August Grocery Spending – Already Made a Trip!

Dang, it hasn’t been August that long, and I’ve already made three, YES THREE, “trips”.  I put trips in quotations because I don’t know if one of them is technically a trip.


Or perhaps I do it simply because I CAN. :-)


Anyway, the first trip for the month was to pick up my Bountiful Baskets order.  The total was what it typically is, $16.50, and as usual, I was very pleased with what I got.  The second trip was to Reams grocery, and the third was a walk to a guy’s house in our neighborhood who just happens to own an acre of land and uses it to grow produce to sell.  (LOVE the man, by the way.  He’s an awesome 80+ year old and he works SO HARD.  He’s inspiring and sweet.)


Anyway, here’s the overall picture (literally and figuratively) of what I got:


Bountiful Baskets:

– 1 head green cabbage

– 1 head green lettuce

– 5 tomatoes

– 8 red potatoes

– 3 large avocados

– 2 lb bag cherries

– 3 mangoes

– 5 peaches

– 1 bunch bananas

– 1 cantaloupe

– 6 oz pkg blueberries


Reams ($60.25):

– 1 can Hunt’s Spaghetti sauce ($1.25)                                    – 24 sticks string cheese ($6)

– 2 lb pork sausage ($1.89/lb)                                                   – 2 lb colby jack cheese ($2.95/lb)

– 1 pkg grated Myzithra cheese ($3.99)                                    – 5 lb boneless skinless chicken breast ($1.69/lb)

– 3 packs socks (7 pair per pack) ($3.99 each)                        – 2 lbs butter ($4)

– 8-oz cream cheese ($1.99)                                                      15 lb Russet potatoes ($2.99)

– 2 lb bananas ($0.49/lb)                                                       – 2.5 lbs grapes ($0.99/lb)

– 4 ears corn ($1)                                                                      – 5 lbs strawberries ($0.99/lb)



Our Neighbor Dude ($10)

– 24 ears corn

– 14 large peaches

– 4 large tomatoes

– 2 large cucumbers


*Yes, we like corn on the cob a little bit.:-)


Total spent for August (and it’s only the 6th!!):  $87


Well, I guess we’ll have to be a little more careful the rest of the month, eh?  At least we all have socks without holes now.:-)




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