Golden Age Stories Review

As you may have figured out by now, I LOVE books.  I love reading them; I love listening to them being read.  I love how I can get completely lost in a story.  I love reading as an alternative to TV watching.  I love that reading makes me think, and expands my vocabulary.  I love the entertainment books provide.  I love that there are public libraries so readily available to me, to keep my entertainment budget low!


All of these reasons are a part of why I was so excited to provide this review…if you are a book lover, like me, please allow me to introduce you to Golden Age Stories.



Galaxy Press has launched a series of original fiction written in the pulp era (known as the Golden Age)  by L. Ron Hubbard.  “With 19 New York Times bestsellers and over 208 MILLION copies of his works in circulation, L. Ron Hubbard is among the most acclaimed and widely read authors of our time.  As a leading light of American Pulp Fiction through the 1930’s and 1940’s, he is further among the most influential authors of the modern age.”

Galaxy Press produced their audiobooks using  three-dimensional cinematic sound and Hollywood performers, to create a “theater of the Mind” experience.  There is usually an uplifting ending, making for positive, upbeat, affordable entertainment right in the comfort of the home.


Two of the stories I listened to:

Killer’s Law


Sheriff Kyle of Deadeye, Nevada has traveled to the nation’s capital to personally bring evidence against one of the state’s wealthiest copper kings. But instead of giving his findings to the senator he’s supposed to meet, Kyle discovers a trail of blood moments before he’s knocked unconscious.

Kyle awakens to the flashing bulbs of reporters and harsh voices of police demanding to know why he’s killed the popular politician. Things look particularly bleak—he’s got no alibi, no memory of who knocked him out, and his five-inch knife is sticking out of the corpse—casting all suspicions his way.


Under the Black Ensign

Tom Bristol’s career as first mate of the Maryland barkRandolph abruptly ends during shore leave when he is press-ganged into serving aboard the British HMSTerror.  Toil under the cruel whip of England is merciless: Crew members are treated as little more than chattel—barely fed, made to work past the brink of exhaustion and kept in line with a cat-o’-nine-tails. Fate finally smiles on young Bristol when the vessel is overtaken by pirates and he gladly turns coat and joins them.

Yet Tom’s new pirate mates desert him quickly after he’s found guilty of killing a mutinous pirate and unwittingly harboring a woman on board. Marooned on a deserted island, Tom has nothing but a small supply of water, a gun and just enough bullets to kill himself. But Tom dreams up a devious plan that will return him to the high seas and make his past adventures pale compared to what he has in store for his many enemies.


*Both stories are performed with a multiple-person cast, music, and sound effects.


I absolutely LOVED the two stories I listened to.  I cannot lie, initially I felt a little silly listening to the sound effects.  The experience was just so different that it took a couple minutes to get used to.  Literally though, it only took a couple of minutes, and the next thing I knew I was enthralled in the story.  Using a multi-person cast is, in my opinion, genius.  Each character has their own individual voice, and it’s less distracting, at least for me, to be able to hear a female character speak as a female, rather than as a man pretending to be female, as happens in typical audiobooks.  The music is fantastic.  I’m not ashamed to admit that when the music sounded in between chapters, I stood, stretched, and yes, perhaps danced a bit to the music.  :-)  I couldn’t help it!

The stories were provided with enough effects to interest my 9-year old daughter, as well.  She came into the room wanting to know what I was watching, and when I explained to her that I was actually just listening, I thought she’d leave without interest, but to my surprise she sat down next to me and we listened together.  She got really into it, even jumped once  in her excitement!

One thing I like is that these stories are short, about 2 hours unabridged.  You get right to the action quickly, and the story doesn’t take a lot of time to build…it’s just suddenly there!   I love ALL books, including audiobooks, but sometimes it can take me weeks to find the time to finish listening to one.  Because these were short stories, they were much quicker to get through, which is a good thing for anyone who would want to borrow these from the library for a limited time.

**My overall experience was extremely positive, and I would recommend these books to anyone.

Not sure it’s something you’d enjoy?  GO HERE and download a samplesee if it’s your style.  There are a few books to choose from, and you can choose either an e-book or an audio version!  You can also preview stories HERE, on Golden Age Stories Youtube page.



*I received no monetary compensation for my review. I was provided 4 audio books free of charge in exchange for my review. The opinions are 100% mine!

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