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It’s another week, so it’s time for Menu Monday and weekly goals!   Last week I had a pretty easy week with the meal planning.  We had a birthday, and between family dinners and parties with friends, I didn’t have to cook a whole lot.  It’s been a fantastic week celebrating my beautiful girl!     This week, I’ll be pulling meals from my December monthly meal plan and as usual, we’ll be eating from food already in our pantry […]

Menu Monday and Weekly Goals – December 12

Holy cow, December??  Well then, Happy December and Happy Holidays!  🙂  I’ve put together December’s monthly meal plan a couple of days late, and for that I apologize.  This month I’m going to try a couple of new recipes.  I always am saving new ideas to my Pinterest board, and it’s time to try them.  I’ll get right to it, because I know you’re all super busy this time of year, just like me! Meals for December:   2x – […]

December’s Monthly Meal Plan (and weekly goals)

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A couple of months ago, I started doing a monthly meal plan.  I still like to pull from that list to create a weekly meal plan for Menu Monday…simply because it helps me refresh my memory and ensure my family is eating meals based on food we already have, so that we can ONLY buy fresh produce and stock up on items on sale each week.   With that being said, here’s the plan for this week:   Monday – […]

Menu Monday – Weekly Meal Plan and Goals

Happy Menu Monday (on a Tuesday)!   I’m a firm believer in the power of planning.  This time of year, things get so darn busy, and I have a hard time coming up with meal ideas.  This is why I make a list of ideas for an entire month!  I can base the menu off of items I have in my pantry, and hopefully save some money by doing so.   I have found that if I do one big […]

Menu Monday – Meal Ideas for ALL of November!

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Hey everyone!  Time for the September monthly meal plan!   I’m having a hard time accepting that it’s September.  I am NOT ready for summer to end.  Sending the kids back to school was super depressing, especially with my son, who has a hard time in school.  He’s been pretty miserable and his anxiety has sky rocketed.   With the kids back in school, I’m also back at work as a substitute educator!  That means less time to plan and […]

September’s Monthly Meal Plan