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So, as you may or may not know, I’ve been working very hard at night after the kids are in bed to pay down my debt.  It’s been slow and steady, and I’ve begun seeing some real progress.  It’s relaxing, really, to know that my efforts are paying off, and that helps me sleep better at night.


Imagine with me, if you will, the horror:



I left my computer on yesterday afternoon and went to start dinner.  My buddy boy,

Oh, so sweet and innocent (NOT), decided to hop onto the computer and do some playing.  I came in 10 minutes later (WHY did I leave him alone for that long???) and found that he’d been up to some mischief.

Major mischief.

I walked up and looked at the computer screen, and to my utter dismay, I saw that in TEN minutes he’d managed to rack up more than $4,500 of debt on my account!!!

I’m not even kidding.   I went to the help section of the site, tried to cancel out his actions, but it WOULDN’T let me!!!  Oh my gosh. So as you can imagine, I was freaking out.

Anyway, after trying everything possible online to fix the problem, I had to make some decisions.  Call and complain?  Can’t do that, it’s my own dang fault, you know?  I got myself in this mess, and I’m just gonna have to get myself out.

HOW did he manage to pull something horrific like that off?  You tell me….








I mean, my gosh!  I was playing SO WELL lately!!  And now my debt score is -$5630.



My Middle of the Night Epiphany 2 comments

Forgive me for getting a little “religious” on you today, but oh me oh my, I had an epiphany last night.


It wasn’t actually last night.  It was this morning.  Between the lovely hours of 1:00 and 4:00 am.



But then, I’ve never been very good with timing.


Okay, so it all started last night.  I put the kids to bed, helped them say their prayers, and then hopped into the sack myself.  I said my own prayer, and one of the things I prayed for was PATIENCE for the long night ahead of me.  You see, Buddy Boy is sick, and I knew without a doubt that it was going to be rough.

So then, just after 1:00 this morning, he woke up with a coughing fit, couldn’t breathe, crying, begging for juice and milk, you know the drill.  I did everything in my power to comfort him, and it worked to the extent that he eventually stopped screaming.  He did not, however, stop KICKING ME.  The poor kid couldn’t get comfy and landed a few good ones right into my stomach, gave me a few headbutts, and had me cursing quietly to myself.



After about an hour of this, I thought to myself, “WHY is it that EVERY TIME I pray for patience, my patience gets tested so hard?”


Um, what???


Hello!!!  How did I not realize this before?  How did it take me 30+ years of living to catch on?



Our God is a wise one.  We are SO  blessed to have a Father in Heaven who answers our prayers with what we TRULY need.  Rather than simply granting me a magical patience for that small amount of time, He provided me an opportunity in which to grow and better prepare MYSELF to gain a better and stronger patience…a gift that will not last for 2 hours, but for eternity.

It’s like the man who you give a fish to.  He’s fed a day right?   But you could also teach him to fish…you know the story.

So with this newfound discovery, I thought back to other times when I’ve prayed for patience.  Or for inspiration.  Or for strength.  And you know what?  My prayers were answered every time.  Through struggle and challenge, and an opportunity to grow those virtues.  What a fool I’ve been.



Short story long, I’ve decided to not pray for any virtues anymore, and things’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.


Kidding. Mostly.


I will attempt to do a better job of recognizing answered prayers, and to be a little more grateful.  You know, it’s amazing.  Once I recognized that last night, suddenly the kicking wasn’t so bad.  Til I woke up bruised.  :-)


I am especially grateful to be able to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ each year.  Christmas is beautiful and fun, and peaceful.  I’m blessed to be able to truly understand the ‘reason for the season.’  And so to my blogging friends and dear readers, I hope and pray that YOUR Christmas is one filled with wonder, with love, and with harmony.  Make yourselves some wonderful memories.

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All About Me in 30 Days: A Dream for the Future Beyond the Next Year – Day 30

Wow, I can’t believe the 30 days are already over!  I think I’ve discovered a new way to make time fly even faster than usual…

So, to finish off, I get to share my dreams for the future.  What could be better?  Here goes:

– I want to change the lives of children around the world….and I want to do it on a personal level.  I want to provide clothing, food, health care, and school supplies to children.  I want to help make dreams come true, no matter what the situation of the child.

– I want to become a nurse.

– I want to live in a house with a big yard where I can have a big garden, an orchard, chickens, and all that good stuff. Also some fun things for the kids.:-)

– I want to live a self-reliant and eco-friendly life.  I want to have a year’s worth of food storage; to have and use a solar oven on a regular basis; to have fully stocked emergency kits for every member of the family; to know how to sew really well; to make ALL my cleaners myself,  and to walk to the store, school, etc, and when I need to drive to use something incredibly efficient, like an electric car or something. 

– I want my children to grow up as happy, healthy individuals who have the courage to follow their dreams and the fortitude to stick with it.

Thanks for sticking with me through all of this.  I’ve had a blast sharing bits and pieces of myself with you all, and I appreciate all the kind words and comments that kept me going along the way.

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All About Me in 30 Days: Hopes, Dreams, Plans for the Next 365 Days – Day 29

Wow…this is a great one, and I’m excited to share.

The first thing I want to accomplish in the next year is gonna shock you.  I wanna lose 20 lbs.

Never heard that one before, did ya?:-)  This time, it is for different reasons than in the past.  Before I wanted to be skinny and cute.  Now, I just want to be healthy.  And so, in all honesty, if I don’t lose any weight, but I get in better shape and I don’t get sick as often, I’ll be more than thrilled!

Here are more hopes, dreams and plans:

  • I want to transfer this blog to a more sophisticated and “involved” site, and get my own domain name.  I want enough followers to start doing more giveaways, and to feel like it’s a success.  I want to find the time to create higher quality posts, and make the entire thing more professional.
  • I want to get a whole lot better at face painting, and do at least 1-2 gigs each month.
  • I want to begin learning to play that guitar I have that I love so much.:-)
  • I plan to continue with my schooling, and get closer to my goal of becoming a nurse.
  • I plan on finally becoming free of that awful trap called DEBT.  (I’ll still have a mortgage, but that will be it.)

I know there will be more that I’ll come up with as the year comes to and end, but for now, that’s a good start!

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    All About Me in 30 Days: What’s In My Purse? – Day 27

    Well, there’s my purse…laying there in all it’s glory.

    I have to admit, I’m not a typical woman in some ways (although that’s probably not news…and who among us IS typical in all ways?  I’d guess none of us.)  I don’t have a lot of shoes, and I don’t really care about purses.  I own two pairs of sandals, one casual and one “churchy”, and I own one pair of sneakers and one pair of boots.  My purse situation is probably even more boring.  But I promised to play, so I will share with you what is in my purse at this exact moment:

    • 1 tube of chapstick
    • 1 pen, black ink
    • My debit card, my license and school ID, my insurance cards, temple recommend, Costco card, PTA card, blood donor card, and library card
    • 1 hair scrunchie
    • $2.30 in change
    • 1 tylenol extra strength tablet

    I don’t even keep my phone in there!

    All About Me in 30 Days: My Day in Detail – Day 25 1 comment

    Oops, I clicked on “save now” instead of “publish” for this post….guess it’s a little out of order now!:-)

    Okay, so my day…it wasn’t a typical day, but that’s okay:

    12:34 am  – Munchkin woke up crying.  Yesterday she got hurt at school and has a swollen leg that she can’t move.  She couldn’t roll over in bed, so I helped her to roll over and laid down with her.  Turned on the humidifier cause my throat was dry and sore.
    6:30 am – woke up freezing cold (gotta love the cold mist humidifiers).  Turned off the humidifier since my throat was no longer too dry.  Checked on Munchkin and Buddy Boy.  Buddy Boy was just waking up, but I kept him in bed for another half hour.
    7:00 am – Both kids got up.  Munchkin was hoping to go to school, but her leg was still swollen and she still couldn’t walk on it, so we decideed to keep her home.  I made the family pancakes and fruit for breakfast. 
    8:00 am – Called the school, email Munchkin’s teacher, and call the doctor to schedule a flu shot.  Look over my “to-do” list for the day.
    8:30 am – Clean up breakfast.
    9:00 am – 12:00 noon – put dinner in the crockpot, played with kids, decluttered file cabinet, whined to hubby, checked emails, did blog stuff, checked ebay, did laundry, yada yada yada.
    12:00 – lunch
    1:00 pm – Started a new to-do list cause I was seriously lacking in motivation.  Considered taking an excedrin just for the caffeine, decided the side effects it would have on my ulcer weren’t worth it, then sat around some debating what I should do. Almost fell asleep until Munchkin started poking me.
    2:00 pm – Played some card games with Munchkin, did some mathematics practice with her, played number game with Buddy Boy.
    2:30 – Spent a long time trying to calm Buddy Boy down.  He’s done so well with his potty training, and rarely has an accident, and he was pretty upset because he was wet.  Changed his clothes and while doing so he begged me for a diaper.  Silly boy…he never hated being wet before this week!
    3:00 – Cleaned off stove, switched out laundry, started oven self-cleaning (mostly cause I was cold, but it really did need to be cleaned too). 
    3:30 – Got the kids a snack.
    4:00 – Got online to work on the blog, check emails, and add new-found books to my “to-read” list on
    5:00 – Dinner.
    6:00 – Clean up
    7:00 – Family movie, courtesy of a free redbox rental code
    9:00 – bed time for kiddos!

    All About Me in 30 Days: My Week in Detail – Day 26

    Well my week will not have as much detail as my day did, because I didn’t read ahead to see what I was supposed to post about today…ah, well, too much detail can be annoying!

    Sunday – Woke up feeling kinda blah.  Got the kids and myself ready for church (hubby got himself ready:-)), went to church, came home and ate lunch (who knows what), sent out invoices for all the ebay auctions that had ended, had a nice dinner (although I can’t even remember what it was….sad huh?), watched the 2nd half of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, did some last minute school reading with Munchkin.

    Monday – Kids went to school, I finished up my Christmas shopping (for the immediate family, anyway…still don’t have everything for my mom and mother-in-law), decided to write a specific 30-minute schedule to follow at home with the hopes that it would keep me on task and prevent me from forgetting to do some things which tend to get lost in the pile of, I don’t know, STUFF to do.  Didnt’ actually write it though.  Picked up kids from school, did homework with them, ate dinner, etc.

    Tuesday – Told myself I would really write the schedule and then didn’t, got two workout videos from the library (Bob Harper’s new ones), tried one and made it for 10 minutes before I dropped out sweating and feeling like I would die (seriously…10 minutes???? I’ve NEVER done THAT bad before!), packaged and shipped ebay, did typical housework stuff.

    Wednesday – I woke up hardly able to walk from my whole TEN MINUTES of workout.  I’m so ashamed of that.  But felt good mentally, thinking I’d given my muscles a good workout.  Finally got around to making the scheduled list and got really excited to start trying it out on Thursday.  One big Christmas package arrived, so I wrapped the gifts and used the brown butcher packing paper to have some fun with the kids.  Once I’d picked them up from school, I laid the paper out on the kitchen floor and we decorated the whole thing while listening to High School Musical songs.  Munchkin LOVED it.  We’ll use the paper for wrapping Christmas presents.

    Thursday – I woke up still sore….nope, I’m not joking.  I could walk just fine as long as there were no stairs, and no sitting or standing.  lol.  I started the day on schedule and was pumped, thinking I’d be able to make really good use of my new schedule.  Went to the store to pick up a prescription, did some grocery shopping.  Got a phone call from Munchkin at school saying she’d gotten hurt at recess.  She had run into a kid head-on, and had a bloody nose and a hurt leg.  The lady in the office said she hadn’t been limping previously, so I figured Munchkin was being dramatic.  After getting her home to change out of her bloody clothes, however, I found that her leg was completely red and swollen, and my poor girl could hardly walk!  Played nurse for the rest of the day, went to Parent Teacher Conference with the family.

    Friday – I woke up almost not sore…yippee!!  Munchkin however, still could not walk and all around her knee was still swollen, so we kept her home.  Buddy Boy doesn’t go to school on Fridays, so we had both kids home.  I made phone calls to arrange delivery of the school’s fundraiser chocolates to family.  Made a doctor appointment for a flu shot, paid bills, you know, the usual. Also received another Christmas package and came THIS close to giving in and giving it to the kids early….I’m ridiculous sometimes.

    Saturday – The day has just begun, but I’ll tell you the plans:  Planning to go to Lowe’s to do their free project (assuming Munchkin feels good enough), deliver chocolates to mother-in-law’s, photograph and prepare more items for ebay,  find out which sibling of hubby’s we’re supposed to buy Christmas for, and do some major cleaning.

    There you have it!  My week in a nutshell:-)