Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday – ER “Fun” 12 comments

I went to an after-hours clinic on Sunday for a stomach pain that had been persistently with me for 5 days.  They thought appendicitis and sent me to the ER (Big bucks).  I was pretty sure that wasn’t it because the pain hadn’t gotten a lot worse over the 5 days.  It just was constantly there, and hurts (yes, the pain is still here) to breathe.  Turns out I had an ovarian cyst rupture.  Boo!



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Wordless Wednesday – First Ever Birthday Party 21 comments

My son has autism, and as such, he doesn’t always do well in crowds.  For that reason, and others, we haven’t ever thrown him a birthday party with friends.  Sure, we have a party every year with family, but the friends thing is new.  Invitations to birthday parties are also far and few between…so we really wanted to make this first birthday bash of his fun (on a small budget, of course).


Ninja Turtle Masks and Nunchucks

Ninja Turtle masks and nun chucks.



Rafael fruit plate

The birthday boy with his Rafael fruit plate!




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party

The sign we used to welcome people.



Pin the Mask on Mikey Pin the mask on Mikey

We made a “Pin the Mask on Mikey (Michaelangelo)” game for the kids.