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How are you doing getting some money into your emergency kits?  What kind of containers are you using?  How are you saving money so that you can afford to put some in?





So why do you need cash in your emergency kit?  If tragedy strikes, banks and other electronic payment systems may be down and if that happens, cash is king whether for food, water or gasoline.  This month we’re aiming to add at least $20 more in our kits, but if you can do more, do it!  Ideally you’ll have $200 or more total in your kits.

Let’s get going!

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One thought on “Emergency Kits – Money!

  • Aimee J

    This is a great idea!! I think so many of us are so used to using our cc or dc for everything we forget that if the power goes out or the internet goes down our money will be held hostage.