and she’s convinced that they gave Buddy Boy the very one she helped to tie. :-)


So there you have it.  My excuses.  Now, I’ll show you the list:

  1. Meeting at Buddy Boy’s school.- YES
  2. Make a few more freezer meals…gluten free! – NO
  3. Make a menu plan for November. – NO
  4. Re-organize bedroom bookshelf. – NO
  5. Email Christmas list to family members, get family birthday cards sent out. – 1/2 YES, 1/2 NO
  6. Clean out/reorganize medicine cabinet – YES


The plan for this week…I don’t even care what the plan is, as long as it’s something I accomplish!


  1. Make a few more freezer meals – preferably GF.
  2. Re-organize bedroom bookshelf and bedroom closet.
  3. Get birthday cards sent out ASAP!
  4. Finalize Christmas budget, write down gifts in Christmas Notebook. (Yes, I keep a binder for Christmas.  It helps me organize things!)
  5. Clean out/reorganize pantry.
  • Put together teacher luncheon.
  • Attend SEP conference for Munchkin.
  • Also, I’m going to begin posting my weight for the week.  (we’ll see if I remember!)  As of this morning, I weigh 145 lbs, which is down 10 lbs from the summer.  Yay!


    Have a great week, everyone.


    5 Things Challenge 10/30

    Wow.  October flew by…or is it just me?  I seriously cannot believe that Thanksgiving (American) is coming up so soon, and that Christmas is less than SIXTY FREAKING DAYS AWAY.  Whaaaa????


    Yeah, the time has flown by so quickly that I didn’t even think to post a 5 Things Challenge last week.  I am ashamed…forgive me, folks.


    We’ll just check out the week before:

    1. Cook 2 more freezer meals.- Honestly, I can’t remember.  I think so!
    2. Go over and re-evaluate goals for myself and family.YES
    3. Can apples from our tree. YES
    4. Re-organize bedroom. Uh, NO
    5. Research apps for the Ipad for kids with autism.  – YES


    The plan for this week?  Well, lemme show ya:

    1. Make a batch of homemade GF graham crackers.
    2. Do a few small batches of freezer cooking (ideally I’ll get a good dozen or so meals in the freezer).
    3. Survive Halloween. Please don’t misunderstand.  Halloween isn’t a bad time for me, it just happens to be REALLY busy this year.  I’ll go to work, and go straight from work to the store to pick up cookies for my daughter’s class party.  I’ll have about 35 minutes of free time, during which I’ll make cookies for a friend. Then I’ll go to the class party, which I’ll have to leave early to pick up my son from his school, after which we’ll head BACK to Munchkin’s school for the after school program’s Halloween party.  That’s going until 5:00, and we’ll go straight from there to my mom’s work.  When we’re done there, I’ll take the cookies and other food over to my friends’ place (her sweet daughter is having surgery, poor thing!), and then we’ll eat our dinner and then we’ll make our “glow lanterns” and then we’ll go trick or treating.  My husband works nights so it’ll just be me and the kids this year.
    4. Go to Buddy Boy’s school to meet TEMPLE GRANDIN!! I’m so excited for this opportunity.  Meeting someone who is known for real life accomplishments is SO much better than meeting a typical celeb, in my humble opinion.  She’s coming to tour his school and speak to the parents.  (For more information about Temple Grandin, check this out.)
    5. Get started on research for my project. (I’ll tell you all about it later.:-))


    Well, there you have it!  Enjoy your week, and to my American friends, have a happy and safe Halloween!

    5 Things Challenge 10/09/11

    So…how was your week?  Did you get a lot done?  I hope, for your sake, that you did better than I did…EEK!


    I have no excuses, so I’ll just get to the ugly truth:

    1. Clean out the filing cabinet. – YES
    2. Do some fall decluttering and get rid of at least 50 things. – YES
    3. Make and complete October’s menu plan. – NO
    4. Get the house “decorated” for Halloween.  I use that term loosely, because I’m not big on Halloween.  We’ll put some cotton out to look like webs and put out a few jack-o-lanterns.  I bought a mystery Halloween box from Graveyard mall that should arrive soon and we’ll decorate with! – NO, not completely.
    5. Plant a bunch of tulip and crocus bulbs in the yard. – NO…although I have the bulbs, waiting, waiting to be planted.


    Phew! Thank goodness I don’t get paid to do crap stuff around the house…I’d be fired in an instant!!  Or should I say, too bad I can’t get fired in an instant?….:-)


    Here’s the plan, goal, random wish, likely failure for this week:


    1. Make at least 2 freezer meals. I’ll be doing this in about 10 minutes, so I should be able to mark it off as a YES next week!!
    2. Plant the bulbs before they DIE.
    3. Make some plans for October’s Menu, based off what I already have at home and using Supercook.com.
    4. Pick up the doTERRA oils I purchased (and if you haven’t tried doTERRA and would like to learn more about aromatherapy, this is the company I’d recommend you learn about! No worries, I’m not affiliated with them.)
    5. Type up new recipes from cookbooks I borrowed from the library.


    All righty folks, I’m feeling like it’s possible!!  What plans do you have?

    5 Things Challenge

    Well, I didn’t post a 5 Things Challenge last week, so I’ll be going off of my goals from the week before.

    I apologize to my readers and friends for the sporadic posts!  I hope that it’ll get better soon, and that I’ll transition to my new schedule quickly.


    Here’s how I did from the last list:

    1. Can a batch of tomatoes – YES
    2. Wednesday meeting @ Buddy Boy’s school. – YES
    3. Call SSI and sit on the dang phone as long as I have to so I can update stuff. – YES
    4. Make at least one new GF recipe. – YES
    5. Clean out the filing cabinet….oh the fun!- NO

    The plan for this week:

    1. Clean out the filing cabinet.
    2. Do some fall decluttering and get rid of at least 50 things.
    3. Make and complete October’s menu plan.
    4. Get the house “decorated” for Halloween.  I use that term loosely, because I’m not big on Halloween.  We’ll put some cotton out to look like webs and put out a few jack-o-lanterns.  I bought a mystery Halloween box from Graveyard mall that should arrive soon and we’ll decorate with!
    5. Plant a bunch of tulip and crocus bulbs in the yard.


    That’s it for me!  I hope y’all have a fantastic week!


    5 Things Challenge 2 comments

    Well, this is it for me.  The beginning of me being a working mom.  (Not that I wasn’t already a working mom, but now I’m getting PAID to work)  I’m scared to death, can you tell?  I will hopefully be able to keep up with things on the blog, but there is no doubt that my internet time will be lessened, and hey, frankly it’s probably not a bad thing.


    Here’s how I did last week:

    1. Get September’s menu planned. – YES
    2. Study for and pass the ParaPro test. – YES…and one of the administrators said I’d gotten the highest score she’d seen!  (she probably hasn’t seen many test scores, but let’s pretend that she’s seen millions of ’em)
    3. Work on future blog posts, since I won’t have as much time starting next week! – NO. I have limited internet usage that resets on the 11th of each month, and I was OUT of usage, so I kept my blogging to a minimum! :-)
    4. Start planning out Christmas budget, list gift ideas. – YES, not really extensively, but I think I know the “big” gifts I’ll be getting my two kids.
    5. Find at least one GOOD TASTING gluten-free recipe (Bakery items) – NO, but let me explain.  There are PLENTY of good GF foods out there.  I was looking for a NEW recipe that I would love, and no, I didn’t find one, but I did enjoy many of my standby gluten-free foods!

    Eek…if I was grading myself, it’d be a C- or something!  Thank goodness for endless chances every week:


    1. Start the new job!
    2. Call SSI and let them know about the household income change (this alone would be enough for me to call the week productive…have you ever had to call those people???)
    3. Buy some gluten-free melatonin. The stuff I have has gluten as a filler in it.
    4. Mow the lawns…hopefully for the last time this season!


    That’s it for me!  Here’s to a successful, productive, love-filled, HAPPY week for all of you!



    5 Things Challenge 8/21/11

    The last week of summer.

    That went by fast.  I’m gonna miss hanging with my munchkins all day.

    Although, the house may be cleaner now.  There’s always a silver lining, right?


    Here’s how I did last week:

    1. Annual backyard camp out. – YES
    2. Make and freeze a bunch of after school snacks. – YES
    3. Volunteer at the school, take my daughter to her SEP. – YES
    4. Take the kids to do some last minute summer stuff – YES, Munchkin went swimming, we did the campout, and Clay took Buddy Boy camping…in between all the playdates.
    5. Start prepping for a week of canning. – YES – I received 40 pounds of cherries last weekend, and so I’ll be doing a lot of canning this week.

    The plan for this week:

    1. PTA meeting @ Munchkin’s school, IEP meeting for Buddy Boy.
    2. Make and can bush cherry jam, BBQ sauce, and syrup.
    3. Make a list of “projects” that need doing around the house.
    4. Complete at least one of the above-mentioned projects.
    5. Add daily exercise back to my daily routine.

    That’s it!  The week of transition will begin…

    5 Things 8/7/2011

    The week was a blur.


    Was it as good for you as it was for me?  Was MINE good?  I don’t even know.  It wasn’t bad.  I was sicker than a dog on one hand, but on the other hand, I ate all the yummy gluten food I could get.  I gotta do it until Tuesday, so I figured if I was gonna be miserable, I was gonna eat my favorite foods one last time.  And I enjoyed it.:-)


    *Okay, wait…I think I’m waking from my pastry-induced coma….I think…what is this post for?  Oh right, 5 things.  Let’s get to it.


    Here’s how I did:

    1. Go back to school clothes shopping. – YES
    2. Buy birthday cards  – YES
    3. EAT GLUTEN, and enjoy every second I can of it – YES, oh YES
    4. Stay caught up on laundry. – YES…mostly.  (But I can’t take credit for it.  My husband did it all…ALL OF IT!!)
    5. Work on blogging 3 Month Challenge.YES


    The plan for this week?  It’s another simple one.  What can I say?  One day motivation will come a’knockin on my door.  I’ll definitely probably maybe be ready for it when it does:


    1. Get biopsy done. This’ll be easy.  I get to take a nice, long, medically induced nap, basically.  The doctors will do the tough stuff.
    2. Work on the Blogging 3 Month Challenge.
    3. Make menu plan for the rest of the month.
    4. Start planning after school snack ideas for the kids. Maybe I’ll even make some of their faves, like the homemade Nutrigrain bars, and freeze them so they’re ready when school starts.  Maybe.
    5. Have a freezer meal cooking day…make as much stuff as I can to freeze!
    6. Look for a good deal on a food dehydrator.

    5 Things 7/11

    Happy Monday, everyone!


    Don’t forget that today is FREE slurpee day!  Go into any participating 7-Eleven store and get a free 7.11-oz slurpee.  (I’m pretty sure almost every location is participating.)


    Anyway, onto the 5 Things Challenge.  Did you have a productive week?  Here’s how mine went:

    1. Purchase the “staples” for my new GF baking needs – YES
    2. Buy separate containers to hold GF flours and foods. – YES
    3. Continue my book research. – YES
    4. Start P90X or Turbo Fire program!!!  Kinda sorta…started, but took a coupla days off to go on a short vacation.
    5. Plan July’s meal menu. – YES, mostly :-)


    I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have a lot of “extra” stuff planned for the week.  It’s kinda going to be more of a catch up time for me….catch up on the housework, on the blog posts, on my reading, on my menu planning, etc.  So, there’s my theme for the week (aren’t I cool, I have a THEME!)

    Catch- Up Week.  (not very catchy, if I’m honest…but kinda punny):


    1. Do a big “freezer” cooking day.  I’ll be hopefully making as many meals for the family in advance as I can, so that when I cook my gluten-free stuff, I won’t be making two separate meals and risk contamination of my food.  I’m also gonna make as many gluten-free baking mixes as I can so that it’s more convenient at mealtimes.
    2. Declutter and get rid of at least 50 more things. I’m taking a carload of stuff to the local thrift store this week, and I want to have as much stuff for them as possible.
    3. Update recipes on the blog…label them according to ingredients AND gluten free, dairy free.  Hopefully that will make them more accessible to everyone.
    4. Clean the whole freakin’ house from top to bottom. I wanna do a major cleaning, you know: shampoo the carpets, wash the blinds and curtains, wash the baseboards, all that jazz.
    5. Plan and prepare (maybe even write up) future blog posts…I’ve got some fun ideas planned, and I want to be as organized as possible with them!




    SO, that’s my week plan.  Good luck with yours!