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How’s everyone’s gardens doing?  I’m kinda ashamed…our garden was not doing very well.  Our tomato plants, while alive and well, have kinda just…slowed down.  The zucchini we planted completely died!!!  I kid you not.  Who in the heck kills zucchini?  Apparently I do.


But, BUT!  Our apple tree is doing so well that we had to thin the apples for the first time this year.  Terribly painful to do, plucking little baby apples off the tree, but it’s better than our branch busting off cause it’s loaded with fruit, right?


Anyway, last weekend I went to Lambert’s Floral and Nursery here in Utah.  It was their last week of being open, and that meant one thing:  Killer prices.  I do just about all my garden from seed, but this year I felt the need to supplement, and I felt totally justified.  The selection isn’t great, but they had tomatoes, and that’s the main thing I wanted.


For $6, here is what I got:

  • 3 Basil plants
  • 1 Parsley plant
  • 3 Zucchini plants
  • 2 Crookneck Squash plants
  • 11 Tomato plants, 10 of which are HEIRLOOM (Yes I’m excited)!!


And wouldn’t you know it, the garden suddenly is looking a little better.


We’ve been able to get about 6-oz of raspberries everyday.  Not enough to freeze or can, but perfect for a morning snack with the kids.



And what the heck??  I’ve never seen a red wasp before…nasty!


Man, I’m excited for harvest time!:-)

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