Homemade Salt Scrub Recipe Using Essential Oils, and a Bonus Facial Moisturizer Recipe! 2 comments
I love essential oils and the many amazing uses that there are for them!  I still consider myself a beginner, as I’m constantly discovering new essential oil recipes to use with them, and new products to create.  It’s been a very fun journey.       Affiliate links to products I personally use and recommend support this blog.  Thanks!     I recently tried a new brand of essential oils called Simply Earth.  These are 100% pure essential oil, and […]

Personal Care With Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipes

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Stress is the cause of so many health problems.  I love music for relaxing.         I  enjoy the power of music.  I received this CD, Escapes by Jeff Gold, and thought, “Oh, I’ll wait and use it on a stressful day.”  Let me tell you, that day didn’t take too long to come, ha ha!   I really enjoy the gentle musical sounds.  This is a CD that I can focus on listening to, or that I […]

Escapes – Music For Relaxing CD

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I don’t own a gym membership, and I doubt I ever will.  I feel like there is no need to spend the money when I can work out at home.  I do understand, however, the pull to go to a gym where there is nice equipment, a “workout” atmosphere, and like-minded people around you.  That is one reason why I still like to have workout equipment to keep at home.  It’s nice to have a variety, but at home there isn’t […]

Workout Equipment to Keep At Home

Influencer Marketing for Dummies Giveaway 4 comments
I know a ton of my readers are working towards building their online presence.  There are so many things to add to the “to-do” list of marketing and online building!  It’s overwhelming, and it can get frustrating.  That’s why I was really excited to receive the book, Influencer Marketing for Dummies, to read and review.       Is this book worth the purchase?  What are some highlights?  Well, let me share:     Chapter 4, The New Rules of […]

Influencer Marketing – How to Find Influencers

In his newest book release, Halden Zimmermann, a successful blogger with a wealth of professional experience in mechanical engineering and corporate leadership, discusses the methods and techniques aspiring bloggers can apply as they seek to achieve long-term financial security through their blogging career.       This book is more of a mini guide, in my opinion.  It’s short and sweet and to the point.  The author lays the basic groundwork for what you need to do in order to […]

Guide to High Impact Blogs by Halden Zimmermann