My new Genius Idea For Freezing Fruit

‘Tis the season to find great deals on fresh fruit.  I’m a sucker for good deals on fresh fruit!!  It’s like summer heaven.


When I find the fruit on sale, of course, I MUST buy it in bulk.  I just must.  And it’s all good, cause I don’t mind dicing, chopping, and freezing for smoothies.  We eat smoothies nearly every day in my house.  Our blender will not live to see next season, we make so many.


I used to freeze the fruit in freezer bags, but man, it can get expensive and plastic freezer bags aren’t exactly environmentally friendly.  I was pondering this dilemma when I had a GENIUS, mind blowing idea.   Are you ready for it????


Why not just freeze the fruit in canning jars???




Oh, you’ve thought of that already?  My bad.  It was an exciting moment for me, anyway.

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