5 Things 8/12/12

Sorry for being late on this post, folks…cause I know y’all were holding your breath for it, weren’t ya?;-)


We were out of town most of yesterday, and I didn’t get a thing done.  It was great!


View in the morning…taken with my camera phone…so you can imagine how much better it must have looked in person!

This was our last mini vacation for the year.  We’re gonna start getting back to the daily grind and to reality.

Here’s what I got done last week:


  1. Get everything arranged for filming – YES
  2. Start working on a menu plan for August. – YES
  3. Go through kids’ closets (and mine!), – YES
  4. Try at least one new gluten free recipe. – YES


Filming was so much fun as well, and if I was allowed to, I would share pictures from that…but alas, it’s a contract thing.  It was crazy hot (105 degrees) and I was wearing thick heavy robes and a thick, heavy, TIGHT turban.  Oh my gosh, it was tough, but still worth it to be a part of such a grand undertaking!


So…the plan for this week:
1.  Help put registration packets together for Munchkin’s school.
2. Get both kids registered for school.
3. Finish back to school shopping.
4. De-clutter craft “closet” and bookshelves
5. Can a batch of salsa.


What are your plans for the week?  I hope you make it a great one!

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