5 Things 7/8

How was your week?  
We had a decent one here.  The biggest news around Utah right now is the rainstorm that finally came and helped with some of the many wildfires…it had been 38 days since we’d had a drop of rain here!  Thankfully we’re not hearing more news about a ton of new fires starting up…maybe things will slow down.
As for me personally, it was a decent week as well.  Got most of the stuff on my list done:
  1. Research/plan activity at the Clark Planetarium. – YES, and we already made the visit!
  2. Finish getting Bear Lake weekend planned. – YES
  3. Make a batch of homemade laundry detergent. – YES
  4. Work up a new daily cleaning schedule. – YES
  5. Begin new daily “schedule” now that Buddy Boy is out of school. – YES
The plan for this week:
  1. Create a new behavior/schedule/calming chart for Buddy Boy.  His meltdowns and anxiety issues are just getting worse.  I’m afraid that maybe his teachers and therapists were right when they said we should consider medication.  My heart breaks into a million pieces every time I think about it.:-(
  2. Take a couple solitary hikes.  Since my “me time” trip to New York fell through, I’m going to see what I can do to get some away time locally.
  3. Repaint bedroom wall – my son began peeling the paint off a few months ago and it’s time to fix it!:)
  4. Make a big batch of chicken/rice soup freezer meals.
  5. Donate clothes the kids have outgrown.

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