This ONE tip when purchasing meat can save you hundreds!! 4 comments
I have a rule that I almost never break when it comes to meat:  Don’t spend more than $2/lb on meat.  The only exceptions are that I allow myself to buy salmon and beef once or twice a year.  I wish I could afford the more expensive cuts, but it’s just not reality for me.  This is why I buy discounted meat.   So…how do I find a deal?   Finding these meats isn’t always easy!  You can do it, however: […]

Buy Discounted Meat to Save Money

Part of me thinks, “I can’t believe it’s already February”, and another part of me is saying, “It’s about dang time!  Good riddance to January!”   Don’t get me wrong, January wasn’t terrible, but this winter is more than making up for the mild winter we had last year, and I’m sick of driving everywhere in snow!  It stresses me out, dang it. 🙂  Although to be truthful, we need the snow pack in the mountains if we are to […]

Down with Debt – January 2016 Income Report

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I think one of the easiest ways for us to lower our household/family expenses is through food.  I may not be able to change the monthly cost of my mortgage, but I can actively make changes to my lifestyle to save money on food.     If you are looking to cut costs in your life, I’d suggest starting with food.  It’s one of the easiest things to adjust.  Of course, I’m not a financial adviser…just a mom on a […]

Lower Your Food Budget and Save Money

Kids and budgeting. The two really should go hand in hand. So why don’t more of us involve kids in the family budget ? Why have so many of us grown up without having been taught how to create, and live by, a budget?       Whatever the reason(s), there is good news!  We can easily fix this  in our families. We can change our children’s futures for the better by teaching them this essential skill! It is truly […]

Involve Kids In The Family Budget

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April and May were both expensive months for us. On April 1, I was rear ended, and my car was pronounced totaled.  Grr.  It took a few weeks for the other driver’s insurance company to accept liability, but they eventually did, thank goodness.  In the meantime, we purchased a car.  My husband and I differ on our viewpoints of purchasing cars.  I felt that although more stressful, it would be better to buy an older, used car that would avoid […]

Down With Debt – May Financial Report