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Frugal Dating: 8 Frugal and Easy Date Ideas

If you are like the average couple, your dates seem to revolve around the usual, tried and tested same old movie and dinner dates.
Could it be because you can’t think of other creative date ideas?  Or you think anything outside a movie and dinner date will dent your budget?


No way!

There are so many more fun, creative and affordable things you could do on a date!  It just takes a little creativity and thinking ‘outside the box’.

These 8 ideas below are fun, frugal and far-reaching. They should help get your dating creative juices flowing:

8 Frugal Date Ideas



  • Have a blindfold guess – our – location drive!  Go for a drive together with your partner blindfolded. Drive for a few minutes and have them guess where you are. They get points for guessing right or almost right. Do this in turns.
  • Go for a walk around town on a Friday or Saturday night. Soak in the atmosphere.
  • Challenge each other to a contest. It could be anything at all! The sillier, the more fun!
  • Have Theme night (or day) date. Pick a theme and do everything in line with the theme. Example, Time Travel.  Go back to the first date you had.  What were the top movies from that year, to your favorite food at that time.  Rent or borrow a movie from the year you first started dating, pop some popcorn, make your (past) favorite meal, and enjoy a night in!
  • Get 2 painting canvas and each paint an original art picture for your wall together.
  • Bubble bath and massage. Settle in for a night of pampering at home. Run a bubble bath and then treat each other to full-body massages.
  • indexGo to a thrift store and give each other a budget, say $5 or $10 each.  You have 10 minutes to shop for the “perfect” gift for your partner at the store, using the budget set.  OR, you can go to a thrift store and buy each other outfits.  Each is required to wear the outfit the other picked out for them for the rest of the evening.
  • Pick a new recipe for a food you’ve never made, but always wanted to try.  Work together putting together, and later enjoying the food.

    You don’t have to stick to the conventional date to have fun.

    An assortment of creativity and frugality can give you the amazing and memorable dates you always dreamed of.


What are some of YOUR favorite frugal date ideas?  Leave a comment below!

Back to School Blues?

All right, I wanna know –


Who is NOT happy that their kids are back in school?

Me, that’s who. :)  You should have seen me dragging my feet to work this morning.  It was sad.  (I work at a school)


Don’t get me wrong.  The routine is definitely a good thing, especially for my little dude with Autism.  But man, summer and being together all day is just so much fun!!!


The good news is that once I got to work, it felt great.  Once my son was in class and done crying, he did great.  And now we’re all together again, sharing all the awesome things from our day.  I’m already feeling more organized (although with less free time).  So I suppose I don’t have to sing quite so many blues….







Give Yourself a Raise

How many moms do we have here?  (Raise your hand, moms.)

I am a mom. I have two beautiful, healthy children.  When I was a child and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered without hesitation, “I want to be a mom – that or a brain surgeon.”  While I never made it to medical school, I am doing something just as important as “brain surgery” – I’m raising children.  I’m having sleepovers in my bedroom and reading silly books and dancing to Disney songs.  I’m making messes and inventing recipes and blowing bubbles and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.



Cox Family-9


This is what I was born to be.  There is nothing better.  I can’t deny that there are times it is downright exhausting, however.  I don’t sleep like I did before kids.  My life doesn’t belong simply to me anymore.  It is shared with these precious souls (as it should be).  And because of the amazing sacrifices I’m blessed to make, I sometimes like to splurge – on me.  To reward my awesome mom-ness, if you will.


What about you?  Do you enjoy a little “Raise” now and again?  What’s your favorite mom reward?

I confess that I love a long, hot bubble bath.  I enjoy a nice, adult dinner.  My favorite splurge?  A new cool outfit.

You see, I don’t buy myself clothes often – maybe once a year I’ll get a few “new” shirts from a local thrift store.  But man oh man, to buy an entire outfit – NEW – from a retailer, and to go shopping for the new outfit by myself…THAT would be a treat!  Of course, because that would indeed be a splurge, it’d be nice to find a away to do it frugally.


indexThere are definitely options out there…one in particular I’ve just recently learned about is  At Raise you can buy and sell gift cards – sell your unused cards, buy gift cards at a discount...and currently they are running a “Give Yourself a Raise” campaign, all about the importance of rewarding yourself for all the hard work you put in every day.  Fun stuff!  So hey, jump on in.  Share in the comments what it is you do to reward yourself.  Let’s all give ourselves a raise, because let’s face it, as moms, we are pretty darn special! 😀

New Season of The Voice!!



A new season of The Voice, on NBC, is starting tomorrow at 8 pm EST….and y’all, I love that show!  The talent, the judges, all of it!  I love how positive they keep everything…it’s not about watching someone hack away at a song and get insulted, booed, and ridiculed for it.  My kids are music lovers as well, and enjoy watching it with me, so tomorrow night we’ll be having some good family fun. :)


Anyone here a fan?  Will you be watching?  Do you have a favorite judge?  Or perhaps a favorite performance?  I’ll never forget a few years ago watching Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson singing Perfect.  It was the first time I’d heard the song, and I was blown away.  Ahh…memories. :)


If you haven’t watched it or are unfamiliar with it, here’s a little info about The Voice


The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: the blind auditions, the battle rounds, the knockouts and finally, the live performance shows.
“The Voice” is a presentation of Mark Burnett’s One Three Inc., Talpa Media USA Inc. and Warner Horizon Television. The series is created by John de Mol, who executive produces along with Burnett, Audrey Morrissey, Stijn Bakkers and Lee Metzger.
Shakira and Usher rejoin Blake Shelton and Adam Levine when Season 6 premieres Monday, February 24. 8/7c
Rating: TV-PG

I can’t wait!! 😀

*This post contains sponsored content, however the opinions are all mine alone.

18 Free Websites for Fun and Educational Gaming

Kids these days are obsessed with technology – or is it just my two?  While I make very clear limitations and rules regarding time spent on the computer, having educational and age-appropriate options make me feel better about the time I do allow my kiddos to play on the computer.  I wanted to share a few of my family’s favorite free websites for educational gaming:


SLCO Library System
DanceMat Typing
(one of my daughter’s personal faves)
StoryBird (another favorite!)
Spelling City
Time For Kids


These are other webites that I haven’t personally tried, but I’ve heard good things about:

Knowledge Adventure
Free Online Games
Mr Nussbaum

Crayola’s Big Colorful Birthday Adventure – Chance to Win A Trip!

To celebrate their 110th birthday, the 8 original crayons are throwing a birthday bash at the new fun-omenal Crayola Experience, the world’s only interactive Crayola family attraction. Right now, they’re out on a colorful adventure to spread the news, and we’ve all been invited to join the fun!


4Sounds intriguing, right?  How can you join in on the fun? You can FOLLOW the crayons on their adventure, LEARN more about each color and enter to WIN a trip for 4 to celebrate their birthday and the Grand Opening of the all new Crayola Experience this coming May, 2013!


The Crayola Experience is located in Easton, Pennsylvania.  It features four floors of new interactive exhibits and one-of-a-kind attractions that will bring the magic of color and your child’s creativity to life! The winner will be among the first to experience the fun, along with a three- night, all-expenses paid stay. It’s an experience your kids will never forget – and neither will you!


Visit the Crayola Facebook page, like them, and click “enter now” for your chance to be first in line when the Crayola Experience reopens.  More info about the giveaway from their FB page:  “Enter our Sweepstakes to give your family a chance to be our special guests at the 110th Birthday Celebration and Grand Opening of the Crayola Experience on May 24, 2013 in Easton, PA! You’ll go behind-the-scenes to be the first to enjoy Crayola’s all new attractions – four floors of hands-on adventures where you get to discover the magic of color, chemistry and technology!”

Well, I can’t lie…I’m pretty excited about this, and I’ve already entered.  My kids both LOVE coloring, and everything to do with art, crafts and creativity.  How about you and your kids? :-)


*Thank you to Crayola for providing me with this information!



Amazon Local

Have you tried out Amazon Local yet?


I absolutely love it.  For Christmas I bought my kids 2 passes each to a local pizza-activity place, and I also got myself a pass to go HANG GLIDING!!  I have a fear of heights, but to go hang gliding or paragliding is one of my bucket list items, so I’m going for it.  I was able to save 60%!




There are always new local deals available, and they are so fun!  If you haven’t signed up yet, it might be worth looking into.

You can GO HERE to sign up for FREE.