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Total Tea Herbal Energy – Giveaway! 1 comment   Recently updated !

*I received a complimentary sample of the product for the purpose of this review.  NO monetary compensation was received, and the opinions are mine alone.


Total Tea Herbal Energy is a unique blend of herbs created to promote energy and reduce mental fatigue. Plus it’s all-natural and packed with antioxidants.

  • 100% Natural Herbal Energy Tea Aid
    Increase Energy, Boost Stamina and Antioxidants
    Guayusa, Green Tea, Cinnamon Bark, Eleuthero Root, Ginsing Root
    No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
    Gluten Free & Kosher Certified + Weight Control


I love a good herbal tea.  Herbal teas can provide so many health benefits, and I’m all about improving my health naturally, as you know.  I’m not a purist, however, and I have to add sweetener to my teas.  That’s okay, right?  I’m using homegrown stevia or raw honey, depending on what I’m in the mood for.  The taste of this tea is pleasant and calming to me.  The smell is divine!  I like to drink some in the afternoon when I hit my afternoon “slump”, or in the morning with breakfast.  Besides helping me to “up” my water intake, it provides an additional energy boost with the green tea and other ingredients like cinnamon bark and ginseng root.  Here is a little more information about each of the ingredients, in case you are interested:

  • Guayusa – Contains L-theanine, a glutamic acid analog found in green tea that has been shown to reduce physical and mental stress.
  • Green Tea – Increases metabolism. Polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation. Helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating
  • Cinnamon Bark – Contains antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antispasmodic, and anti-fungal properties.
  • Eleuthero Root – A strong antioxidant. Referred to as adaptogen – and immune system, memory energy stimulant.
  • Ginseng Root – Soothes the nervous system. Decreases blood sugar. Stimulates the endocrine system.


If you like tea, you’d better get excited, because we are giving away a package of this Total Tea to one lucky reader!!  YAY. 😀  Enter below.  Open in the USA only.  Ends June 10…Good luck!!
Total Tea Herbal Energy Giveaway

IM Health – Integrative Diabetes Program

As you may recall, I had a health scare last summer.  I had been sick and fatigued, and things were just getting worse.  I’d gone to my “regular” doctor and was told that there was nothing wrong with me, and that the good news was that I wasn’t pregnant.  I asked for more tests, and was told that they didn’t have time to talk to me….my 5 minutes worth of appointment was up.


It was one of the most frustrating days of my life.  How dare my doctor not listen to me?  How dare she write me off like it was all in my head?  I KNEW there was something going on, and so I found a holistic doctor who, although not covered by insurance (of course) was willing to take the time to talk to me and to dig until we found the problem.


And problems we found…severe adrenal dysfunction, red blood cell degeneration (not enough oxygen in my blood cells), inflammation throughout my body, severe anemia, low vitamin D levels, unusually high calcium levels, 13 food sensitivities, and pre-diabetes.




That one, I confess, stood out to me.  I hadn’t expected that.  And it scared the living daylights out of me.  I was given a holistic approach (you know, a LIFESTYLE CHANGE) and I worked my butt off sticking with it.


4 months later, I had all my tests done again, and I had made significant improvements.  My iron levels, although still low, had more than doubled.  My vitamin D levels had tripled.  My cholesterol had improved.  I was absorbing nutrients better.  Inflammation had lowered.  All of my numbers improved.  And the pre-diabetes?  I had reversed it.




Guys, I’m a HUGE believer in treating problems, especially pre-diabetes, from the inside out.  I’ve lived it.  It can be done.  I paid over $6,000 out of pocket (and I’m still paying it) in order to turn my life around.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  I probably would have looked for a more affordable option, however. :)


Did you know that 35% of people in the US have diabetes or pre-diabetes?  That’s more than 1 in 3!!  A lot of people don’t even know it, just like I didn’t.  That is SCARY.  I’ve lived it, and I’ve beaten it, and I’ve found a program ONLINE that is MUCH more affordable than the route I took, and I feel strongly enough about it that I want to share it with you.



IM Health offers an integrative Diabetes and Pre Diabetes reversal program.  They are online, which means no matter where you are in the world, if you have a phone and internet connection, you can participate.  This program has made remarkable and PROVEN strides in reducing/improving blood sugar levels in patients.


All people who have diabetes and pre-diabetes have access to this program, which includes: ­

  •     Comprehensive holistic diabetes education from some of the best experts in the country.
  •     Delicious and nutritious diet plan including many easy to prepare recipes.
  •     Stress reduction and gentle exercise program designed specifically for people with diabetes & pre-diabetes
  •     A personal certified integrative medicine health coach to guide you through the personal healthcare transformation process.


Screen-Shot-2014-10-27-at-11.48.49-AMBest of all, they offer a FREE consultation with a Life Coach.  FREE!  I actually had a consultation myself, and was able to speak with a coach.  It was some of the most insightful 30 minutes of the year for me!  My coach, Linda, helped me to see the origin of some of a problem I chose to discuss, and then helped me to set goals (specific, action steps) to address the issue.



Like I said, the consultation is completely free.  It’s worth your time to learn more and see if it’s something that you, or a loved one, could use.  Diabetes is no joke!  It’s out of control, and we’ve got to do something to fix it!  They offer payment plans and you can use a health savings or flex spending account.  It’s MUCH less money than the $6,000 program I paid for.  Like 85% less!  I wish I’d known about this program last year.


I’m telling you, this is worth looking into.  You are worth it.  Your health is worth it.  Don’t become a victim to this epidemic.  GO HERE to learn more about the company and their program.  Heck, schedule a consultation while you’re there if you feel so inclined.  And if you do, tell them I sent you.  Let ME know how it goes.  I’d love to hear your success stories – all of them!  I changed my life.  I know anyone else can too.

Sorry for the long post.  I feel SO strongly about this.  I simply couldn’t stop typing!  :)  Let’s get control of our health as a nation….once and for all.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits – Natural Living 17 comments

As you know, I’ve been using more essential oils as part of my quest for more natural living.  I love so many of them.  There is one oil in particular, that I am extra fond of.  It is tea tree oil.  Let me tell you a little about it:


  Tea Tree Oil is one of the most versatile essential oils.  It naturally fights acne, toenail fungus, lice, yeast infections, skin tags, cold sores, dandruff, ringworm, fleas, warts, psoriasis, and more.

You can use it to make your own shampoo, lotion, soap, face cleaner, body wash, and toothpaste.

It is a powerful disinfectant, and can be used to make all natural household cleaners, detergents, shower sprays, bathroom disinfectants, and kitchen sprays.

Every large 4 ounce bottle from Apothecary Extracts comes with a FREE 100 PAGE GUIDE. They provide you with all the ways to use tea tree oil to improve your life, and replace harmful cleaners around the house.
Many essential oils are diluted to cut costs. Apothecary Extracts insists on the absolute best quality. They have the tests to prove their Tea Tree Oil’s purity and potency.


I have used Tea Tree Oil for most of my life.  I never liked the smell, but after years of being exposed to it, the potency of the smell doesn’t bother me as much anymore.  Spiders also seem to hate the smell, and I know a lot of family and friends who use it as a spider deterrent in their homes.

I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED of the goodness of this oil.  My mom had gum disease and needed surgery, it was so bad.  She couldn’t afford it, so she began saving up.  At the same time, she started using a toothpaste with Tea Tree Oil in it.  When she went back into the dentist months later, she was told that she no longer needed the surgery because she’d improved so much!


Another time when my son was 1, I was cooking bacon.  He came up behind me as I was grabbing the hot plate full of bacon and bacon grease, and tripped me.  The grease dropped all over his face!  We both screamed and after keeping a cold wet rag on him for 10 minutes, I applied Tea tree Oil to his face.  He cried and didn’t like the smell, but 2 minutes later he stopped crying and 30 minutes later you couldn’t even tell he’d been burned.  Yes, I believe in the power of this potent oil, and I’d recommend that EVERYONE have a bottle in their household, as long as it’s a brand they trust.  I’ve used this oil in shampoos for my dermatitis, for bug bites and cuts, to disinfect my kitchen sink/fridge/etc, and so much more.  I will never be without it!


Wanna win your own bottle? Well, then enter below. Good luck!!

Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil

*I received a bottle of the product in exchange for an honest review.  No monetary compensation was received.  The opinions are mine alone!


Adovia Mineral Skin Care – Fractionated Coconut Oil (Review) 7 comments

I love anything that helps me live a healthier, more natural life.  I also love anything coconut, ha ha!  Let me tell you a little about this Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Those of you who use aromatherapy, you are probably familiar with this type of product:

resize_9dae1441296a201d12a927b6cdb23cccec7da8e6f8ba3f7d6cca17cb62be0d044cefbc55256256Coconut Oil has MANY Benefits but is GREAT for use as a MASSAGE OIL!!


-The fractionated coconut carrier and massage oil by GoPure creates a barrier on your skin, but does not clog your pores. Provides a light-weight and non-greasy finish. It is composed of 100 percent natural Carrier Oil or pure base.

-The shelf life, with proper storage conditions is indefinite. The product needs to be stored in a cool location, out of the direct sunlight.

-Ideal product for massage therapy due to the ability for the oil to remain in liquid form provided by the fractionating process.

The Fractionated Coconut Oil offered by GoPure is considered an all-natural type of carrier oil that is able to easily absorb into your skin, which makes it a go-to option for all types of topical therapies. It offers a feather-light emollient, providing a soothing barrier, without the risk of clogging your pores, and is ideal for dry or otherwise troubled skin. It provides the skin with a non-greasy, silky smooth feel, unlike the other vegetable carrier oils currently available. It is completely soluble with all types of essential oils and is odorless and colorless, which means it will not stain any fabric it comes in contact with. It also has a prolonged shelf life, which means it will not go rancid and is designed for topical use only.


My Thoughts:


I use essential oils a lot for myself and with my children.  I’ve previously used Sweet Almond Oil as a carrier oil, which is wonderful, but I hadn’t yet tried Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Oh my goodness, I love it!  It goes on the skin so smoothly, and is so comfortable and soothing, especially when used with essential oils during a massage.  It doesn’t have a coconut smell, which I had assumed it would.  I wouldn’t have minded that, but I do know that there are those who don’t love the scent, so it’s definitely a good thing.  There will be nothing getting “in the way” of the essential oils you use it with.   When massaging my two kids, I was impressed with how quickly and easily they seemed to absorb it.  They, of course, were more than willing to test this out.  I used it by itself as a moisturizer for my dry elbows and knees, and it works wonderfully, but I think I’ll save it for more therapeutic purposes, simply because it is such a high quality product.  I love it…I love it!  I’d recommend this oil any day, especially if you are into aromatherapy and massage at home.

Go Pure Naturals also offers other products, from skin care to hair care.  You can follow them on Facebook.

*I received the product in exchange for my honest opinion.  No monetary compensation was received.  The opinions are mine alone.

Digestive Health – Probiotics + a Giveaway! 16 comments

Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know that I’ve had an unhappy history with my digestive system.  For years I’ve dealt with a myriad of symptoms, including severe bloating, ulcers, stomach pains, nausea, depression, migraines, joint pain, and more.  It’s taken some pretty extreme measures to finally get those symptoms under control 3 months ago.  Not only did I make drastic dietary changes, I started adding more supplements and nutrients to my body.  One of these supplements was probiotics.


Probiotics are live microorganisms – they are “good” bacteria, and they help with gut/digestive health.  They help fight off the “bad” bacteria that invades our body on a regular basis.  I’ve used probiotics with great success, including the Vita Advanced brand.  This particular brand has 10.2 billion organisms per 2 capsules.  I truly believe that the more probiotics, the better. I usually take 3 capsules a day, so I end up with about 15 billion organisms.  I can feel the difference after taking them – not immediately, of course, but as time goes on.

It’s important to note that I can’t eat a crappy diet and then pop a few of these and feel fine.  Believe me, I tried it!  However, if I’m eating a healthy diet and then I have ONE meal I probably shouldn’t, then this seems to help take care of the bloating that I would have had without the probiotics.  Combined with healthy diet, I’m seeing a huge difference in my digestive issues!  I rarely get nauseous or have a stomach ache.  What a blessing!  I highly recommend you adding probiotics to your diet/lifestyle, if you haven’t already.  The science is clear:  



Probiotics are recognized for their benefits in promoting a healthy digestive tract and immune system including the reduction of pathogens responsible for diarrhea and the restoration of microflora in the intestinal tract following the use of antibiotics.  Probiotics are live microorganisms, or “good bacteria” that are a fundamental part of human nutrition, and the human body. These microscopic organisms line the digestive track and help fight off “bad bacteria”, viruses, infections and more.

Vita Advanced Probiotic may help you in the following ways:

– Relieve digestive disorders
– Boost your immune system
– Improve your mood and feeling of well-being

Vita Advanced Probiotic contains 7 essential probiotic strains and 10 billion good bacteria per daily serving at time of manufacture that promotes digestive health and supports immune system. You can be certain of its quality because it is made in USA and sourced from a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facility.


Good news: One of my lucky readers will WIN their own bottle of these probiotics…woot! Good luck!

Vita Advanced Probiotics

*I received the product in exchange for an honest review.  NO monetary compensation was received.  The opinions are mine, and mine alone.

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts

I’m a big fan of taking detox baths.  There are so many potential benefits to them, and dang, they feel good and relaxing!  According to Healthy Living How To, a detox bath is one of the easiest healing therapies we can do to help our bodies in their natural detoxification process.


I go through Epsom salts pretty quickly, and so I jumped at the chance to try some new salts from Adovia.  I was really excited to try them, because they are DEAD SEA salts!  They have a higher concentration of minerals than Epsom salt, and so the benefits are even better.  In using them, I noticed that they dissolve at least twice as fast as the other salts I’ve used in the past, and I really like that.  I also felt like I could feel a bigger difference in my body the next day.


I am very careful with my diet, and monitor my digestion closely.  In the last month, whenever I experienced gas or bloating, I took a bath with these Dead Sea salts.  I always took them just before bedtime, and afterwards slept so well – EVERY TIME!   I also noticed that EVERY SINGLE MORNING after taking a detox bath, I felt better, digestive-wise.  I am completely blown away with how consistent my results have been!  These are high quality salts, and they work really well.  They are relaxing, they are comfortable, and  THEY WORK!


Let me share with you a little more about the product:


bath salt and palm leaf


Product Description:

  • Dead Sea Salts are the best bath salts on the planet – Much higher mineral concentration than Epsom Salt!  They have a high concentration of minerals which are essential for proper skin health and beauty.  Adovia Dead Sea Salt is fine grain for faster dissolving.
  • Packaged in a resealable zip lock bag.
  • Provides relief from Psoriasis, Eczema, and Arthritis symptoms. Formulated with over 26 essential minerals the body needs for natural soothing and relaxation.
  • Find relief from aches and pains by soaking in a bath full of these salts. Rejuvenates, exfoliates, and softens while it soothes!
  • Contains absolutely zero additives, colors, or scents.


You can purchase a 1.75-lb bag on for $11.95.  They are a great splurge, and I know that they’re on my to-buy list again, when I earn my next Amazon gift code from Swagbucks! :)


*I received the product in exchange for an honest review.  No monetary compensation was received.  The opinions are 100% honest and my own!



Great Workout Program For Women – The Fe’ Fit Program

I recently started a new workout program.  I figured since I’ve got my eating under control, and am doing well with my new lifestyle dietary changes, it’s past time to start adding a workout regimen to my life.


Let me tell you a little about the product, Fe’ Fit Women’s Workout Program,  I am using.  The information below is taken directly from the page:

Fe Fit

  • Fun and trendy workout DVDs for women that burn fat and create shape. Empowering and high-energy instructor. Lose weight, tone up, and feel attractive and sexy. 30-day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!
  • 7 fun fitness genres: •Cardio Circuit •Core •Lower Body •Upper Body •Total Body Toning •Barre and •Stretch Flow exercises
  • Created by moms, for moms. Designed for women to: Flatten stomachs. Firm and tighten glutes. Push yourself to the NEW YOU. 
  • Fé Fit 90-day in-home workout DVDs target full body sculpting for sexy and feminine legs, butt, arms, shoulders, back, and core. Follow Fé Fit fitness DVDs as your primary workout program or to supplement other fitness goals. 
  • 8 discs featuring 28 unique fitness videos, free flexible workout calendars to fit your busy life, and bonus tools for measuring and tracking success


IMG_20150223_203120 (2)Okay, so let me say right off the bat that I wanted to try this fitness program NOT to lose weight, but to tone.  I feel that I’m at a good weight for my height, but I would like to tone up and lower my body fat percentage.  I weigh what I did before having kids, but I’m still definitely pudgier, ha ha!  I assume it’s a matter of having less muscle and more fat now.


The awesome thing here is that if you are in the same position as me, there is still a scheduled, written program for you!  They have a 6-week toning program you can follow.  And let me just say, the workouts kill me.  And this is a good thing.  I have done so many lower body workouts that left me sore, but not in areas that I WANTED to be sore, in areas that I wanted worked.  Doing the lower body workout left me sore in all the right places.  It definitely hurt so good. :)  I don’t want to admit this, but I promised honesty:  I was sore in all the right places, and I only made it through half the workout the first time.  It still worked me!  That impressed me, lol.


The workouts are not all new, but there were definitely moves I’d not seen before, and I like the fun, casual atmosphere of the videos.  I like it enough that I am planning to continue using the videos and the programs 3 days a week while “supplementing” my workouts with other activities on other days (walking to work, doing a quick 5-minute HIIT workout, etc).  I will be sure to update again later as I continue with it.  I’ve only been at it for a week, so I don’t have results to share yet, but I look forward to that time!


The list price is $199 on Amazon, but the current price is $119.85, a 40% discount.  Woot!


*I received the product in exchange for my honest review.  No monetary compensation was received.  The opinions are all mine alone!



Skinology Lemon Essential Oil Review

  • Lemon Essential Oil
    100% Pure and Natural Lemon Essential Oil
    Aromatherapy, Health & Many Household Uses
    Detox Your Body and Boost Fat Burning Naturally
    Great Aroma, Energy Booster, Refreshing and Uplifting
  • HIGH QUALITY LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL 100% Pure Oil – Alcohol and Paraben Free – Pure Therapeutic Grade Undiluted Essential Oil (Citrus Limon) – Huge 4 oz bottle with dropper and a phenolic cap. Imported from Italy and bottled in the US in an advanced FDA facility. This product is absolutely Cruelty- Free and was never tested on animals.

    NATURAL ANTISEPTIC: This premium quality Lemon oil is a natural antiseptic and an energy booster with refreshing and cooling properties. It has a lot of different uses – from massage and aromatherapy to immune system and metabolism boosting effects. Simply add a few drops of the Lemon oil to the glass of water – and you have a perfect energy booster refreshing drink full of antioxidants. Also might be used for all your home and kitchen cleaning and refreshing needs. Please use with care due to its high concentration.


When I got this oil in the mail my first thought was, “Wow, this is a big bottle!” It’s much bigger than the usual 5 ml bottles I see.


Upon opening and smelling it, I didn’t feel like it smelled as purely lemon as other brands I’ve purchased. However, for the price, it is fine by me.  Because it is such a big bottle, I don’t feel like I have to be stingy in my use of it, which is a nice change!  I know this oil will last.  I’ve been using it 2 ways, and am planning to use it a third way starting tomorrow:

  1. I love that I can diffuse it in the air, especially this time of year when things tend to feel cold and gloomy. It perks things up having a fresh lemony scent in the air.
  2. I’ve been taking more detox baths lately as well.  I got some Dead Sea Salts (which I will share a review about later), and I’ve been putting about a cup of those salts, along with 1/2 cup baking soda, a pinch of ground ginger, and 5 or so drops of lemon oil in the water for these baths.  Be cautious in using essential oils in the tub, as they are concentrated and can irritate the skin!  I personally haven’t had a problem so far with this ratio.
  3. I’m planning to start adding the lemon oil to my water tomorrow.  I love the idea of adding antioxidants to my water – what an easy way to make it even more healthy!



This is one of the products I mentioned earlier that I would be trying out in my search for optimal health.  I think that mental health is at least as important as physical, and lemon essential oil is a known mood booster.  I am truly loving all of the natural options that are becoming more easily available to us!



I would recommend Skinology’s Lemon Essential Oil, simply for the bargain that it is.  When living on a tight budget, essential oils can be costly.  You are definitely getting more oil for your money when you purchase it on Amazon.  As of the date of publishing, it’s on sale for 64% off!


I received a bottle of the oil in exchange for my honest review. The opinion is 100% my own.

Simple Health Yacon Syrup 4 comments

Anyone here heard of Yacon Syrup?


It’s a product I’ve heard of, but didn’t know much about.  When I had the opportunity to test some out from Simple Health, I decided it was time to do some research.  Here’s some information I found:


  • Yacon syrup is high in soluble fiber.
  • It is high in PREbiotics (not to be confused with PRObiotics).  Prebiotics help to stimulate the good bacterias (probiotics) in our guts.  It also helps the body with increasing its absorption of minerals.
  • It was used by the Incas.  In Peru it is eaten for it’s nutritional properties – it is low in calories and in sugar.
  • In a 2009 Study, daily intake of Yacon syrup was shown to produce a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference, and body mass index.
  • Yacon syrup is an anti-inflammatory food.
  • Simple Health Yacon Syrup is gluten free, non GMO, and vegan with no binders or artificial ingredients.


Simple Health Yacon Syurp is made from yacon root and is 100% pure. It has a deliciously sweet taste, a bit like dates, but is diabetes friendly.


I’ve been using Yacon Syrup for the last week.  I really do like the taste.  It has a molasses texture, and a taste that is a mix between dates and molasses, in my opinion.  When I’m craving something sweet, I eat a small spoonful of it and it takes care of it!   I can’t say that I’ve felt a huge difference in my body yet, but there is enough evidence on the side of Yacon syrup for me to continue using it.  I’ll be sure to update later after I’ve used it for longer.


I’m not really at a point in my life where I need to lose pounds, but I could definitely stand to lower my body fat percentage, and to tone up, and so I’ll be trying different products/methods and sharing my experiences with them throughout the year.  As of now, I’m liking Yacon Syrup, and hopefully will see some physical results from using it consistently!


SimpleHealth_Christmasrecipes-yacon-candied-nuts-2-300x200If you’re unsure how you could use yacon syrup, here is a link that provides recipes.  I seriously cannot wait to try these candied nuts!!


*I was provided a bottle of the product in exchange for an honest review.  No monetary compensation was received.  ALL opinions are mine alone.



Oral Health Care – Time to Start a Routine!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.  All opinions are mine alone.





Now that school has started back again, our family is working into getting back into our routine – cleaning, eating, playing with friends, hygiene, etc.  I’m so ashamed to admit this, but we feel out of our routine over the summer.  We fell HARD.


It’s summer, man!  Who needs routine?  Right?  Ha ha, wrong.



LISTERINE is helping my family get back into our oral care routines this fall.  Kinda important, you know.  I wish we’d kept our routines all during the warm/hot weather season, so it wouldn’t be so stressful getting back into them now.  After our $502 dental fiasco for Buddy Boy, I’ve been watching our oral habits more closely, and I’m seeing a lot of things I don’t like:



    My son, when brushing his teeth, hardly gets his teeth at all.  He swishes the toothbrush around in his mouth, sucks up the toothpaste, and calls it good.

  • Neither of my kids brush for as long as they should.
  • NONE of us floss as well as we should.  This is usually due to us scrambling to run out the door to get to school in time, and flossing gets a whole 30 seconds of attention before we’re outta there.
  • My son has a really hard time figuring out the whole flossing thing.  It takes more hand coordination than he seems to have.  Because of this, I’d like to start having him do a mouthwash rinse in addition to his routine, but he hates the taste and smell of anything that is even close to minty.
We’ve got a plan!

We now have a plan to try and fix some of these issues.  I searched and found a bubble gum flavor mouthwash for Buddy Boy.  I’m also planning to brush my teeth at the same time my kids do so that I can observe them more closely.  Next, I gotta figure out a way to make flossing easier.   Thank goodness there are so many different options!  Here’s the main gist of my plan:


Buddy Boy - Listerine UltraClean  – LISTERINE has a ton of different mouthwashes, depending on your needs/wants, and we’ve got a BUBBLE GUM flavor for kids, along with a HEALTHY WHITE CLEAN MINT wash.  We tried the Bubble Gum flavor for Buddy Boy, and Hallelujah!!  The kid likes it!   Munchkin has no problems with mint and will be using the adult mouthwash, which is peroxide free.


– See that LISTERINE ULTRACLEAN ACCESS FLOSSER he’s holding?  I’m hoping that it’ll make flossing easier for him.  With it’s long, ergonomic handle, it should make getting those harder to reach spots, well, less hard to reach.  The “yarn” on it is also designed to be extra strong, so it should hold up pretty well!



– I’m personally looking forward to trying the  GENTLE GUM CARE FLOSS.  I’m a gum bleeder.  I hate flossing for that reason, but I still do it in the hopes that one day I won’t bleed as much.  This floss is specifically designed with a “cushion” for sensitive gums.  How cool is that?



Munchkin - Listerine – Munchkin is excited to use the POCKETPAKS BREATH STRIP.  Silly girl.  Not that I blame her.  I often worry about my breath in between brushing.  She kinda wants to focus there, and I’m okay with that, especially after learning that these strips actually kill 99% of the germs that cause bad breath.  I had assumed it would simply mask the smell, but nope!  It’s doing much more.


That’s the bulk of our plan.  I love that I can find all these products locally AND online.  It makes things incredibly convenient.  Now, the last thing we need…MOTIVATION.  Right?  I’ve got mine RIGHT HERE at the Listerine US Youtube Page feauturing America’s Healthiest Heroes.  One day I’ll be featured.  (ha ha, probably not, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try!!)



Motivation for the kids?  Hmm…still working on that. :)