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Jan 03

Parsnip, Bacon and Carrot Medley

Okay, so one of my goals for the New Year is to try a couple of vegetables/fruits I haven’t before tried.  One of those is parsnips.  I’ve heard about them, seen them in the store, and I get the feeling they are probably pretty good, but I just haven’t up and tried them yet.  I …

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Dec 29

Best of 2013 – 10 Recipes


I still feel fairly new to the whole gluten free living thing, and so I’m constantly finding new recipes to try.  Here are some of my favorites I tried in 2013…thank goodness for the internet!  I hope you find some good ones that you’ll enjoy trying and eating!       Paleo Chicken Fingers – …

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Dec 28

Best of 2013 – Dessert Recipes


I made a lot of new food discoveries this last year – or rather, tried a lot of new recipes, and while some ended in utter failure, there were also quite a few winners!  Over the next 3 days I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes of 2013.  Most, if not all of them, …

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Aug 05

Start Eating That Zucchini!


If you have a garden and you grow zucchini, then you’re probably in the midst of craziness!  I absolutely LOVE growing zucchini, because it makes me feel like I’m an accomplished gardener, with all the produce I get.  Of course, if I’m honest with myself, well…let’s not go there.  I’m gonna pretend I’m accomplished and …

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Jul 22

Menu Monday – July 22


Well, it’s a new week, and just like last, I’m shocked and dismayed at how fast it got here.   Buddy Boy and I are going on our 2nd and 3rd weeks of this summer cold.  I’m afraid we’re not going to get better until school starts again, and our summer will be wasted!  Augh!! …

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Jun 21

Food – Pinterest Picks


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my favorite Pinterest finds.  I’ve been nice and busy this summer (why did I think I wouldn’t be?), and haven’t tried as many new recipes as I would have liked, but I think every single one I’ve attempted has been a winner!   I blame it …

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Jun 06

Orange-Barbecue Broiled Chicken – Gluten Free


Necessity is the mother of invention…or something like that.   I am so inconsistent about my menu plan.  I’ll be really organized and plan a week’s worth of meals for a few months, and then I’ll fall off the wagon and can’t think of a thing to cook for dinner for the next few weeks. …

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May 31

Turkey Meatloaf Gluten Free


I’m a big fan of comfort foods.  It’s a shame, really.  Why aren’t comfort foods ever the foods we consider most healthy?   Not cool. Thankfully, there are ways to provide myself and my family with comfort foods and make them a LITTLE healthier, and still tasty.  This turkey meatloaf is proof of that (although …

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May 26

Pinterest Picks (Food)


I’ve been playing on Pinterest, and trying a lot of new things…mostly food, cause you know, I love food.  Most of the new recipes I’ve tried have been pretty darn good!  Very few failures in the last few months of experimenting, which is unusual, but definitely fine by me.   Let me share with you …

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May 24

Strawberries and Cottage Cheese


One of my favorite new breakfasts is this easy, simple, and naturally gluten-free dish:  strawberries and cottage cheese!   1/2 cup of nonfat cottage cheese has 80 calories, and, and it gives you 21 grams of protein.  A full cup of strawberries (halved) is only 49 calories, and have 3.3 grams of fiber!  A cup …

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