5 Things July 15th

I cannot believe July is halfway over.  That means SUMMER is halfway over!!! Not cool.


Last week was a really fun one for my husband and kiddos!  For me, it was kind of a bummer week.  Let me fill ya in…




See, the hubby and kids went to Bear Lake for two days for some fun in the sun.  I was invited of course, but see, I’m an idiot and I chose not to go.


I haven’t been without my kids overnight.  EVER.  For the past 9 1/2 years.  So when the opportunity presented itself, I selfishly thought to myself:  “Self, this is the perfect chance for you to get your OWN vacation!!  To do some fun things you’ve always wanted to do, to enjoy some peace and quiet and a whole day and a half to yourself.  Oh, the fun you’ll have!!”


I had some great ideas, too.

  • First, I was gonna go on a hike, EARLY in the morning.  I was gonna go up to Cecret Lake, or Lake Solitude, somewhere gorgeous like that.
  • I was gonna go to a movie.  IN A MOVIE THEATER.  Oh, yeah.
  • I also called and booked myself a little PARAGLIDING adventure!!!  Wowzers, right?


It was going to be epic.  Unfortunately, there were a few glitches:

  • We have 2 cars.  One runs well, the other, not so much.  I forgot that the family would have the decent car.  The other one could never possibly make it up any canyon.  It can’t even go highway speeds, ha ha!  So the hike idea was out.
  • The day of the paragliding, there was NO WIND.  None.  So I was put “on call” to wait until there was wind.  The minute it happened we’d go.  But it never came.  The next day a storm blew in.  Wait, BLEW in?  No, it didn’t, because there was no wind.  A lightning and thunderstorm just appeared magically, out of nowhere, so I couldn’t do it the next day, either.
  • The movie never happened because I was on call for 18 hours!


Moral of the story?  I have none.  But I wanted to share it anyway.:-)


Ah well, at least I was productive around the house those two days!

  1. Create a new behavior/schedule/calming chart for Buddy Boy.  – YES, and so far he’s quite motivated by it.
  2. Take a couple solitary hikes.  No, but I did take a hike with the family.
  3. Repaint bedroom wall – YES
  4. Make a big batch of chicken/rice soup freezer meals. – YES
  5. Donate clothes the kids have outgrown. – YES, and a lot of other stuff!
(some pics from the hike we did as a family to Cecret Lake)
So you know, the week wasn’t a total loss.  I honestly don’t have a lot of productive plans for this week, but hopefully some things will still happen:
  1. Bowling with the kids doing the FREE summer bowling program.
  2. Order produce from Bountiful Baskets.
  3. Make a few freezer batches of gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough.  I’m feeling the need/desire to have a lot of freezer meals ready for when school, and work, starts again.
  4. Run a couple of 5Ks – not official events, but just that distance a couple of times.
  5. Deep clean the carpets.
Have a great week, everyone!

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