Thanks One Cheap Chick for sharing these activities for those local to Utah:   Fish for Free on June 4th – This day is the one day of the year you can go fishing and don’t need a license to do so in the state of Utah.  The Utah Division of Wildlife Services will be putting extra fish into lakes and reservoirs just for this event.  Go HERE for more information. Free “Star Parties” in Midvale and Salt Lake this […]

Free Activities in Utah

Go HERE to request a sample of Quaker Oatmeal Squares for 10 of your friends…and if you can’t think of anyone, I’ll be your friend. J (just teasing!) Fill out this form here to request an inhaler pouch from ProAir FHA Get a free Twitter Guide:  Best Practices and Tips. Get a free sample of Focus Factor from Sam’s Club (no membership required). Get a free copy of the booklet:  Adventures in Parenting. Free Turbo Tax filing HERE. H&R Block […]

Friday Freebies