Do you know a firefighter, a teacher, a soldier, or a police officer? I’m betting that you know at least one person in your life who is a community leader in some form. I am so incredibly grateful for these leaders in our community!     Activities about community leaders: Historical Biographies Lapbooks – Create interactive lapbook reports about some of the most famous Americans like Amelia Earhart, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, respected American women, and more! Community Helpers Bundle […]

Thank Community Leaders – Education Lessons

You all know how much education means to me. I wanted to share some fantastic resources with you:   Leadership Education Educators often get so concerned with “what” to teach that they neglect the “how” and “why.” Yet understanding these creates happier, more empowered children. TJEd gives you the “how” and the “why” to make the “what” more powerful, more memorable, more relevant to your children. They will be inspired as you apply the 7 Keys of Great Teaching and […]

Online Educational Resources

Here are some of the newest printable coupons I’ve found – enjoy!:   $1.00 off TWO Kellogg’s Special K Hot Cereals $1.50 off (3) HORMEL COMPLEATS microwave meals $1.50 off any three (3) 12 oz SPAM products $0.75 off any ONE Kellogg’s Raisin Bran $1.00 off TWO Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough $1.00 off any FIVE CUPS Yoplait Greek Yogurt $0.20 off any flavor Liberte Mediterranee yogurt $0.75 off Any One (1) Weight Watchers product $1.00 off 3 any flavor General […]

New Printable Coupons!

Its back to school time! It’s hard to believe the summer is flying by so quickly, isn’t it? Already, it is time to think of decorating and organize your locker to help you stay as efficient as possible during the hectic school year. Check out these products that will help you declutter and stay focused. Quartet – Magnetic Dry-Erase Board This dry-erase board is magnetic, so you can simply pop it in your locker and it’s ready to go. Keep […]

Back to School – Organize Your Locker!

I have mentioned Silver Sky Imports and their crystal vibes crystal bowls before…has anyone checked them out since?  I definitely have, and I’m still loving what I am seeing!     Silver Sky Imports is a unique online marketplace that offers unique handicrafts from Tibet and Nepal, including theAntique Singing Bowls. What a beautiful, peaceful, SAFE way to meditate and to find stress relief! I love that it’s (obviously) all natural, and it’s not something you need to ingest. You can […]

Silver Sky Imports

Thanks to Keri from Kickstand Books for this guest post:     How to get the book that’s “in you” out to the world You’ve got a book in you—you’re sure of it. Whether it’s an amazing story, or solid expert advice, you know others would benefit from the book you’re already writing in your head. So, what is the best way for you to go about getting this book out to the masses? You’ve got a few options; we’ll […]

Should you self-publish your book? *Guest Post

If you’re anything like me, you start your Christmas shopping really, REALLY early.   It’s the best way to score all the deals, isn’t it??  (And to avoid the after-Thanksgiving crowds, I might add.)  I use a lot of the deal sites…Groupon, Amazon Local, etc, to purchase gifts for family members, and starting now enables me to find a lot of different options.   Your Best Deals is another deal site that offers discounts up to 90% off retail prices. […]

Christmas Shopping In July – YES

  Anyone ever seen this???  I’d never seen it, on TV or otherwise, but now that I’ve heard about the Ice Cream Magic maker, I’m intrigued!  Seriously, ice cream in 3 minutes?  I don’t have an ice cream maker (too expensive), but I sure would love to be able to make the treat at home so that I could control ingredients!   Check it out!

Make Homemade Ice Cream in Minutes