5 Things 08/19/12

My gosh…the last week FLEW by.  It’s because I’m dreading school starting up again, isn’t it?


What’s sad is that I don’t really remember DOING anything, except on Saturday.  I guess there were a LOT of playdates, but other than that, I can’t remember!


The kids loved the food at the Summer Social, and the slides, face painting, and dancing wasn’t bad either! (Put on by the Utah Autism Coalition)

At least we had some fun at the very end of the week, right?


Here’s how I did:


1.  Help put registration packets together for Munchkin’s school. – YES

2. Get both kids registered for school. – YES

3. Finish back to school shopping. – YES
4. De-clutter craft “closet” and bookshelves – Oops, NO
5. Can a batch of salsa. – YES…2 batches of salsa and a batch of spaghetti sauce!
The plan for this week, the LAST WEEK BEFORE SCHOOL:
  1. De clutter “craft” closet and bookshelves.
  2. Go to Jungle Jim’s with the kids.
  3. Can more tomato stuff!
  4. Freeze some of my Bountiful Baskets fruit for smoothies.
  5. Learn how to cook brussel sprouts, and then attempt it.
Have a good week!


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