5 Things 08/26/12

Man, oh man…


I cannot claim to have accomplished much on my list.


Let me rephrase that.  I didn’t exactly get a lot of stuff from my list done.


Doesn’t sound any better when I put it that way, does it?  Dang it.

I’ve got no excuses, man.  No excuses at all.


Let’s just get this pathetic report over with, shall we?  :-)

  1. De clutter “craft” closet and bookshelves. – NO
  2. Go to Jungle Jim’s with the kids. – YES
  3. Can more tomato stuff! – NO
  4. Freeze some of my Bountiful Baskets fruit for smoothies. – YES
  5. Learn how to cook brussel sprouts – NO…guess what ended up in the compost heap because I kept putting it off?


I can’t really even claim the Jungle Jim’s thing completely, because I only took ONE of my kids….but hey, I’m rounding that 50% up to 100, baby.  

(I was gonna have some pictures here, but my internet is whacked out and I’ve spent 45 minutes trying to upload.  Maybe if you come back tomorrow there will be something here.:-))


And that, folks, marks the end of summer for the family!  (I’m pretty sure you can hear that violin playing for me, right?)  No, really, it’s all good.  I admit to being less than thrilled about school starting up again this year, but really, it’s because everything is changing, and I’m uncomfortable with change.  Buddy Boy is going to a new school over 25 miles away, my work hours are different, and I’m just freaking out cause I don’t know what to expect.  I’m sure once we all get into the routine of things, it’s gonna be AWESOME (except for the huge gas bill to drive my boy to and from school everyday, eh?).


And although Munchkin is starting school tomorrow, Buddy is not, so it’s gonna be kind of an in-between week:

  1. Set up and attend Buddy Boy’s school orientation.
  2. Attempt the new routine I’ve written up for myself for the school year.  I don’t know how well it’ll work this week with my son not starting school until next week, but I’m hoping to get a bit of an idea how it’ll work out…
  3. Begin harvesting and juicing grapes!  Hallelujah, it’s so fun watching our grapes turn purple!
  4. Start making a menu plan for September.
  5. Load up stuff I’ve been “decluttering“; donate it to the local thrift shop.


Have a great week, y’all!


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