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Oh my goodness, I completely spaced doing a Delectable Dozen post last Friday!  Sorry ’bout that, folks.


This week, I’m going to focus on ground beef, simply because it’s something I have in my freezer.  You can substitute ground turkey in all of these recipes if you prefer.  Of course, we all have a lot of ground beef recipes, don’t we?  Sloppy joes, tacos, spaghetti, meatloaf…but there are SO many twists and turns you can try with ground beef, which makes it fun to work with.  Enjoy these tasty recipes from around the web!



#1  Bacon and Bleu Burgers – these sound SO good!  I don’t often have bleu cheese on hand, but I just might buy some for this recipe…

#2 Taco Salad

#3 Sicilian Meatloaf – Another one that I cannot wait to try!

#4 Cheeseburger Soup – I love cheeseburger soup.:-)

#5 Garden Fresh Chili on Red Potatoes

#6 Ground Beef Jerky – one of my new faves!

#7 Beefy Tomatoes

#8 Ground Beef Tacquitos

#9 Ground Beef Pasties

#10 Cheesy Beef and Rice Casserole

#11 The Best Meatballs Recipe

#12 Cheesy BBQ Sloppy Joes

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2 thoughts on “Delectable Dozen – Ground Beef

    • Evelyn Post author

      Oh Anna, I cannot WAIT to try that meatloaf…the recipe makes it sounds like perfection! My kids LOVED the jerky, but my husband felt there was “too much soy, not enough salt.” I confess that I’m confused by that. ha ha:-)