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Aug 09

50% off Self-Powered Phone Charger

Here’s an online deal for something good for your emergency prep: SOSCharger $15 for a self-powered phone charger + LED flashlight from SOS Ready

May 22

Emergency Kits – Money!


How are you doing getting some money into your emergency kits?  What kind of containers are you using?  How are you saving money so that you can afford to put some in?   (photo)     So why do you need cash in your emergency kit?  If tragedy strikes, banks and other electronic payment systems …

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May 15

Emergency Kits – Hand Sanitizer

This week let’s add some HAND SANITIZER to our emergency/72-hour kits.   via   Hand sanitizers can help prevent the spread of disease and germs almost as well as soap and water…and in emergency situations where you may not have a lot of water to spare, it can come in very handy.  Of course, if …

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Mar 27

Emergency Kits – Feminine Hygiene


This week let’s work on making sure we have plenty of feminine hygiene products on hand in case of an emergency.     (photo)   Not a whole lot to say about it….it’s pretty self explanatory!  I will say that I personally subscribe to an Subscribe and Save service  and I get my products …

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Mar 20

Emergency Kits – Non Prescription Medication(s)


Let’s get stocked up on some non-prescription medication(s) for our kits this week.   (photo)   Life is stressful, even during the best of times.  In an emergency, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is a headache on top of everything else….or allergies, or insomnia.  Feeling at least decent physically will go a …

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Mar 13

Emergency Kits – Garbage Bags


This week let’s get some garbage bags for our emergency kits. photo   Besides being handy for keeping things put away, clean and sanitary, they can be used in a lot of emergency situations.  Let me share just a few with you: Did you know you can build an individual, temporary emergency shelter from the elements?  …

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Mar 10

Create an Emergency Plan


The next time disaster strikes, you may not have a lot of time to act.  That is why preparing NOW is so important.  Emergencies tend to happen suddenly. The American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency have put together a checklist, and I would like to share that checklist with you: Create an Emergency …

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Mar 07

Emergency Kits – Duct Tape


This week, let’s try to stock up on duct tape for our emergency kits.        

Jan 31

Emergency Kits – Gloves


“Emergency preparedness is a team sport,” Eric Whitaker   “Assessing, developing, attaining and sustaining needed emergency preparedness, response and recovery capabilities is a difficult task that requires sustained leadership …. There is a no silver bullet, no easy formula.” William Jenkins   This week, our focus is going to be on GLOVES…two types:   Latex …

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Jan 24

Emergency Kits – Tweezers


This week let’s add TWEEZERS to our first aid kits. via   I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve NEVER bought a pair of tweezers before.  We own 3 pair, but that’s because they’ve come in first-aid kits I’ve bought.  I was thinking about it, and couldn’t remember ever buying them by themselves.   The good news …

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