And Now, Let Us Eat Summer Squash

Summer squash, or yellow squash, is another garden item that tends to give you a lot of produce!  If you know exactly what to do with it all, WAY TO GO!  If not, here are some (possibly) new ideas to use it up:


Yellow Squash - This is a quick and simple recipe, and it has a 4 1/2 star rating, based on 56 reviews.  It’s definitely a way I never would have thought of to make it!








Yellow Squash and Peppers -

This recipe is very healthy, and gives you the opportunity to use up other produce as well.  It would make a fantastic side dish, or even small lunch meal or something.













Yellow Squash Puffs

These may not be as healthy as the dish above, but they look just as tasty.  I bet that if you wanted to make them sweet instead of savory, you could simply omit the onions and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar.  This is a recipe I think I’ll try, and I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on it!




Summer Squash and Green Rice -

Here’s a really tasty and easy looking recipe from The Neelys.  It’s a nice, simple, and frugal dish that can be a full meal all by itself!






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