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Sep 02

Friday’s Frugal Food: Homemade Fruit Jam


I’ve got an easy as can be recipe for fruit jam.  I use this recipe for many different types of jam, and so can you!  I’ve done bush cherry, raspberry and strawberry with this recipe, and I’m excited to try other kinds next season!   The beauty of this is that it only calls for …

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Aug 10

What to do when the world falls apart?


I watched the world news last night (a rarity, I confess), and I came away depressed….   I believe my Christian background has played a role in leading me to the conclusions I’ve come to after watching, but I also believe that these very conclusions apply to all of us, Christian or not.   We …

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May 20

Take a Tour and get 6 FREE MEALS from eFood!

Have you heard of eFoods?   I hadn’t heard of them until earlier today when I came across this blog…and I confess, I’m definitely intrigued.   eFoods does food storage, and from what I’m hearing, the food is fantastic!  eFoods is currently offering 6 FREE meals to anyone who will take their “FOOD FREEDOM TOUR”. …

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May 13

Frugal Friday – powdered milk in your food storage

(photo courtesy) For the month of May, the food storage item I’m focusing on stocking up on is powdered milk.  I know I’ve mentioned here before that I use it to supplement our regular milk, and make it stretch, but I use it for so many other things too!   As you may have noticed, I’m …

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Mar 26

Frugal Friday – Cooking with Rice

Rice. It’s such a staple. It’s cheap, nutritious, and versatile. I feel like I’m a frugal gal every time I cook with rice. (I’m easy to please, apparently) I’ve included a couple of recipes, as well as the links for a bunch of different yummy rice recipes for you to enjoy: Apple Rice Toffee (dessert) …

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Jul 31

Food Storage Friday – Protein

In my local church, we’ve been given the challenge to build up a 3-month supply (MINIMUM) of food storage as families by the end of the year. July’s focus was on protein. I’ve posted a few bean recipes, on here, so I won’t do a whole lot of them again, but I wanted to share …

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Jun 14

Food Storage Friday (on Sunday)

It’s been a hectic week, so I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. All is well here, however, and I wanted to post a little deal about food storage. A lot of people have no clue how much they need….Okay, so a year’s supply, 3-months supply, whatever. How much is that? Little kids don’t need …

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Apr 15

Did You Think To Store? (rice)

Did You Think To Store?(sung to the tune of Did You Think To Pray?) Verse 1Ere you spent your family’s paycheck,Did you think to save?Just a little for the storage ,Just a little for some porridgeYou may need some day. Oh, how storage helps the faithfulWhen the Prophet’s words come true.So, if you would not …

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Oct 28

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Cupboards (Part 2)

Verse 2 of Mine Eyes Have Seen the Cupboards(sung to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic) Have you stored your years’ supply of soap and shirts and underwear?Have you put away some powdered milk and shampoo for your hair?If you heed advice that’s given, then your cupboards won’t be bare.You’ll have your years’ …

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Oct 06

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Cupboards…

(To the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic)Mine eyes have seen the cupboards of the sisters of our ward;They are full of empty cartons, `stead of food they should have stored.They are all so busy caring for their children and their yards—The time is marching on. Glory, glory for the storage.Glory, glory for the …

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