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Well, friends, I don’t know about you, but I’m a snacker.  Not so much when I’m at work, because I don’t generally have the time.  However, with summer break fast approaching I’ll be home with the kids, and well, we’re gonna snack.  I’ve decided to not only accept the inevitable, but to embrace it by finding a ton of awesome snack ideas for myself and my kiddos.  Therefore, I bring you the Summer Snack Recipes Roundup!       If you’ve […]

Summer Snack Recipes Roundup   Recently updated !

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Happy May, friends!!   I don’t know about any of you, but I am PUMPED for May.  We had a long, cold winter, and April was full of cold/snow/rain, and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve got Spring Fever BAD.  I’m so excited for warmer weather!!   Truth be told, I’ve also had a hard time with depression this season.  I hate to talk about it, because I feel like I’ve got no legit reason to be struggling, but it’s a […]

May’s Meal Plan

Happy April!  A new month has arrived, and with it the promise of warmer weather.  I’m super excited, to be honest.  I feel like April is the month where I come alive again, after being in my own kind of depressed, cold hibernation of a sorts.  It’s great to feel that again!     The meal plan this week was something I actually planned in advance, if you can believe it.  I had it planned out nearly a week ago. […]

Menu Monday and Weekly Goals April 4

Hello, hello!   I’m so excited, because spring is HERE!!!  I mean, it did snow 2 days last week, but the sun is shining longer, and the days are slowly but surely getting warmer, and the flowers are starting to bloom.  I love the feeling of renewal and hope that comes each year at this time.   This week I am celebrating my 36th birthday.  My gosh!  Where has the time gone?  I wake up and find new white hairs […]

Menu Monday and Weekly Goals March 28

Happy Monday?   I don’t know about that, but I can definitely say HAPPY SPRING!   Yesterday, on the first day of spring, we had the warmest day of the year.  It was glorious!  Unfortunately, it was a warm before the storm, and things are quite windy and cooling down today.  What a weekend, though.   This week for the menu plan we are eating a whole lot of poultry.  Because chicken is what we have in the freezer, and […]

Menu Monday – Weekly Meal Plan and Goals 03/21