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Mar 17

10 Things – Weekly To Do


Wow, Monday already, and a new week. Our weather has been very “spring-like” lately.  We’ll have a sunny, although fairly cool, day, and then a cold and windy day, and then a rainy day.  The cycle has been consistent, which is to be expected and is probably a good thing!  Last Friday it was a …

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Feb 02

10 Things – Weekly Goals


I finished my first 90-day get healthy challenge last week, which went from November – January.  It was great!   I confess, it wasn’t an extremely hard challenge.  I simply committed to taking my all natural, organic non GMO health supplements every day.  I’m so happy with the change I’ve seen, and thrilled that I …

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Jan 20

10 Goals for the Week

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Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago I would share a list of 5 things/5 goals I wanted to get done each week.  I stopped posting it because, well, I started slacking off on the weekly goal setting.  It’s something I’ve missed and really want to get back to doing, so …

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Aug 26

5 Things 08/26/12

Man, oh man…   I cannot claim to have accomplished much on my list.   Let me rephrase that.  I didn’t exactly get a lot of stuff from my list done.   Doesn’t sound any better when I put it that way, does it?  Dang it. I’ve got no excuses, man.  No excuses at all. …

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Aug 19

5 Things 08/19/12

2012-08-18 11.33.30

My gosh…the last week FLEW by.  It’s because I’m dreading school starting up again, isn’t it?   What’s sad is that I don’t really remember DOING anything, except on Saturday.  I guess there were a LOT of playdates, but other than that, I can’t remember!   The kids loved the food at the Summer Social, …

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Aug 13

5 Things 8/12/12

2012-08-11 08.21.58

Sorry for being late on this post, folks…cause I know y’all were holding your breath for it, weren’t ya?;-)   We were out of town most of yesterday, and I didn’t get a thing done.  It was great!   View in the morning…taken with my camera phone…so you can imagine how much better it must …

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Aug 05

5 Things August 5


Wow, so last week and the entire month of July went by really slow….no, not really.   I can’t believe it’s already August.  Summer is almost over!!   Sad as it is, I will probably welcome the changes when school starts….enjoy the whole “renewal” process of it all.  I’m a sucker for starting fresh, renewing …

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Jul 29

5 Things 07/29


Last week was pretty uneventful.  I can’t even think of anything clever or witty (or terribly boring) to say…so I’m just gonna share my 5 Things list:   Run a couple of 5Ks. – Dang it, NO.  Pulled hamstring…gotta love ‘em! Get Munchkin and Buddy Boy to all their events this week:  YES Balance the …

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Jul 21

5 Things 7/22

2012-07-18 14.22.46

How was your week?   If you’re like many, you are still reeling from the tragic shooting in Aurora, CO.  I hope that instead of letting these events get us down, and get us mad and arguing about gun control and other things, that we will instead hug our loved ones a little tighter, say …

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Jul 15

5 Things July 15th


I cannot believe July is halfway over.  That means SUMMER is halfway over!!! Not cool.   Last week was a really fun one for my husband and kiddos!  For me, it was kind of a bummer week.  Let me fill ya in…       See, the hubby and kids went to Bear Lake for …

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