Ahhh…is the weekend really already over???  I never took my weekend nap!  That’s what happens when you procrastinate, I suppose.  (Can you “procrastinate” something like relaxing/napping?  Yes you can.  I’m the master of procrastination, if you don’t believe me, read my 5 things challenge from last week!) Oh well, nothing to do but get on with it!  Let’s start it off right and request ourselves some goodies: Get a free one-week pass to Curves Fitness. Go HERE to request a […]

Monday’s Freebies

I just discovered that I’m very close to my internet 5GB limit until next Tuesday when it resets, so I’m gonna be scarce this weekend.  In the meantime, have fun requesting these many freebies!  Those of you who follow me on facebook may have already seen some of these…yet another good reason to like me over there! Go HERE and like the Get Organized Wizard on facebook for a free downloadable 2011 Goals and Priorities Diary. Costco members can go […]

Friday Freebies

I’m BACK!  Sorry Monday’s Freebies are coming so late in the day.  In case you were wondering, the family had a GREAT time at Disneyland, but are very glad to be back home.  I’ll be bringing some great articles to you this week, but you’ll have to bear with me as I catch up on my 526 unread emails from the four days I was gone…..:-)  In the meantime, enjoy these freebies: Headache sufferers, request a free sample of Migralex […]

Monday’s Freebies

Go here for a free 6-oz pouch of Purina Dog or Cat food from PetSmart. Go into any Carvel Ice Cream shop to get a free ice cream all day Thursday, September 23. Teachers – get a free planning kit to help organize a family reading night.

Thursday’s Freebies

Go HERE to request a free Dr. Itchy poster and magnifier…used to help explain lice to kids. Sign up for Halo’s free email newsletter and receive a coupon for a free product! Get a free sample of Brilliant pH tampons HERE. Get a free Spiru-tein protein shake sample .  You’ll need to enter promo code 5646.

Wednesday Freebies