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When I was first married, I wanted to be a cute little domestic diva.  I tried to learn cooking well, and I found that I enjoyed it.  Initially, though, I was using a lot of partially processed items:  frozen dinner rolls, canned beans, pre-seasoned meats, etc.  I wanted to learn how to cook dry beans to start with.           How is it done?  The slow cooker!!  Of course!  It’s really, REALLY easy to do with just […]

How To Cook Dry Beans in Your Slow Cooker

This strawberry coconut smoothie is SO simple - you can taste the pure flavor, and it's awesome!! 2 comments
Here’s another simple smoothie recipe that I’ve tried and love…I’m telling you, these smoothies are my new favorite thing for lunch!  This strawberry coconut smoothie is among my favorites.   I found strawberries on sale at my local Sprouts for $0.99/lb, and so I bought 7 lbs and froze the majority of them:     Affiliate links support Better on a Budget.  Thank you! To make this, throw a good handful of those red beauties into your blender, along with some […]

Strawberry Coconut Smoothie   Recently updated !

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I don’t know about you, but I for one am SO GLAD that January is over.   I don’t have anything against January, necessarily, but this year I’ve struggled with a lot of sickness and coldness and blah.  Therefore, I’m happy that the month is over.  Have you seen the meme that talks about how January was just a practice month for New Year’s goals?  Well, I can’t say I agree completely, because I’ve been consistent on working towards my […]

Menu Monday – Weekly Meal Plan and Goals Feb 1

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Game Day is fast approaching.  While food is a fun part of it, it can be easy to go overboard on the processed stuff.  These 25 Super Bowl Snacks recipes will fill you up and satisfy, but are less processed.   Now you don’t have to feel guilty as you indulge, and you can focus on what’s important that day:  Football!!       I truly hope you enjoy these recipes that I’ve searched the web for.  I think they are […]

25 Super Bowl Snacks (Healthier)

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  So, I had a lot of hot dogs in my freezer (I bought too many when they were on sale, ha ha), and I had some leftover pizza sauce sitting in my fridge that I didn’t want to go bad.  Therefore, Pizza Dogs!     Today’s recipe is one I found in a few different places:  here, here and here.  I took those and adjusted them to match what I had on hand.  You can totally do the same. […]

Pizza Dogs

gluten free blackberry lemon bars
Once a month, my little family has dinner with the extended family, usually at my mom’s house.  This last time, I was in charge of bringing dessert.  I rarely eat the dessert that is brought because of my gluten intolerance, and I had absolutely NO idea what to make!  Luckily I was able to whip up some blackberry lemon bars.       Pinterest to the rescue!  I adapted these to make them gluten-free, and I think they were a […]

Blackberry Lemon Bars

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies 12 comments
Affiliate links support Better on a Budget.  Thanks!   With Valentine’s Day coming up in the next month, I thought I’d scour the web for a few good Red Velvet recipes…since, in my mind, red velvet anything just seems so darn romantic!   Boy, isn’t Pinterest the greatest?  I love being able to find awesome things to share with you.  Enjoy these amazing Red Velvet recipes from around the web – just in time for Valentine’s Day!   Red Velvet […]

The 10 Best Red Velvet Recipes for Valentine’s Day!

Chicken Enchilada Soup - Gluten free, Dairy Free, and flipping amazing!! 2 comments
My mom made this chicken enchilada soup recipe for a family dinner a few years ago, and my entire family loved it!  I was so happy to get the recipe from her, and to make it again at home, this time with homemade broth and homemade tortilla chips.  The recipe is gluten and dairy free, but you could certainly add sour cream and cheese if you are able!   Affiliate links support Better on a Budget.   I hope your […]

Chicken Enchilada Soup Recipe