Reading For Autism

As many of you know, my little dude has autism, and so it’s a situation that is close to my heart.  I recently heard about this book challenge called “Reading for Autism”.  Both Laura Fabiani from iRead Book Tours and the author of Almost Perfect, Diane Daniels Manning will be supporting this event to raise funds for the Autism Foundation.

Readin for Autism Sign up Banner

Let me share with you how it works:

Basically, for every book you read that is in some way related to Autism or Aspergers, you agree to donate a certain amount. You only need to read 1 book as the minimum and the amount you want to donate is up to you. It can be as small as $1 per book or feel free to be as generous as you like.  All of the information and rules can be found HERE, if you’d like to join me in the challenge!    You can also see the book list that they’d like you to pick from HERE.  I’ve actually already read a few of these, and I can tell you, this is a good, quality list!


If Autism is a cause close to you, it may be of interest to you to check it out!  Not only can you donate to a good cause, you can educate yourself in the process, and what a great thing you can do just in time for April, which is Autism Awareness Month!  :)



UPS #WishesDelivered Campaign – What is YOUR Holiday Wish?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPS for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love the holidays. I love the music, the trees, and the lights. It’s all great! What I love most of all, however, are the FEELINGS. The THOUGHTS. People are more kind during the holidays. We tend to be more generous, more loving, and more accepting. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

I love that although we may still have wishes for ourselves at this time, we don’t tend to focus on the “selfish” ones as much. Instead of asking for that new iPhone 6, we can wish for someone we know/love will be able to find relief from a struggle. We can wish for goodwill and peace. THAT, after all, is really what the holidays are all about, isn’t it?

One of the deepest desires of my heart is for children, no matter where or who they are, to feel loved. I wish that EVERY child who has ever, or will ever, live on this earth, is able to experience pure, true love. To know that whatever other turmoil may be swirling around them, they are NOT alone. The best way I know how to do this is to love all the children around me (I work in a school)! To support them, to provide a listening ear if needed, and to give them a smile each day. To donate to worthy causes that help these sweet kids.

Ups_2color_shieldEvery package that ends up on a doorstep started from a wish, and UPSers work tirelessly to deliver everyday wishes throughout the holiday season and beyond. This season, UPS wants to share these magical stories and also make it more special with your help! Let me explain:

For every wish submitted with the hashtag #WishesDelivered, UPS will donate $1 to one of their charity partners (Salvation Army, Boys & Girls Club, or Toys for Tots) up to $100K!

This campaign has already begun. The specific dates for this are November 10, 2014 – December 31, 2014. All you have to do to help is submit a wish, any wish for SOMEONE ELSE that is selfless and meaningful. It’s SO easy, so fun, and it’s a great way to help raise money for charity!

How to Submit a Wish:
Post your wish to Twitter or Instagram with the campaign hashtag #WishesDelivered and it will automatically be submitted. Another option is to go direct to the #WishesDelivered site and manually submit there.


What do you say? I’m going to submit my wish for the children of the world. Will you join me and submit YOUR wish, whatever it is? You’ll be helping a charity, and bringing more awareness to this cause, and yours! Let’s make this holiday season the most loving, kind, and generous one yet!

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Children’s Claritin and KaBOOM! Are Bringing Imagination Playground to Communities in Need!

Parents! Vote Now to Help Kids Have More Fun – One Playspace at a Time

As parents, we spend a lot of time discovering creative ways to nurture our children’s curiosity. Luckily, being outdoors provides the perfect landscape, fueling young imaginations and creating endless possibilities for exploration, discovery and creativity. Children’s Claritin hopes to inspire parents to create innovative play spaces in their backyards, and communities.

1473Children’s Claritin also believes in the benefits of outdoor activity for children, and wants to help children get the most out of every day! They’re teaming up with KaBOOM!, a national non-profit, to help bring innovative playspaces to communities in need and you can help! By voting, you can help them pick the four community organizations that will receive Imagination Playground™. What’s Imagination Playground™? See imagination at play – watch last year’s winner enjoying Imagination Playground™.

Be sure to visit where you can place your vote and gather playspace inspirations for creating your own backyard playspace.

While visiting the Children’s Claritin & KaBOOM! Facebook page, you can also:

  • Learn more about the twelve organizations you can vote for receiving Imagination Playground™
  • Download coupon offers
  • Locate a playspace near you

Vote now and help us pick the four community organizations that will receive Imagination Playground™. You can vote one time per day through 9/26/14. Click here for voting rules.


Enter to Give Giveaway! Give: Joy Sweepstakes 7 comments

Enter the GIVE:JOY Sweepstakes from author Lauraine Snelling!

In bestselling author Lauraine Snelling’s new novel, Heaven Sent Rain, Dinah Taylor has an orderly life, and that is just how she likes it. A balanced bank account, a perfectly furnished luxury apartment, a satisfying career as a scientist and CEO of her own company, and an uncomplicated personal life. Then her well-ordered world is thrown into chaos when she finds a seven-year-old boy and his scruffy dog sitting alone outside her office building.

3dbookTo celebrate the release of this heart-warming novel, FaithWords and author Lauraine Snelling are pleased to present the GIVE:JOY Sweepstakes. This sweepstakes features three spectacular prizes, each closely connected to the story, but each prize also comes with a twist: you “Enter to Give”, rather than “Enter to Win”!

Awesome idea, right? When I heard about this giveaway, I knew I had to share. Helping others, friends, is what it’s all about!

This is your chance to do something beautiful and make a difference for a friend, family member, shelter, church, or charity.

Timeframe & Notifications:

This giveaway starts July 1, 2014 and ends July 21, 2014 @ 11:59 pm (PST). Entry is open to US residents only, age 18 and over. Winners will be selected Tuesday July 22, 2014, and announced at


Wanna know what you can win?  Check it out:

Grand Prize:

grandprize1In Heaven Sent Rain, Dinah meets a little boy named Jonah, and his dog. Jonah faces a life of struggle, hunger, and poverty, but his courage in these challenges inspires Dinah to step outside her world and do something wonderful for him. Through her choice, Dinah discovers joy is found not in getting more for herself, but in giving to make someone else’s life better. Our Grand Prize winner will have the same opportunity for joy, with their choice of :

• A $250 VISA gift card for a friend in need, or
• A $250 donation to the faith-based charity, church, or shelter of their choice


Second Prize:

secondprize1A mysterious thing happens to Dinah several times in the story: flowers! In honor of Dinah’s secret flower sender (you’ll have to read the story to find out his or her identity) we’re offering our Second Prize winner the chance to become a secret flower sender themselves, and brighten the day of a sick friend, a new mom, a military spouse, a weary co-worker, or some other deserving person in their life, with:

• A 3-month gift subscription to ProFlowers Bouquet of the Month Club

Third Prize:

thirdprize1Like Jonah’s dog, Mutt, the animals in our lives are priceless sources of help, comfort, and unconditional love.
And Like Dr. G, many real-life veterinarians and animal shelter workers make all the difference in the lives of our animals, often giving services beyond what’s billed. Our Third Prize winner will have a chance to do something extra special for their favorite vet or animal shelter, with:

• A $100 veterinary/shelter donation to be used toward treatment of an animal whose owner cannot afford to pay for veterinary care, or
• A $100 Starbucks card sent to the veterinary/shelter staff as a special encouragement gift

It’s easy to enter – I already did!  Go to and complete the entry box, anytime between now and July 21.

Good luck!!

MyCausora – Help Others and Be Rewarded (Giveaway) 31 comments

Has anyone here ever heard of MyCausora?  I hadn’t until recently, but the concept is something that is so great and beneficial to so many that I have to share with you:




MyCausora gives you the opportunity to donate money to a charity of your choice.  Here’s what makes them unique:  When you donate money, you get a dollar for dollar credit match. So if you donate $20, they give you a $20 credit. The credit can be spent at over 150 merchants – merchants that you can shop at for YOU. Seriously!  You are REWARDED for helping others!

For every $ donated to a charity or cause on Causora, you can get an equivalent $ gift card redeemable at spa and massage merchants.

I’m a big fan of helping out without needing a reward, as I’m sure many are….however, MyCausora wants to reward you and if you feel bad about spending the credits on yourself, you can use those same credits to donate to another or the same charity…your call.

MyCausora has generously offered to host a giveaway for my readers so you can try it out for free!  10 winners will each get $20 to donate and the winner will get to keep the reward.  Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Vision For and From Children

Did you know that an estimated 19 million children worldwide are visually impaired, and of those affected, 12 million have conditions that could easily be diagnosed and corrected?


Lillian Pravda, an inspirational young lady born with a cataract who received sight-saving surgeries at only 9-weeks-old, founded Vision For and From Children at the age of eight. The organization raises money to provide children without access to eye care, surgery and vision services. After years of building awareness, the organization has raised nearly $100K and helped more than 24,000 children.


The now 13-year-old, award-winning philanthropist is taking her mission global with the launch of the “One Million $1 Bills” campaign which will provide the gift of sight to children through vision-related surgery, outreach and services. Funds raised from the campaign will also help build state-of-the-art ophthalmology centers in regions in the U.S. and beyond that currently do not have proper eye treatment available.


Head on over to learn more about the organization and perhaps to donate your $1 bill, if you feel so inclined.

Raise a Giant Campaign

Green Giant, partnering with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and We Day Minnesota, is running a “Raise a Giant” campaign, designed to help raise awareness about anti-bullying!




What Does it Mean To Be A Giant?
Being a giant isn’t about being the best. Being a giant means standing up for others. It means lending a hand to those who are in trouble and speaking up for those who sometimes find it hard to speak up for themselves.
Studies show that an effective way to stop bullying is for kids to simply speak up and say, “That’s not okay” when they see bullying happening.
But asking kids to have the courage to stand up to bullying is a tall order and that’s why they need our help.


RaGBannerGreen Giant is asking parents to write a letter to their kids telling them how special they are and encouraging them to be part of the bullying prevention solution by being a giant.  To do so, you can go to Raise a
I wrote my kids a letter on the site and we talked about bullying.  It’s been a great opportunity to remind them the importance of being a good friend and a good brother/sister to each other!  I promised I would share my letter, so here it is:


Do you know how much I love you?  Do you know how incredible you both are?  At night when you sleep, I gaze at you and sometimes I feel my heart swell with love for you so much that tears come to my eyes.
A, you have such a tender, sweet heart.  You are so kind to those in need.  You are so talented in so many other ways as well…from your awesome running skills to your love of music and singing, to your creativity at home!  You have had an extra responsibility having a younger brother with autism, and you’ve shown such courage in supporting him.
P, you, like your big sister, are completely tenderhearted.  You are so aware of the feelings of others around you, and you take it so personally, which is hard on you, but a blessing to others.  Your enthusiasm for life makes me smile. I know that life can be so stressful for you, and I am continually amazed at how hard you are willing to work!
We’ve talked about bullying many times together, and I know that you both know the signs of bullying.  Remember to never, ever be silent when you see something being bullied.  I know you already live this in so many ways, but please don’t ever be afraid to tell an adult when you see someone being bullied.  We all know that bullying is never okay, right?
I love you both more than words can say.  Thank you so much for allowing me the great opportunity to be your mom.  I’m so, so lucky to have you!

So, what do you say?  Will you join the movement?  We need everyone we can get!!

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Green Giant® through MyBlogSpark.

Click 4 Hope: Great Magazine Deals, Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

The US continues to be battered by natural disasters. The recent effects of Hurricane Sandy have once again given the Click4Hope blogging community a reason to reach. Last year we designated tornado relief. This year we are changing our focus to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


There are THREE ways you can show your support:  Make a purchase, tell a friend, and/or share on facebook.


The magazine offers available for purchase are at great discounts.  There are also discounts available for  You can get that special someone a great Christmas gift, for a great price, for a great cause!  Here are some discounts available:






Philanthropy Opportunity: US of Autism Kickstarter Campaign

Some of my friends/family/followers may remember me mentioning our family’s involvement in an upcoming documentary, The United States of Autism (for some fun pictures from the day they filmed with us, head on over here).


Well, after many many hours of work put into putting it all together, the FILM IS FINISHED!!! 


I’m a little bit excited.


The next step is to get media on this project.  Unfortunately, much media costs money.  Fortunately, there is a current Kickstarter Campaign going on to raise the $10,000 to help get this heartwarming story the media attention it needs.  ALL donations are tax deductible.  There are some cool prizes available for donations of $5 or more. 

If the minimum $10,000 goal is not met, they will get NONE of the money.  The kickstarter campaign is set up so that it’s an all-or-nothing deal.  Donors can pledge an amount, but the payment will not be charged until the campaign is over, and ONLY if the minimum is met. 

So, if you’re looking for an awesome, heartwarming, close-to-home project to support, check these guys out!!   And if nothing else, spend a minute to watch the first United States of Autism music video. 


Thank you ever so much for your support!