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Happy 2012! I’m still in shock over how quickly the last year has flown by.  What did you accomplish in 2011?  More importantly, what are you GOING to accomplish in 2012?  I for one, have big plans, like always! 🙂   As you know, I had some deeply personal issues/struggles that needed to be dealt with over the last couple of months.  I took a hiatus from this blog, as well as from much of my life.  Ironically, around the […]

Happy New Year (I’m BACK)!!

I have a friend who posted on her blog the other day about some hurtful things were said to her regarding her children.  It got me thinking, and I wanted to get your thoughts as well.   I’ve heard some pretty ignorant remarks concerning my son and his autism.  Most are annoying:  “Wow, I didn’t know Buddy Boy was actually SMART…kids who have autism can be smart?”, “Buddy Boy is so LOUD”, “Thank heavens you got such an angelic daughter […]

When Feelings Get Hurt

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A good, sweet friend of mine has started a new blog, with a fantastic theme. Her blog is called “30 and Loving It!” She chose to start it because she is turning 30 this year, and has chosen to turn this milestone into a positive one by highlighting some great things about being 30 (or older)!   She’s just begun to highlight some fantastic 30-somethings, and it’s so fun! Head on over and take a look at her post all […]

30 and Loving It!!

So, as you may or may not know, I’ve been working very hard at night after the kids are in bed to pay down my debt.  It’s been slow and steady, and I’ve begun seeing some real progress.  It’s relaxing, really, to know that my efforts are paying off, and that helps me sleep better at night.   Imagine with me, if you will, the horror:     I left my computer on yesterday afternoon and went to start dinner.  […]


Forgive me for getting a little “religious” on you today, but oh me oh my, I had an epiphany last night.   It wasn’t actually last night.  It was this morning.  Between the lovely hours of 1:00 and 4:00 am.     But then, I’ve never been very good with timing.   Okay, so it all started last night.  I put the kids to bed, helped them say their prayers, and then hopped into the sack myself.  I said my […]

My Middle of the Night Epiphany