5 Things August 5

Wow, so last week and the entire month of July went by really slow….no, not really.


I can’t believe it’s already August.  Summer is almost over!! :-(


Sad as it is, I will probably welcome the changes when school starts….enjoy the whole “renewal” process of it all.  I’m a sucker for starting fresh, renewing goals, and all that jazz.  Which is perhaps why I love doing the 5 things post.  Screwed up last week?  No problem, I’ll try again this week.  It’s great!


Here’s what I worked for last week:

  1. Watch as much of the Olympics as I can handle. – YES
  2. Do some back-to-school shopping  – YES
  3. Clean, wash out fridge. – YES
  4. Clean out, defrost, wash freezers. – YES
  5. Make a few freezer meals. – YES (Refried beans, smoothie “mixes”, zucchini bread)
 My son really enjoyed his bath time this week.:-)
I got a phone call last night inviting me to do some filming this week with my church, and I’m really excited for that!  The project they are filming is of the New Testament, so everything is dated.  The period clothing I’ve worn in the past and seen others wear is incredible, and I look forward to the 12-hour hot day in the desert sun, ha ha!


This week has a lot of fun included:


  1. Get everything arranged for filming (buy nail polish remover to remove those colorful toenails, figure out gluten-free meal arrangements, etc)
  2. Family reunion…we’re gonna make a mini “vacation” out of it.
  3. Start working on a menu plan for August.
  4. Go through kids’ closets (and mine!), de clutter old to make room for new.
  5. Try at least one new gluten free recipe.
Y’all have a great week!

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