Back To School Snacks Experiements

I’ve been experimenting, yo.


It’s like a nesting instinct.  I don’t understand!  I have this desire, this pull, this NEED to make snack foods in bulk now so that we have them on hand when the school year starts.

We’ve been experimenting with a few ideas we’ve found on Pinterest, and the kids are taste testing.  They have given their thumbs up/down and I am going to share the results of this highly scientific experiment with you:


First up, granola bars:

These awesome looking bars.  (from Lauren’s Latest)

First of all, these were really, really easy.  Fast to make, too.  Just like promised!  This is one snack that I can’t personally vouch for because it has gluten in it and I couldn’t try it.  My daughter wouldn’t eat them (she hates anything with oats in it).  My son, however, gave it a thumbs up.  In fact, he kept finding “reasons” to eat more: “Oh, I forgot to put it on the plate!  I better get another one and eat on the plate.”  “Oh, oops, there’s a little piece that broke off from the batch.  I’d better eat it.” and on and on.  It was pretty cute.  I’ll definitely be keeping this recipe!


Next up:

No-Bake Energy Bites from Smashed Peas and Carrots

These suckers are GOOD.  My kids didn’t like them though (picky little punks don’t like coconut).  That works out well for me, so I can have them all.  I froze about 2 dozen, and they’ll be a great quick lunch or snack for those days that I’m running from work to the store to the school and stuff.


Made a batch of this:

Except we used ground turkey instead of beef.  Same great taste, hopefully fewer calories… 

This was no surprise…my daughter and I loved it.  My son, not so much.  He doesn’t eat meat very often.  It’s a texture thing.


By this time, I was a bit discouraged.  Lots of recipes; I liked all of them, but not one had pleased BOTH my kids.  Grr…


Then I tried these…

and all was good again.  Thumbs up from both kids, myself, and hubby!  HALLELUJAH.   Gotta love Gluten Free Graham Crackers that actually taste BETTER than graham crackers, eh?  The best part about these was the fact that I didn’t read the recipe right and added WAY too much of one flour, so I had to triple the entire recipe.  I was so scared they were gonna taste awful and I would have a never-ending batch of them.  Thank goodness they are delicious.  The batch I made should still last a long time:-)


We finished today with some healthy grain-free brownies:

Buddy Boy and I like them.  Munchkin hasn’t tried them yet.  I will not lie; they are not your typical brownie.  The texture is quite a bit different, which really can be a bigger deal than I’d realized.  The taste is fantastic, just like a brownie, and both my son and I like them.  (I used regular sugar because it’s what I had on hand.)


So…I have a few new snack options for the kids for school.  I still want to try a few more recipes, but frankly, the nesting instinct has left me and all I want to do right now is sleep….so we will see.:-)

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