My New Favorite Smoothie

Okay, so I’ve been eating a smoothie a day this summer…literally.  I’m loving them.  Usually we just throw in a bunch of fresh and frozen fruit without giving much thought to amounts, type of fruit, etc, and they’ve been good.




I decided I was ready for a “recipe” smoothie.  You know?  A smoothie that I could actually duplicate and that didn’t have 6 different fruits in it, with no one fruit standing out.  I am glad I did.


So here’s the deal.  Take yerself some watermelon, frozen strawberries (I buy them in bulk on sale and freeze them myself) and some peaches.  Or you could do blueberries.  Or something.  I did blueberries, cause this is a RECIPE.


Blend it up and drink it down.


The watermelon is sweet enough that you don’t have to add one ounce of sugar.  It’s so refreshing!  I’ve found that the sweeter smoothies I’ve made are the ones with some type of melon in them.  (Bananas are a great sweetener, but my kids notice every time and there’s always at minimum a pout, ha ha!)


Here are the exact amounts, aka, the recipe:

2 cups balled watermelon, with the juice

2 cups frozen sliced strawberries

1/2 cup blueberries or peaches (I’ve done both…pictured above is the one with blueberries)

Throw all the stuff in the blender and have at it.  If it’s too thick, add some water or juice.  Too thin?  Oops, my bad.:-)  No, just add some ice or more frozen strawberries.


Lovin’ it.

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