Saving Up

As you may know, our family recently went from two  full-time incomes to one.  We’ve had to make financial adjustments.  Fortunately, saving money is something we’re familiar with, and so we were able to make those adjustments.  I’m sure there are more things we can do, and I look forward to applying more ideas.  In the meantime, however, here are 5 things I am doing to save money in January:   (This post may contain affiliate links to products I recommend.  Thank […]

Save Money in January – 5 Things I’m Doing

change jar 3 comments
I’ve posted quite a few times in the past about my change jar.   I know the idea isn’t a new one, and so I won’t go into many details explaining it, but I just wondered:  Do very many people keep those anymore? I got thinking that with debit cards, smartphone payment apps, online bank transfers, and the like, maybe people don’t carry much cash around, and therefore they may not have a lot of change.  But I really don’t […]

Change Jars – Do You Have One?