With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to share some relationship articles.  I was referred to an article from ProFlowers, and I really loved it.  It shares 15 signs you’re in a healthy relationship. via After researching studies by doctors, psychologists, couples counselors and therapists, ProFlowers came up with commonalities happy couples share. They also included interesting data on healthy relationships. For example, did you know that 90% of happy couples argue? They just do it […]

15 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

Did you know August is National Romance Month? Me neither, but this is a prime opportunity to spend a little extra quality time with your sweetheart! To help you celebrate, I am sharing these printable date ideas from Personal Creations! You can print them for a date jar or just use it for some fun inspiration.     If you are looking for one perfect date, then check out the full blog post and try the interactive they made. You can […]

Printable Date Ideas from Personal Creations

With wedding season in full swing, you might be thinking of your special someone. Watching someone walk down the aisle is likely to bring up some of your own beautiful memories. Since love is in the air, check out this anniversary date idea flowchart from ProFlowers that will lead you to your perfect date! All of the different ways to celebrate are sure to give you some romantic inspiration. It also has 52 date ideas listed below with options for everyone […]

Date Ideas Flowchart

This post brought to you by Mom Buzz Media. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Better on a Budget. How many of your kids will be getting a digital device for the holidays this year?  My newly teenaged daughter is getting an Amazon Kindle.  I found it on sale and couldn’t pass it up! I know she’s not the only one – not even close.  Most of her friends already have iPads, smartphones, kindles, and more.  I […]

Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet

Kids and budgeting. The two really should go hand in hand. So why don’t more of us involve kids in the family budget ? Why have so many of us grown up without having been taught how to create, and live by, a budget?       Whatever the reason(s), there is good news!  We can easily fix this  in our families. We can change our children’s futures for the better by teaching them this essential skill! It is truly […]

Involve Kids In The Family Budget