About Me

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Who am I?
My name is Evelyn.  I am a Utah gal working toward a more self reliant lifestyle, and sharing my thoughts along the way.   I’m a proud mom of a beautiful 11-year old daughter, the mother of a handsome little 7 year old boy.


I have taught frugal living classes at my local church, and enjoyed being a member of the Salt Lake Tribune’s Money Matters Panel.  Come join me in my quest to make the lives of all around me BETTER…on a budget.


Who is This Blog For?

My blog is for anyone looking to live a more frugal, self-reliant lifestyle.  If you are interested in gardening, in frugal cooking, in affordable philanthropy opportunities, or in green living, I have something here for you!  This blog is a bit of a “share with you as I learn” blog, and so I always welcome comments and ideas.