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Menu Monday and Weekly Goals – March 16

  • 153382-425x325-chicken-tendersChicken and Rice Soup
  • Nacho Bar – homemade tortilla chips, refried beans, taco meat, etc.
  • Crockpot Pork Ribs
  • Coconut Chicken Tenders, homemade fruit sorbet
  • Sandwich night


This is what we’re having for dinner this week!  The other two nights will likely be leftover nights. :)


I’m so excited knowing that spring is on it’s way!  Today my husband started a bunch of garden seeds indoors, and it makes me smile just anticipating the warm weather and the chance to grow and harvest a garden this year.  This week we’ll plant some cooler weather crops outdoors, like our lettuce and peas, and I’m pumped.

This week I hosted two giveaways:  Tiffy’s Terrible Top Hat E-book and Gummy Cuties Multi-Vitamins for Kids.  I had a really good time reviewing both products and am glad to have the chance to host a giveaway as well.  These will probably be the only two giveaways I host in March.  Hopefully I’ll get more organized and get some additional one for April.


The goals for the week are pretty simple, but hey, simple is good!


  1. Take Munchkin shopping for birthday gifts for a birthday party this weekend.
  2. Continue HIIT workout schedule (every other day) along with WBV therapy (Whole Body Vibration).
  3. Plan and hold Scouts activity.
  4. Post 3 new blog posts for the week.
  5. Start prepping backyard garden area for planting.


That’s about it.  What are your plans this week?


Need more dinner ideas?  I’m linked at *OrgJunkie along with hundreds of others sharing their meal plans. :)


Menu Monday – Weekly Meal Plan and Goals

MPM-WinterI need to apologize now, because this is going to be quick and really no fun.  I’m exhausted.  Mentally, physically, emotionally – I’m pretty sure many can relate, right?  :)  Every year I vow to do better in the winter, and to not allow depression (or SAD) creep up on me, and I always get really close to spring before I go kaput.  We’re at that point.  The good news is that it definitely won’t last forever.  Warmer weather, fresh outdoor air, and sunshine will be here soon (hopefully)!!  In the meantime, I’m gonna do the best I can for meal planning:


  • Chili with baked fries – I’ll use a batch of chili from the freezer that I made a few weeks ago, and home bake the potatoes as fries.


  • Everyday Meatloaf – This is a new recipe I’ll be trying from the book, Everyday Paleo.  The Paleo diet seems to be the closest to a match for my personal needs, so this weekend I went to my local library and checked out every single paleo cookbook they had (only 3, but believe you me, I put others on hold).


  • Dill and Lime-baked Chicken thighs – I’m totally making this up.  We’ll see what happens.


  • Leftover night


Last week’s goals went okay, but there were quite a few changes due to circumstances beyond our control.  For example:

    1. Get budget set up and prepared for March.
    2. Blue and Gold Scout banquet – didn’t happen.  Buddy Boy had a complete meltdown about an hour before and we simply couldn’t get him calmed down.  Autism really sucks sometimes.  My husband went though, since he’s the den leader!  So I suppose we kinda can cross it off. ;)
    3. Parent Teacher conferences for Buddy Boy
    4. Leave work early Wednesday and Thursday
    5. Go into work early every day – Tried to, but there was an accident on the freeway one morning, so that didn’t quite work out!
    6. Get hubby packed and sent on his trip
    7. Gymnastics for Munchkin – Nope.  The silly girl decided to hurt herself.  Luckily, it’s not a major break…just a chipped finger bone.
    8. Swimming lessons for Buddy Boy
    9. Make cookies for some neighbors. – I completely, COMPLETELY forgot about this.


And the goals for the week?  Well, I’m not being too overly ambitious, I don’t think.  How do so many of you do it??  I admire you. :)

  1. Finish giveaway on the blog (Go HERE to enter – the entries are extremely low!)
  2. Type up new recipes from cookbooks to try.
  3. Update the blog with our latest Debt numbers.


That’s it for this week.  Happy March, my friends!!


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Menu Monday and Weekly Goals – Not So Organized This Week! 2 comments



How did your week go?


IMG_20150218_120619 (2)

A student told me, “Woah, you look TIRED!” Gee, thanks. :)

Ours went pretty good, considering.  Buddy Boy got sick; he had a fever and croup all week long.  He missed the entire week of school!  Our internet connection also got sick (more so than usual) and we had no connection for the week.  Buddy Boy’s cough is still lingering, but it’s not so bad now, and so he’ll be heading back to school, which means I’ll get to head back to work.  We also signed up for a new internet connection, and I’m hoping to be able to stay online for more than 3 minutes at a time!  It’ll be so nice. :)


My husband got a phone call yesterday from his mom letting him know that his uncle passed away.  He was generally healthy, so the heart attack that he had was completely unexpected.  Today was to be his 35th wedding anniversary.  His poor sweet wife is heartbroken.  They live out of state, and so my husband will be taking a few days off later this week to go to the funeral.  We had thought about all going, but it’ll be 12 hours of driving each way, and only staying for the one day, so we thought it might be too much for the little ones.  There are winter storms expected to head our way later in the week, so I’m hoping and praying that they will be able to travel safely.




Anyway, things kinda were wonky for a bit, and are going to be that way again this week.  I didn’t try out the new recipe I’d wanted to, however, so we’ll try again this week for that.  Here’s the plan:


Monday:  Tacos

Tuesday:  Chicken with Rosemary and Roasted Oranges

Wednesday:  Slow cooker beef roast with potatoes and carrots

Thursday:  Leftover night

Friday:  Breakfast for dinner – French toast and fruit smoothies

Saturday: No clue

Sunday:  No clue


The goals for the week?  Pretty simple:

  1. Get budget set up and prepared for March.
  2. Blue and Gold Scout banquet
  3. Parent Teacher conferences for Buddy Boy
  4. Leave work early Wednesday and Thursday
  5. Go into work early every day
  6. Get hubby packed and sent on his trip
  7. Gymnastics for Munchkin
  8. Swimming lessons for Buddy Boy
  9. Make cookies for some neighbors.


Well, that’s it here.  I hope your week is a good, safe, and happy one!

Menu Monday and Weekly Goals: 2/16 – 2/22 2 comments

I hope you all had a good week.  We’ve continued to have unusually warm weather here, and I confess, I’ve really enjoyed it.  I do worry, though, because we’re starting to see blossoms pop up.  I just know we’ll end up with a hard freeze one night and all the blossoms will freeze.  I’m stocking up on big/cheap blankets and sheets that I can throw over my fruit trees and bushes, in case that happens.  Hopefully it’ll work out!


With the warmer weather, I haven’t been making as many soups as I usually do this time of year, and well, I’ve decided that it needs to change.  I’m craving soups/stews in a big way, and so I think that’ll be a big part of the meals this week:


Chicken-with-Roast-Oranges-1000px-WMMonday – Crockpot chili

Tuesday – Salmon and potato chowder

Wednesday – Leftover night

Thursday – Pan-fried pork chops, veggie tray

Friday – Chicken with rosemary and roasted oranges,

Saturday – Sweet and sour chicken, veggie fried rice

Sunday – Crockpot roast with potatoes and carrots



The goals from last week were pretty simple:

  1. Post another new giveaway! :D yes
  2. Meet with the local Jr. High to learn about registration for next year (eek!!)yes
  3. Continue the Fe’ Fit Program.yes
  4. Post 4 product


The plan for this week is also fairly simple – and that’s just fine with me:

  1. Post 3 product reviews.
  2. Continue the Fe’ Fit program.
  3. Reschedule Munchkin’s gymnastics lesson.
  4. Munchkin’s New Beginnings program (church)


*Linked at OrgJunkie.




Gluten Free BLTs – or BLAs, Rather… 8 comments

So, remember how I went to Walmart and checked out their gluten free demos and products?  Well, I REMEMBER.  Boy, do I remember.  I remember coming directly home from the store and EATING THAT BREAD!! :)






I purchased Udi’s new Country Seeded Bread.  I was going to make a BLT, but sadly the tomatoes were not looking great…something about it being winter, or something.  ;)  So, instead I made a BLA – Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado sandwich, and I threw in a little cheese for good measure!   I used uncured turkey bacon, since it’s the only kind I’m allowed on my diet.

Grilled Cheese with Avocado


I cooked my bacon and then toasted my sandwich in coconut oil.  Added my avocado and lettuce, and BAM.  I ate that beauty right up!


I like Udi’s bread in general, but I definitely prefer it warmed up, whether toasted or simply heated in a microwave for a few seconds.  It tasted like a regular sandwich.  It’s been a LONG TIME since I’d had a sandwich, and I’m not going to lie, it totally made my day.



I’m SO glad that Walmart is now carrying these gluten free items! :)  You can bet I’ll be back to try more products soon.

Simple Health Yacon Syrup 4 comments

Anyone here heard of Yacon Syrup?


It’s a product I’ve heard of, but didn’t know much about.  When I had the opportunity to test some out from Simple Health, I decided it was time to do some research.  Here’s some information I found:


  • Yacon syrup is high in soluble fiber.
  • It is high in PREbiotics (not to be confused with PRObiotics).  Prebiotics help to stimulate the good bacterias (probiotics) in our guts.  It also helps the body with increasing its absorption of minerals.
  • It was used by the Incas.  In Peru it is eaten for it’s nutritional properties – it is low in calories and in sugar.
  • In a 2009 Study, daily intake of Yacon syrup was shown to produce a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference, and body mass index.
  • Yacon syrup is an anti-inflammatory food.
  • Simple Health Yacon Syrup is gluten free, non GMO, and vegan with no binders or artificial ingredients.


Simple Health Yacon Syurp is made from yacon root and is 100% pure. It has a deliciously sweet taste, a bit like dates, but is diabetes friendly.


I’ve been using Yacon Syrup for the last week.  I really do like the taste.  It has a molasses texture, and a taste that is a mix between dates and molasses, in my opinion.  When I’m craving something sweet, I eat a small spoonful of it and it takes care of it!   I can’t say that I’ve felt a huge difference in my body yet, but there is enough evidence on the side of Yacon syrup for me to continue using it.  I’ll be sure to update later after I’ve used it for longer.


I’m not really at a point in my life where I need to lose pounds, but I could definitely stand to lower my body fat percentage, and to tone up, and so I’ll be trying different products/methods and sharing my experiences with them throughout the year.  As of now, I’m liking Yacon Syrup, and hopefully will see some physical results from using it consistently!


SimpleHealth_Christmasrecipes-yacon-candied-nuts-2-300x200If you’re unsure how you could use yacon syrup, here is a link that provides recipes.  I seriously cannot wait to try these candied nuts!!


*I was provided a bottle of the product in exchange for an honest review.  No monetary compensation was received.  ALL opinions are mine alone.



Menu Monday and Weekly Goals 02/09 – 02/15

Well, I’m done.



With my taxes, that is.  I’m so happy.  I hate doing taxes, and yet I jump on doing it quickly because I’m always more than ready to get a dang refund.  This year’s refund has already been spent, honestly.  It’ll go to paying down our debt.


Speaking of debt, I can’t decide how I feel about our progress.  I really, truly believe that we’re on the path to being debt-free, but I can’t help but feel fear.  My husband’s car has over 220,000 miles on it.  It’s nearing the end of it’s life.  Munchkin has lost almost all of her baby teeth, and the dentist thinks it’s time to meet with the orthopedist to look into braces.  Those are two big expenses that I feel are going to be coming this year, and I feel so unprepared for it.  However, I know if we keep living the way we’re living, things will work out.  I’ve just gotta keep focused, and don’t allow myself to get too stressed out over it all.


Anyway, kinda sorta along the same lines, we’re continuing the eating-out-of-the-pantry.  Our meat supply is getting low, so I will need to purchase some soon.  Right now at my local Reams, you can get a 5-lb bag of chicken thighs for $0.69/lb, so I’ll be picking up some of that.  In the meantime, here’s what we’ll be eating:


family 221Monday - Potato Fry, fresh fruit

Tuesday - Sloppy Joes, carrot sticks and salad

Wednesday – Something in the crockpot

Thursday -  Baked Dill Chicken, roasted potatoes, carrots

Friday -  Home-canned Tomato Soup, grilled cheese sandwiches (or toast – will use GF bread)

Saturday - Leftover night

Sunday - Family Dinner at my mom’s



The goals last week were accomplished:

  1. Go to my son’s IEP meeting, get a new IEP set up.
  2. Get the disability tax form signed by his school.
  3. Meeting with a local company to share my thoughts on a new Autism program they want to roll out.
  4. Start the Fe’ Fit Workout Program. 
  5. Sing a musical number at church.
  6. Post two new giveaways!!   Enter them HERE and HERE
  7. Start taxes.


Not as many goals for this week:

  1. Post another new giveaway! :D
  2. Meet with the local Jr. High to learn about registration for next year (eek!!)
  3. Continue the Fe’ Fit Program.
  4. Post 4 product reviews.


Have a great week, everyone!







WalMart Is Now Carrying More Gluten Free Options! 15 comments

I hate having to search to find gluten free options.  Although, to be honest, I have to count myself lucky/blessed in that there are now more gluten free options available than ever.  WalMart is actually joining the bandwagon and bringing more gluten-free specific products to their store.


gf4 gf5My daughter and I went to my local WalMart last Saturday to see their new gluten free demonstration and products.  There was a small setup near the freezer section of the grocery side of the store, where Quaker’s PopChips and grilled cheese sandwiches made with Udis bread were being sampled.  The two ladies there demonstrating were so sweet!  I had a good time chatting with them, and I’m sure I thoroughly embarrassed and bugged Munchkin, who was with me, patiently waiting for me to do my shopping so we could go. :)


There were two places specific to gluten free that I saw.  One is the freezer section.  I was bummed out that so many items were sold out, but hey, when there’s demand, there’s demand, right?  I was looking forward to purchasing an Udi’s pizza with uncured pepperoni, but I’ll have to try again next time.  The other spot I found was in the bakery.  There was one rack on the very bottom with fresh Udis bread, as well as some GF cookies.  There were also signs for muffins and brownies that were not in stock.


gf6I purchased myself one of those fresh loaves of Udi’s bread.  It’s a new type, I think – Country Style Seeded Bread.  I was so happy to be able to try it out that I made poor Munchkin pose for a picture, ha ha!


Anyway, I wanted to share this experience with you to let you know about the new gluten-free options available at WalMart.  I was very excited, and thought my gluten free readers might be too!  You’ll have to check out your local WalMarts to see if they’re carrying these as well.  And if they are not, then let them know you want them! :D


GO HERE to see the Gluten Free brands that WalMart is now carrying.  You can also see if there are any product demonstrations/samplings happening in your area!



Using Nutritional Yeast in Allergen-Free Cooking

You may remember that last summer I did a complete overhaul on my diet, due to some health complications I’d been dealing with.  Along with an overhaul, I had a lot of blood work and testing done, and discovered that in addition to my intolerance to gluten, I also have a sensitivity to dairy.  Because of that, dairy has now been cut out of my diet permanently.  One of the new foods I’ve tried and learned more about during this process is nutritional yeast.


Now, a lot of nutritional yeasts are fortified – which sounds good, but usually means there are synthesized ingredients, which of course equals processed, or not natural.  Part of my overhaul was cutting out as much processed food as possible, and I’ve seen the positive difference it has made in my health.



Sari Foods has 100% natural and non-fortified nutritional yeast flakes.  It tastes pretty good and is dairy free, gluten free, extremely low and fat and sodium and is loaded with vitamins and nutrients.  I received some and have been having a lot of fun experimenting with different recipes and ideas for how to use it.  People say that it provides a cheesy flavor, and I haven’t yet decided if I agree.  I suppose it can give a hint of cheese flavor, but I don’t think it’ll ever replace the true flavor of cheese.  Still, I like the extra something something that it gives to foods.  My two favorite ways to eat it are in scrambled eggs and on top of air popped popcorn.  IMG_7367

One things I appreciated specifically about this particular brand was that after purchasing the Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast on, the company sent me an email with recipes that I could try out!  I thought that was a really nice gesture, and I’ve already tried two of the recipes so far.  That in and of itself has created a loyalty for me.  I love when a company will do a little extra, a little more, just to help complete the experience!


The bag I purchased is 8 oz, and I believe it’ll last me a good, long time, especially since I like it best in small amounts as a mini flavor enhancer.  Seriously, I’ve used this in soups, on eggs, on potatoes, and more.  I really can’t say anything bad about it.  To learn more about nutritional yeast and Sari Foods, you can visit them on Facebook and/or on Twitter.


*I received the product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine alone, and no monetary compensation was provided.


Menu Monday – Weekly Goals and Menu Plan 01/26 2 comments


Howdy, howdy!  Can you believe it’s the last week of January already?  I’m still writing 2014 on everything!  :)


We are continuing the “eating out of the pantry” thing this week.  It’s been challenging, but kind of fun, to come up with meal ideas from what we already have at home.  I’m trying two new recipes this week, and will have to let you know how they turn out.  Anyway, here’s the plan:


MondayBaked Apple and Pork Meatballs, green salad, brown rice


Tuesday:  Breakfast for Dinner – cereal, oatmeal, fresh fruit, sausage


Wednesday:  Sandwich night – I’ll give the family members the option to choose which kind of sandwich they’d like to each have:  Tuna, BLT, Grilled Cheese or PB&J.  Fresh carrot sticks on the side.


ThursdayKalua Pork Tacos with Avocado Mango Salsa


Friday:  Dill-baked Chicken Thighs (will post the recipe later), roasted potatoes and carrots


Saturday:  Leftover night


Sunday: TBD – again, ha ha



As for the weekly goals, last week’s went well.  We were able to get everything on the to-do list completed, including the animal reports, the music building report, gymnastics, scouts, etc.  This week will look much the same, but with some new changes.  My husband and I received a call to head the Cub Scouts, the Wolves in particular.  It’ll be fun to do it together, and a learning experience for me.  I know nothing about the Scout program!  Here are my goals for the week:


  1. Get the Cub Scouts materials, go to the Pack meeting, and figure out what I’m doing.
  2. Munchkin is going ice skating for the first time – I’ll need to sign the release form and take her to that.
  3. Rock climbing with the kids.
  4. Post at least 3 new blog posts.
  5. Gather and organize tax materials.
  6. Set up budget for the first half of February.


I hope you all have a great week!



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