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Jan 03

Parsnip, Bacon and Carrot Medley

Okay, so one of my goals for the New Year is to try a couple of vegetables/fruits I haven’t before tried.  One of those is parsnips.  I’ve heard about them, seen them in the store, and I get the feeling they are probably pretty good, but I just haven’t up and tried them yet.  I …

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Dec 27

Giveaway: ItWorks! Ultimate Body Applicator


I’m really excited for the New Year – for the chance to recommit to my health (physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial), and for the chance to help others do the same.  Today’s giveaway goes right along with this idea…but first, I gotta ask:   I’m very happy to be able to report that I reached …

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Oct 03

Silver Sky Imports


I have mentioned Silver Sky Imports and their crystal vibes crystal bowls before…has anyone checked them out since?  I definitely have, and I’m still loving what I am seeing!     Silver Sky Imports is a unique online marketplace that offers unique handicrafts from Tibet and Nepal, including theAntique Singing Bowls. What a beautiful, peaceful, SAFE …

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Jul 29

GMO A Go Go!

I recently was referred by a friend to this video after asking a question about Genetically Modified Foods.  It’s great!  A simple, easy to understand video explaining the dangers, with some sarcasm thrown in makes it entertaining and informative.  Enjoy!    

Jun 26

Silver Sky Imports Singing Bowls


Have you ever heard of singing bowls?  They are incredible.  There are different kinds of singing bowls, too:  Zen singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and Crystal singing bowls!  They are used not only to make music, but to provide relaxation, therapy, meditation, and healing.   Silver Sky Imports is a unique online marketplace that offers …

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Jan 26

Relieve Gas Pain Naturally with one Yoga Pose


Okay, so I know this isn’t exactly the most enjoyable topic, but it’s all-too-real.   According to the Mayo clinic, the average person passes intestinal gas anywhere from 10-20 times per day.  I’ve read that it adds up to almost 4 pints of air!  Of course, when we have an abundance of gas stuck in …

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Nov 24

November Wellness Update

2012-11-24 09.36.26

How y’all doing on your challenge?  I’ve loved, LOVED reading the many comments, and I’m impressed…maybe I should make my challenges more challenging to keep up with you.:-)   Anyway, quick update:   The day I was to tackle the kids’ toys and bookshelves was one I was dreading.  I just knew I’d get rid …

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Nov 10

November Wellness Challenge – Let’s Make Things Interesting – $25 Amazon GC Giveaway

Stock Photos

All righty folks, so you’ve read about the personal November Wellness Challenge I’ve given myself.  I’ve invited my readers to join in, and I have heard from a few of you that you are indeed, joining in.   And you know, I really appreciate those people letting me know!  It means so much (probably more …

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Nov 05

November Wellness Challenge – Let’s Add in a Little Finance


It’s now day 5 of my personal November Wellness Challenge.  I confess, there are aspects that I haven’t done so well with, but there are others in which I’m feeling ahead of the game.  Let me share a few highlights/lowlights with you:   You remember the Jump Up and Drink Up November Challenge?  The point …

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Nov 01

November Wellness Challenge – Personal and Home


Now that the warm weather is officially gone, school is back in session (which means I’m working again), and the busy life has begun again, I’ve fallen off the wellness wagon. I fell off for almost 2 months… (photo) In September when I started working, I stopped working out on a regular basis.  When the …

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