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5 Things 5/22

Oops, is it Tuesday already?  Guess I’m a little late on the weekly update and plan.  I have a fantastic excuse though…are you ready?  Instead of spending Sunday planning my week, I decided to take a trip to the ER.  Turns out some plain chocolate bars have gluten in them…silly me for not checking the label!


So that’s my excuse.  It’s the best I got.:-)


Anyway, how did your last week go?  What plans do you have for this new week?  My last week was fun.  We were able to take the kids on another hike; that’s five that we’ve done so far this season, and I couldn’t be happier about it!  I was also able to find private swimming lessons for my kids (particularly the one with autism).  The cheapest swimming lessons I’d found for kids with autism was $75/hour, and I was appalled!  Thank goodness for facebook, because I whined about it and a friend saw and told me about a group that taught her daughter to swim.  Their rates are only $20/hour, so I’m thrilled!!  Still way too expensive in general, but then again, everything “special needs” is expensive, right?  I’m very excited for the kids to start their lessons in two weeks!


  1. Research and write down more information about kid-friendly hikes in the area. – NO, but the husband did.
  2. Try one new recipe for dinner. – YES, I tried Teriyaki Honey Chicken, and it was awesome!
  3. Continue “couch to 5K” program. – YES
  4. Get tomatoes all transplanted into the garden.  – YES
  5. Schedule a meeting w/psychologist @ Buddy Boy’s school; attend kindergarten open house @ his new school. – YES
Here’s my plan for this week:
  1. Try a new gluten free recipe.
  2. Research and write down more info on kid-friendly hikes.
  3. Try my hand at homemade deodorant.
  4. Mow my mom’s lawn.
  5. Write up a June calendar with all the stuff we’ll have going on, meal plan ideas, etc.

Delectable Dozen Recipes – RICE

Happy Friday!


Nearly a year ago when I discovered I could no longer eat gluten, I turned to two foods:  potatoes and rice.  Honestly, I was sick of both after the first two months.  Thank heavens I’ve learned more about GF cooking, and have found some fantastic recipes using rice!  I am, however, constantly on the lookout for more meal ideas, so I thought I’d focus on finding some tasty-looking rice recipes this week.   Who needs pasta when you have other grains?  Most of these recipes below can be easily made using either brown or white rice, depending on your preference.  Just be sure to adjust cooking times.


#1 Slow Cooker Jambalaya

#2 Chicken and Rice Enchilada Soup

#3 Colorful Fried Rice

#4 Chipotle’s Cilantro Lime Rice

#5 Flavored Rice Mixes

#6 Italian Rice Balls

#7 Spanish Rice

#8 Dessert Rice Salad

#9 Glorified Rice – I have made this, only without the marshmallows…let me tell you, it’s so good!!

#10 Rice Pudding Popsicles with Raspberries

#11 Curried Rice Pilaf

#12 Louisiana Beans and Rice

Thoughtful Thursday – Never Quit 1 comment

“Whenever you make a mistake or get knocked down by life, don’t look back at it too long. Mistakes are life’s way of teaching you. Your capacity for occasional blunders is inseparable from your capacity to reach your goals. No one wins them all, and your failures, when they happen, are just part of your growth. Shake off your blunders. How will you know your limits without an occasional failure? Never quit. Your turn will come.”

-Og Mandino

Emergency Kits – Hand Sanitizer

This week let’s add some HAND SANITIZER to our emergency/72-hour kits.




Hand sanitizers can help prevent the spread of disease and germs almost as well as soap and water…and in emergency situations where you may not have a lot of water to spare, it can come in very handy.  Of course, if water IS available, then washing the traditional way is always best.


You can buy hand sanitizer just about anywhere.  I usually buy mine at the dollar store, unless I happen to see it at the grocery store for less than a dollar.  Very cheap, easy to buy, easy to store!  So no excuses, let’s get it added.

5 Things 5/13

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


I hope all you mothers out there have enjoyed a fantastic day…and I hope everyone else has, as well.  Last year, all I wanted for Mother’s Day was to take a long nap.  Not this year.  I spent my day taking a morning hike with my kiddos, coming home and dancing in the kitchen with them, and then we went to a playground.  Of course, I’m thinking NOW that the nap sounds pretty good, but alas, it’s too late for that.:-)


Anyway, as fun as it was, and as much as I enjoyed NOT cleaning or working on the house today, reality is beckoning.  It’s a new week, which means it’s time for me to make some plans.  First though, here’s how I did last week:

  1. Clean out/de-clutter hall closet #2. – YES
  2. Plan some freaking meals – YES…finally.  Although I only planned this next week.
  3. De-clutter kids’ closets; donate clothing they’ve outgrown. – YES
  4. De-clutter my closet; have hubby go through his clothes, donate what we no longer use/need. – YES
  5. Buy fixings for a family lunch. – YES
Okie dokie, and now the plan for this week:
  1. Research and write down more information about kid-friendly hikes in the area.
  2. Try one new recipe for dinner.
  3. Continue “couch to 5K” program.  I started this program Saturday, and just got myself some new running shoes to keep my heels from hurting.:)
  4. Get tomatoes all transplanted into the garden.  I can’t believe it’s finally time!  We have about 30 plants…I sure hope they produce a lot for us!
  5. Schedule a meeting w/psychologist @ Buddy Boy’s school; attend kindergarten open house @ his new school.
Have a great week everyone!

5 Things Challenge 5-6

Wow, what a week!  Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, an extra paycheck, receiving great news from family, Super Moon, feverish kids, spontaneous trip planning (SO not like me!), trying new recipes, ripping out and redoing the pantry, attending the world’s best yard sale, winning tickets to Hale Center Theater….ahh…..


Productivity-wise?  Not bad, my friends, not bad.  I love it when I can say that!

  1. Make a few freezer meals. – YES
  2. Research and plan more hikes for the kids this summer. – YES, and I have one planned for tomorrow already:-)
  3. Clean out/declutter/reorganize the kitchen pantry. – YES
  4. Declutter/reorganize hall closet #1.  Feeling a spring cleaning itch! – YES
  5. Start working on May’s menu plan. – AHEM….NO.  Why can’t I get into the food-planning spirit?
The pantry re-organization project turned out to be quite big.  I decided to rip out the shelves and repaint (just white like before), and then I spaced them more closely together to fit an additional shelf in.  I put some contact paper on the shelves to protect them better from spills.  First “handy” project I’ve ever done on my own, and yeah, it’s pretty obvious, but man!  What a feeling.  I think building more things is definitely in my future!
Anyway, the plan for this week is:
  1. Clean out/de-clutter hall closet #2.
  2. Plan some freaking meals….if it KILLS ME.
  3. De-clutter kids’ closets; donate clothing they’ve outgrown.
  4. De-clutter my closet; have hubby go through his clothes, donate what we no longer use/need.
  5. Buy fixings for a family lunch.


So, there ya have it.  It’s all about the de-cluttering this week, baby!

Delectable Dozen – Ground Beef 2 comments

Oh my goodness, I completely spaced doing a Delectable Dozen post last Friday!  Sorry ’bout that, folks.


This week, I’m going to focus on ground beef, simply because it’s something I have in my freezer.  You can substitute ground turkey in all of these recipes if you prefer.  Of course, we all have a lot of ground beef recipes, don’t we?  Sloppy joes, tacos, spaghetti, meatloaf…but there are SO many twists and turns you can try with ground beef, which makes it fun to work with.  Enjoy these tasty recipes from around the web!



#1  Bacon and Bleu Burgers – these sound SO good!  I don’t often have bleu cheese on hand, but I just might buy some for this recipe…

#2 Taco Salad

#3 Sicilian Meatloaf – Another one that I cannot wait to try!

#4 Cheeseburger Soup – I love cheeseburger soup.:-)

#5 Garden Fresh Chili on Red Potatoes

#6 Ground Beef Jerky – one of my new faves!

#7 Beefy Tomatoes

#8 Ground Beef Tacquitos

#9 Ground Beef Pasties

#10 Cheesy Beef and Rice Casserole

#11 The Best Meatballs Recipe

#12 Cheesy BBQ Sloppy Joes