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Whew, what a week!


Munchkin is already out of school for the summer.  Buddy Boy is not.  He’ll be starting his last week of school tomorrow!  I’ve been so looking forward to it, but I confess that after this last week, I’m dreading having him home all day.  He’s been having high anxiety issues lately, and that usually means major meltdowns.  This week was no exception.  Hopefully this week will be a fresh start!  We did move a lot of stuff around the house this week…and while he’s talked like he’s been happy about it, maybe that change is part of the cause of his anxiety.  We’ll see!  So, here’s how the week went down:


  1. Paint 1 bedroom.YES, in fact, we painted TWO!  (painted them white, cause that’s what we had.  I promise, we do like color)
  2. Get Munchkin moved downstairs. – YES
  3. Get food storage room moved upstairs.YES
  4. Get Buddy Boy moved into Munchkin’s old room.YES
  5. Take food storage inventory YES
The plan for this week is mostly to survive.  I know, that sounds so pathetic, but  I seriously don’t have a ton of ambition.  So I’m gonna try to enjoy this last week that Buddy Boy has at school!  (Bad mom, bad mom, bad mom!!! :-)
  1. Call local nursery, find out when they’re having their end-of-season sale.
  2. Attend Buddy Boy’s preschool graduation party.
  3. Attend fundraiser yard sale on Saturday.
  4. 12-year anniversary – We’re not doing anything to celebrate, but hey, I’m counting it on my list!;-)
  5. Plan family day trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Have a great week!

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