This post brought to you by Mom Buzz Media. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Better on a Budget. How many of your kids will be getting a digital device for the holidays this year?  My newly teenaged daughter is getting an Amazon Kindle.  I found it on sale and couldn’t pass it up! I know she’s not the only one – not even close.  Most of her friends already have iPads, smartphones, kindles, and more.  I […]

Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet

Involve Your Kids in the Family Budget
  Kids and budgeting. The two really should go hand in hand. So why don’t more of us involve kids in the family budget? Why have so many of us grown up without having been taught how to create, and live by, a budget?   Whatever the reason(s), there is good news!  We can easily fix this  in our families. We can change our children’s futures for the better by teaching them this essential skill! It is truly a lot […]

Involve Kids In The Family Budget

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zyrobotics, LLC for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Who here has played Turtle Invaders?  Its such a fun game! There is a new app coming out next week that is based on a math adaptation of Turtle Invaders.  It’s called OctoPlus, and was created by Zyrobotics .  Zyrobotics, LLC is an inclusive technology company. Their mission is to enable freedom through technology by developing products that are adaptive to each […]

New Math App for Special Needs and Special Learning!

Who is ready for back to school? Ugh.  Not me.  I am sad beyond sad that we only have 5 weeks left of summer break.  We’re more than halfway there!  There is one thing my family loves about going back to school (well, 2 things, actually).  1, it’s fun to see friends again and good for all of us to get back on a schedule.  2, we get to go back-to-school shopping!  If you’re like me, you’ve got a very […]

Back to School on a Budget

How many moms do we have here?  (Raise your hand, moms.)   I am a mom. I have two beautiful, healthy children.  When I was a child and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered without hesitation, “I want to be a mom – that or a brain surgeon.”  While I never made it to medical school, I am doing something just as important as “brain surgery” – I’m raising children.  I’m […]

Give Yourself a Raise

Kids these days are obsessed with technology – or is it just my two?  While I make very clear limitations and rules regarding time spent on the computer, having educational and age-appropriate options make me feel better about the time I do allow my kiddos to play on the computer.  I wanted to share a few of my family’s favorite free educational online games for kids: – this has been a family favorite for younger aged kids in our […]

15 + Free Educational Online Games for Kids

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This week has been crazy…oh my gosh, a complete roller coaster of emotions! At the end of last week I attended the funeral of a cousin.  It was a beautiful service, but sad, of course.  The night before the funeral, my co-worker’s mom died.  I feel for her…she’s SO close to her mom, and has expressed to me her fear of not being ready to lose her mom yet, and then it happened anyway.  My heart aches for her. Between […]

Love/Hate Relationship with Roller Coasters

I had so much fun during Novembers’ challenge, and I felt so motivated (Thanks to you all) that I decided to do another challenge for December!   This month’s challenge is a little different.  I’m going to focus on two things: Spiritual Wellness and Family Wellness   At this time of year, it’s easy to get lost in the business and excitement of activity all around us.  But it’s also the time of year when we, generally speaking, tend to […]

December Wellness Challenge