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Apr 15

Save Money: Lower Your Food Budget


I think one of the easiest ways for us to lower our household/family expenses is through food.  I may not be able to change the monthly cost of my mortgage, but I can actively make changes to my lifestyle to save money on food.   If you are looking to cut costs in your life, …

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Apr 07

Fast and Frugal: Buy Discounted Meat


I have a rule that I almost never break when it comes to meat:  Don’t spend more than $2/lb on meat.  The only exceptions are that I allow myself to buy tilapia, salmon and steak once a year or so.  I wish I could afford the more expensive cuts, but it’s just not reality for …

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Nov 05

November Wellness Challenge – Let’s Add in a Little Finance


It’s now day 5 of my personal November Wellness Challenge.  I confess, there are aspects that I haven’t done so well with, but there are others in which I’m feeling ahead of the game.  Let me share a few highlights/lowlights with you:   You remember the Jump Up and Drink Up November Challenge?  The point …

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Aug 30

August Spending Total – Groceries, Toiletries, etc

Well, since the month is almost over and I’m outta cash, I think it’s safe to say I won’t do any shopping this week….maybe on Saturday, September 1, ha ha.   This is what was purchased since I last updated:   Reams: 5 lbs Norbest ground turkey ($1.79/lb) 2 lbs red grapes ($0.88/lb) 3 kiwi …

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Aug 27

New Coupons available online has some new food coupons just out…yay!!   $1.00 off Any Two Strips of Fleischmann’s Yeast $0.40 off Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast Strip $1.50 off 3 .75oz Strips of Fleischmann’s Yeast $1.00 off Any One Jar of Fleischmann’s Yeast $1.00 off any two Luden’s bags $1.00 off Efferdent product $1.00 off one Newman’s Own …

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Aug 17

August Spending Update


We got some good news in the mail the other day:  a $150 gift card to Walmart.  It was a bonus from my husband’s work from a few months ago, and it finally arrived!  The timing couldn’t be better since we’ve got back to school shopping to do.  It let’s us boost the shopping budget …

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Aug 06

August Grocery Spending – Already Made a Trip!


Dang, it hasn’t been August that long, and I’ve already made three, YES THREE, “trips”.  I put trips in quotations because I don’t know if one of them is technically a trip.   Or perhaps I do it simply because I CAN.   Anyway, the first trip for the month was to pick up my …

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Jul 30

July Grocery Spending Update

2012-07-27 11.35.54

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already July 30!  Practically the end of the month.  I can think of only one thing I will likely need to buy before the month ends, cause it ran out a week ago.  I need my hair “food”!   Anyway, last week’s shopping looked like this: Reams 1 whole chicken …

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Jul 21

July Grocery Spending Update

2012-07-14 15.15.28

As of my last post, my July total was $111.   As I was writing, my husband was at Dollar Tree, so I have that and a couple others to update.   Dollar Tree: 10-pack Motts 100% juice (Apple and White Grape)  $1 1 gallon bleach $1 1 container bouncy putty $1 (Kinda representative of …

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Jul 18

July’s Grocery Spending Update

Holy cow…I started posting my grocery spending with the intention of showing you what exactly I buy and how I stay within my monthly budget of $200 for groceries and personal care items, usually without using coupons (because let’s face it, there aren’t many coupons out there for gluten free foods, or for fresh meat, …

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