The holiday season can be a stressful time. With all of the work that goes into planning for the big day like buying presents, preparing food, and decorating your house, the holiday cards sometimes don’t get as much attention as they should. If you’re stuck trying to find something to write in your holiday cards, Shutterfly has put together 125 holiday card sayings that will be sure to help you spread the holiday cheer.       I had a […]

How to Send Holiday Cards with Little Stress!

make the holidays more meaningful on a budget!
Look back at your favorite holiday memories.  What were the circumstances surrounding those memories?  I remember making homemade ornaments, dancing to Christmas music, trying (and LOVING) new recipes, and listening to Christmas carolers.  The MOMENTS, not the presents, are what stick out to me the most.  I’m guessing that many of you can say the same. So, why is it that we spend so much money this time of year?  Yes, gifts are fun, and even memorable, but the season […]

Make the Holidays More Meaningful

I feel kinda silly admitting this, but I always feel a little sad each year around the holidays – because my outdoor decor sucks.  Totally shallow, right?  Ha, ha….I know, but I always wanted to have a house that just filled the neighborhood with Christmas spirit.  I’m not into overdoing anything, but I love the idea of the house looking festive.  Because we are on such a tight budget, the only outdoor decor I’ve purchased has been from thrift stores […]

Christmas Decor on a Budget – Laser Lights!

30 Mother's Day Quotes 16 comments
I wish I was eloquent in my writing.  I wish I knew how to express the feelings in my heart for my mother – and for my children.  To be able to tell you what goes through my mind when I see a mother crying over her child, to share my heart’s feelings when I think of the sacrifices my own mother made.  To share my sorrow with those who have not yet been blessed with becoming a mother in […]

30 Awesome Mother’s Day Quotes

10 Free Mother's Day Printables 7 comments
Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show Mom how much you care.  For those living on a budget, it can be nice to have some frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas.  Sometimes, the simplest of gestures can mean the most. A fun, easy way to deliver your message is through a handwritten card.  It’s also so frugal, and you know I’m a big fan of anything that fits within the budget!     Writing something by hand shows that you have taken time […]

Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (FREE Printables)