Baby Garden Plants

Man, I’m getting too excited for gardening!  Although I didn’t plant my peas as early as I would have liked, I’m still thrilled to see some of those babies popping up.


My spinach is coming in as well, and I have to admit, I didn’t realize what it was at first.  It’s hard to believe that it’ll actually be big enough to eat eventually!


My camera isn’t great at close up shots, but man, I had fun anyway.


It made our day to see the honeybees out and busy pollinating our apple tree.  The whole Colony Collapse Disorder and disappearing bees is a topic that has me emotionally attached, and I’m SO ticked about all the loss of beehives that we’re seeing world-wide…and so to see these little guys hard at work makes me so happy!


My bush cherry plants have been pollinated, and I’m a little bummed out.  With dozens of blossoms on them, I was feeling overly confident, but we’ve only got about 5-6 actual cherries…ah well, those very few will taste good, right?


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