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I’ve posted quite a few times in the past about my change jar.   I know the idea isn’t a new one, and so I won’t go into many details explaining it, but I just wondered:  Do very many people keep those anymore?


I got thinking that with debit cards, smartphone payment apps, online bank transfers, and the like, maybe people don’t carry much cash around, and therefore they may not have a lot of change.  But I really don’t know, so I’m curious.


We use cash around here.  I’ve got the cash envelope system going on at my house, and so I get a lot of change, and it always goes into my change jar.  I usually deposit the change in the fall, when I’m getting ready to start hammering down on my Christmas shopping.  It never is enough to COVER Christmas, but it’s definitely helpful.  I admit that I’ve used it in the past to when we had unexpected bills come up and were short.  Whatever works, right?


This is my change jar as of today:


I rolled the coins and counted it out, and as of now, I have $56.24 in there.  Not bad…$50 is the budgeted amount my husband and I will have for each other for Christmas this year, so we’ve already got one person taken care of, ha ha!


Do you have a change jar?  What about an envelope system?  Do you use one?  If so, what categories do you have?  I keep my envelopes pretty basic, but I am curious as to what other people do.  I know I have a lot of learning to do!  My current envelopes are:

  • Grocery
  • Car Gas
  • Vacation
  • Gifts/Entertainment (used for b-day gifts, going out to eat, etc)
  • Savings (I’m saving for a new couch right now)
  • Christmas – this is one I just started today.  It’s time to start saving up!
  • Misc. – this one is for “other” things, like yard/garden, swimming lessons, etc.

So…share your thoughts, if you are so obliged!  I’d love to hear from you.

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3 thoughts on “Change Jars – Do You Have One?

  • Katherine Riley

    We have a change jar and use an envelope method using savings accounts at our banks. Our change jar is used for an added bonus to our vacation spending.

  • Trish

    I have a change jar! I don’t use a lot of cash, but I hate paying for things with a debit card if the total isn’t much, so I usually try to keep $10-20 on me for things like that. At the end of the week I dump all the change from my wallet into the change jar and wait for it to fill up. Usually we’ll cash it in before we go on vacation so we have some extra money.

    • Evelyn Post author

      That’s so awesome…I’m relieved that I’m not the only one who still does this! Vacationing is the perfect thing to use it for, so you don’t have a huge, lofty goal that needs a specific amount saved up. Thanks for replying, I am feeling slightly more normal now!:)