August Spending Update

We got some good news in the mail the other day:  a $150 gift card to Walmart.  It was a bonus from my husband’s work from a few months ago, and it finally arrived!  The timing couldn’t be better since we’ve got back to school shopping to do.  It let’s us boost the shopping budget up quite a bit this month!

I know you’re shocked to know that we already spent the entire thing, aren’t you?  Boy, the family was excited to use it and get stuff that we don’t normally get!  Here’s what we bought:

– 2 beach balls for the kids                                          – 5 pack boys underwear

– 8 pack boys socks                                                            – 1 girls’ backpack

– 3 pack Clorox wipes (for school)                              – 1 gallon bleach

– 1 box washing soda                                                       – 1 sports bra

-3 lb ground beef                                                                 – 2 lbs sausage

– 1.5 lb apples                                                                        – 2 lb bananas

– 3 frozen pizzas                                                                   – 1 box dixie cups (for school)

– 1 lb turkey deli meat                                                      – 1 box pasta roni

– 5 pack mac n’ cheese                                                     – 1 large bottle mayonnaise

– 10 lb sugar                                                                       – 2 gallons milk

– gluten free spaghetti                                                   – 1 pack flour tortillas

– 1 large pack toilet paper                                            –  24-pack string cheese

– 1 can enchilada sauce                                                – 3 cans tomato paste

– 1 pack fresh blueberries                                         – 2 cans tuna

– 2 loaves bread                                                                 – 1 bag tortilla chips

– 3 lb colby jack cheese                                                – 1 pkg polenta

– 2 lunchables                                                                   – 6 kiwi

– 2 lb red grapes                                                                  – 1 pack corn tortillas

– 24-pack cherry coke                                                 – 1 8-oz tub sour cream

Whew…I don’t think we’ve EVER spent that much money in one trip.  But we were determined to spend the whole amount, and we only went $1.18 over, so our out of pocket cost wasn’t much! :-)


At Buddy Boy’s new school, he will be in charge of providing snacks for his class every other week.  I decided to take advantage of the Smith’s deal going on right now (buy 10 participating items, get $5 off), but I confess, I didn’t do any coupon matching, so I’m sure I could have gotten a better deal if I’d taken some time planning it out:

– 5 bags goldfish

– 2 boxes fruit snacks

– 1 box fruit gushers

-2 64-oz bottles 100% juice

– 1 bottle Tums

– 1 16-oz tub sour cream

Total spent:  $19.31


So…if we DON’T count the money from the gift card, our out-of-pocket total for the month is $21.18 + $87…



If we do count it, and just give ourselves a bigger budget for the month, we’ve spent:




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