Saving Up

Change Jars – Do You Have One? 3 comments

I’ve posted quite a few times in the past about my change jar.   I know the idea isn’t a new one, and so I won’t go into many details explaining it, but I just wondered:  Do very many people keep those anymore?


I got thinking that with debit cards, smartphone payment apps, online bank transfers, and the like, maybe people don’t carry much cash around, and therefore they may not have a lot of change.  But I really don’t know, so I’m curious.


We use cash around here.  I’ve got the cash envelope system going on at my house, and so I get a lot of change, and it always goes into my change jar.  I usually deposit the change in the fall, when I’m getting ready to start hammering down on my Christmas shopping.  It never is enough to COVER Christmas, but it’s definitely helpful.  I admit that I’ve used it in the past to when we had unexpected bills come up and were short.  Whatever works, right?


This is my change jar as of today:


I rolled the coins and counted it out, and as of now, I have $56.24 in there.  Not bad…$50 is the budgeted amount my husband and I will have for each other for Christmas this year, so we’ve already got one person taken care of, ha ha!


Do you have a change jar?  What about an envelope system?  Do you use one?  If so, what categories do you have?  I keep my envelopes pretty basic, but I am curious as to what other people do.  I know I have a lot of learning to do!  My current envelopes are:

  • Grocery
  • Car Gas
  • Vacation
  • Gifts/Entertainment (used for b-day gifts, going out to eat, etc)
  • Savings (I’m saving for a new couch right now)
  • Christmas – this is one I just started today.  It’s time to start saving up!
  • Misc. – this one is for “other” things, like yard/garden, swimming lessons, etc.

So…share your thoughts, if you are so obliged!  I’d love to hear from you.