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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zyrobotics, LLC for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Who here has played Turtle Invaders?  Its such a fun game! There is a new app coming out next week that is based on a math adaptation of Turtle Invaders.  It’s called OctoPlus, and was created by Zyrobotics .  Zyrobotics, LLC is an inclusive technology company. Their mission is to enable freedom through technology by developing products that are adaptive to each […]

New Math App for Special Needs and Special Learning!

All right, I wanna know –   Who is NOT happy that their kids are back in school?   Me, that’s who. 🙂  You should have seen me dragging my feet to work this morning.  It was sad.  (I work at a school)   Don’t get me wrong.  The routine is definitely a good thing, especially for my little dude with Autism.  But man, summer and being together all day is just so much fun!!!   The good news is […]

Back to School Blues?

How many moms do we have here?  (Raise your hand, moms.)   I am a mom. I have two beautiful, healthy children.  When I was a child and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered without hesitation, “I want to be a mom – that or a brain surgeon.”  While I never made it to medical school, I am doing something just as important as “brain surgery” – I’m raising children.  I’m […]

Give Yourself a Raise

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After hearing some terrible news today, I have been feeling quite down and depressed.  In my manic state, I went around the house cleaning out drawers and cabinets, anything to get my mind off the feelings of anger, frustration, and sadness.  I came across this poem.  I honestly don’t even remember where I got it from, but in reading it I felt a little bettern.  And so, I’ve decided to share it here:  God Cries Too By Darciann Samples Adam […]

God Cries Too

Some of my favorite quotes from my  family last year: Buddy Boy:  “Mom, can I have milk?” Mom: No BB: Can I have juice? Mom: No BB: Can I have water?  Mom: No BB: Can I have slime? “You know, life is hectic, stressful, and certainly not easy.  Yet when I look at my children, really REALLY look at them, I feel such a love and peace, and how can I complain? When I see my sweet smiling kids, EVERYTHING […]