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Back to School – Organize Your Locker!

Its back to school time! It’s hard to believe the summer is flying by so quickly, isn’t it? Already, it is time to think of decorating and organize your locker to help you stay as efficient as possible during the hectic school year. Check out these products that will help you declutter and stay focused.

Quartet – Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

Quartet - Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

This dry-erase board is magnetic, so you can simply pop it in your locker and it’s ready to go. Keep track of to-dos in between classes, write down phone numbers (wink), or reminders!

Quartet – Magnetic Dry-Erase Board – $8.46, 5.58 shipping – Available at Marketplace

International Solutions – Locker Pocket Organizer with Mirror

International Solutions - Locker Pocket Organizer with Mirror

The locker organizer with mirror holds all those little things that get lost at the bottom of the locker. Two pockets a mirror and a zipper pocket will keep things organized!

International Solutions – Locker Pocket Organizer with Mirror – $18.95, 5.23 shipping – Available at Marketplace

Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin

Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin

The Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin is a great place to store pens, pencils, notepads, index cards, a pocket calculator, hair accessories and personal care items. I may just buy a few of these for the house as well!

Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin – $6.99, 8.95 shipping – Available at The Container Store

Container Store – 2-Tier Janus Locker Shelf Translucent, 11-1/4″ X 10″ X 26″ H

Container Store - 2-Tier Janus Locker Shelf Translucent, 11-1/4

I remember “building” locker shelves. Oh boy, they were ugly and clumsy and heavy (we used 2x4s). Maximize vertical space in your locker with this ingenious Janus Locker Shelf! Two adjustable shelves provide multiple levels of storage for books, notebooks and school supplies.

Container Store – 2-Tier Janus Locker Shelf Translucent, 11-1/4″ X 10″ X 26″ H – $24.99, 9.45 shipping – Available at The Container Store

Mesh Magnetic Vanity Bin White, 6-1/4″ X 1-3/4″ X 7-3/4″ H

Mesh Magnetic Vanity Bin White, 6-1/4

Here’s another mesh bin option. A great place to store pens, pencils and personal care items. A mirror provides a place to check your look between classes. Super-strong magnets on the back keep it securely in place.

Mesh Magnetic Vanity Bin White, 6-1/4″ X 1-3/4″ X 7-3/4″ H – $7.99, 8.95 shipping – Available at The Container Store

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Silver Sky Imports

I have mentioned Silver Sky Imports and their crystal vibes crystal bowls before…has anyone checked them out since?  I definitely have, and I’m still loving what I am seeing!




Silver Sky Imports is a unique online marketplace that offers unique handicrafts from Tibet and Nepal, including theAntique Singing Bowls. What a beautiful, peaceful, SAFE way to meditate and to find stress relief! I love that it’s (obviously) all natural, and it’s not something you need to ingest. You can use it over and over again, and I know my son, who has autism and anxiety, would absolutely cherish a product like this!

spikematblackb__93653.1314738697.386.513If you enjoy Yoga and/or meditation, you should definitely check out the accessories for those.  Between the gorgeous meditation mats and the 100% cotton yoga straps, you’ll find items that are not only beautiful, but also functional and important in improving your health.

Silver Sky Imports also offers accessories for these bowls, and accessories for your peaceful home. From Himalayan salt, to statues, to crystal pyramids, to Harsani soap and more, there is something for everyone seeking peace and harmony in their lives.

Take a look at the Antique Singing Bowls and more!


*This is a sponsored post.  The opinions are mine alone.

Should you self-publish your book? *Guest Post

Thanks to Keri from Kickstand Books for this guest post:



How to get the book that’s “in you” out to the world

You’ve got a book in you—you’re sure of it. Whether it’s an amazing story, or solid expert advice, you know others would benefit from the book you’re already writing in your head.

So, what is the best way for you to go about getting this book out to the masses? You’ve got a few options; we’ll walk you through them here.

Traditional Publishing
Getting your book published has never been tougher—if you go the traditional royalty publisher route. Traditional, or “royalty” publishing, works like this: you (or more accurately, your literary agent) queries a publishing company with a book proposal. If the publisher “buys” your book, they’ll offer you an advance (sometimes) and a small cut of the book sales proceeds. In return, they’ll edit the book, cover the costs of production (including the cover), printing, and so forth. But this also gives them editorial control and more sway in your brand management. The publisher handles distribution—getting your book into stores and online sellers—and book promotion, handling some marketing, but leaving a larger chunk to you than you might expect.

Self-publishing is a risk you, the author, take on in full. You can expect to pay all publishing costs: editing, design, printing, marketing, advertising and distribution. Because of this, you also have control of the product: you have final say on the cover, the content, and marketing plan. Once the expenses are paid, the author receives the profits from sales. The risk to you is greater, but so is the reward.

Self-publishing, as the name implies, can be a lonely job—you are on your own, often being funneled through a cookie-cutter type system. You’re doing it all by yourself. You’ll learn by making mistakes, and some of those “lessons” can be expensive. You may just want to write, but a self-published author also serves as business manager, brand manager, and more.

Self-Publishing with an Experienced Team
There is a third option in the new world of publishing: you can self-publish with a team.

Hiring a team of publishing professionals can make the self-publishing process much easier, less lonely, and increase the quality of your end product greatly.

You’ll also avoid costly mistakes by relying on the book professionals’ expertise. And you’ll be able to hand off much of the “book business” tasks so that you can focus on being an author—while still retaining control of content and the overall process.

Working with a self-publishing team like Kickstand Books is like hiring a personal concierge when exploring a new area. Having traveled this way before, this team can steer you in the right direction, help you make good choices, and take care of details that you, the author, might prefer not to handle. The team at Kickstand prides itself on the white glove service offered to each author, creating quality products every time including top design, printer negotiations, and more behind-the-scenes tasks most authors would prefer to leave to someone else.

Self-publishing can be a challenging yet gratifying option for authors, especially when they have a team of professionals working with them.


Leave a comment: If you’ve published a book, tell us about your experience. What worked, what didn’t? What did you learn? If you’re thinking of writing a book, do you plan to self-publish it? Why or why not?

Christmas Shopping In July – YES 2 comments

If you’re anything like me, you start your Christmas shopping really, REALLY early.


It’s the best way to score all the deals, isn’t it??  (And to avoid the after-Thanksgiving crowds, I might add.)  I use a lot of the deal sites…Groupon, Amazon Local, etc, to purchase gifts for family members, and starting now enables me to find a lot of different options. - 300x250

Your Best Deals is another deal site that offers discounts up to 90% off retail prices.  It might be worth looking into if you use and enjoy all the online deals! They always have a TON of deals available at any given time, which I appreciate. Happy Christmas shopping. :-)

Make Homemade Ice Cream in Minutes



Anyone ever seen this???  I’d never seen it, on TV or otherwise, but now that I’ve heard about the Ice Cream Magic maker, I’m intrigued!  Seriously, ice cream in 3 minutes?  I don’t have an ice cream maker (too expensive), but I sure would love to be able to make the treat at home so that I could control ingredients!


Check it out!

Wittlebee – More Than 75% off Kids Clothes

Has anyone ever used Wittlebee?


It’s a subscription-based clothing club for kids that provides deep discounts.  Some of the featured brands include:

  • Kate Quinn Organics
  • RabbitMoon
  • American Apparel
  • Le Top
  • And More…


I’d never heard of them until recently, but it sounds intriguing!  You can request an invite to the club HERE.  


If Wittlebee is a company you’ve worked with before, I’d love to hear your thoughts!



The United States of Autism Documentary In Theaters!

009fda334b806c5ae6868fdf0345567d It’s here!  After 3 years in the making, the documentary, The United States of Autism is premiering in cities all across the nation!  The first premiere held in New York City, sold out!  It’s scheduled to play in over 40 other cities, so check out the list to see if it’s coming to a theater near you.

If it’s not, and you’d like to see it, you can request a screening in your area!!  Woo hoo!



Follow one man’s 11,000 mile, 40 day journey across the American landscape to visit twenty families and individuals affected by autism while searching for answers for his own son. With interviews from around the nation that include the widest spectrum of backgrounds – each conducted in the participants’ original language – the film weaves a broad and compelling tapestry across the spectrum of American life in all its faiths, disparities, colors, and cultures. What he learns along the way will change not only his life, but the lives of those he meets, forever. It’s a story about the best days that still lie ahead for our nation, the families, and the people who give America its heart.


Check out all the available screenings now!

Science, Biology and Technology News

Have you ever heard of Sci Tech Daily?


I hadn’t until recently, but now…I LOVE them.



SciTech Daily is a site that has been providing the latest science and technology news since 1998. It’s completely FASCINATING stuff, too. I just read a great article from their site about researchers observing the atmosphere of a Jupiter-like planet beyond our solar system.   The next article I plan to read is about researchers GROWING bio-engineered teeth.  Growing them!!  It’s such fun to learn more about the universe around us! It’s so incredibly interesting, too, in my opinion.

I have children and nieces/nephews who love science, and I love to encourage and nurture that love.  That’s been another benefit to this site for me.  I’ve already discovered a few articles that I’m looking forward to sending along for them to read.

– I love to head over for the latest in space news 2013, because I have one nephew in particular who loves all things space.

– Not so into space stuff? What about biology news?

– And of course, if you’re not into news at all, but know someone who loves this tech stuff, there are always fantastic gifts for geeks! (Although I personally don’t think science lovers are geeks at all, between you and me.)

If that wasn’t enough to make SciTech Daily one of the coolest sites ever, they have recently begun adding online coupon codes and discounts for many of the best online stores and services….including Hotwire, Walmart, and Staples. Talk about helping to live better on a budget! It’s right up my alley. :-)

Check them out!


*This is a sponsored post. The opinions shared are all mine.  Sponsored by PayPerPost.

Love/Hate Relationship with Roller Coasters 1 comment

This week has been crazy…oh my gosh, a complete roller coaster of emotions!
At the end of last week I attended the funeral of a cousin.  It was a beautiful service, but sad, of course.  The night before the funeral, my co-worker’s mom died.  I feel for her…she’s SO close to her mom, and has expressed to me her fear of not being ready to lose her mom yet, and then it happened anyway.  My heart aches for her.
Between covering for my co-worker (which I am HAPPY to do), putting in extra hours at work, and administering dozens of tests, I have become worn out in the workplace.
Also between the 8 doctor appointments and 1 dentist appointment in the last 2 weeks, I’ve become worn out with healthcare.
Add to that the DOZENS of “accidents” my son has had in just the last two days (but that’s another post for another day), I’ve become a bit ornery in the home.
Oh yeah, and in the last 4 days I’ve begun experiencing migraines, blurred vision, bloating, stomach aches, nausea, acid reflux, painful joints, and the like…you know, the standard things that come when I eat gluten…except that I haven’t come near anything containing gluten in months.
I’ve not been a real treat to be around, and I am ashamed of it.  My family definitely deserves better than what they’ve been getting, and I’m feeling like a pretty big schmuck…or something.
On Sunday, my daughter (10 years old) got a phone call from one of her best friends.  She was told that her friend has not been at school for the last week because she’d been really sick and during tests doctors found a TUMOR!!  In this sweet 9-year old girl!  My daughter has been heartsick and crying for 2 days straight, even though we didn’t yet know if the tumor was malignant.  It’s so hard to convince a young child not to worry when they hear the word “tumor” or possibly “cancer”.  She kept asking me if I would PROMISE that her friend would be okay.  Oh my gosh.
It’s days like Sunday that I wished there was a parenting manual.
But!  There are always the good times, too, the moments that buoy us back up for another day:
Today we got the fantastic news that the tumor was BENIGN!!!!  Yay!!  The squealing and hugging that went on in my house this afternoon could probably be heard by a few of our neighbors.
Munchkin got to go skiing for the first time ever today with her fellow schoolmates.  Best field trip ever, I hear.
I’m exhausted.  Emotionally and physically.  I have become so ditzy in the last few months, it’s ridiculous.  I hope it’s just me not handling stress well and missing the sun, because I swear, I’m lucky I haven’t burned the house down (more than once), driven off the road while losing focus, or left my kids at school.  Eek!