5 Things 7/22

How was your week?


If you’re like many, you are still reeling from the tragic shooting in Aurora, CO.  I hope that instead of letting these events get us down, and get us mad and arguing about gun control and other things, that we will instead hug our loved ones a little tighter, say “I love you” a little more often, and smile a little brighter, grateful for the life we’ve been given.


Just my two cents, and I apologize for sharing, but I really had to get it off my chest.:-)


Anyway, productive-wise, I did terrible.  I blame it on the reading.  I read a LOT this week, and so although I didn’t get a lot on the list done, I really, REALLY enjoyed myself.  My very favorite read this week was Running For My Life by Lopez Lomong.  If you’re looking to be inspired, to feel more grateful for the life you have, or to be moved in any way, you gotta check it out!  It was definitely worth being fairly unproductive:




  1. Bowling with the kids doing the FREE summer bowling program. – YES
  2. Order produce from Bountiful Baskets. – YES
  3. Make a few freezer batches of gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough. – YES, and a few loaves of zucchini bread
  4. Run a couple of 5Ks – NO.  I went running once, and didn’t go very far.  I can’t even remember why!
  5. Deep clean the carpets. – NO, but I did take apart my entire kitchen sink and drain to try and find the source of a terrible smell!  Does that count for anything?  I say it does, it was pure misery.  But guess what!  As of noon yesterday, my kitchen no longer stinks! :-)


So…the plan for this week:


  1. Run a couple of 5Ks.
  2. Get Munchkin and Buddy Boy to all their events this week:  Swimming lessons, B-day parties, Sleepovers, Grandma day, etc. (Yes, I’m counting it on the list this week!)
  3. Balance the budget for August.
  4. Work on redecorating Munchkin’s room with stuff we have on hand.  
  5. Declutter bookshelves.

I couldn’t let you go a week without pictures of our outdoor adventures, now could I?  :-)  Have a safe, happy week!

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